Christian Whitechapel

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Christian Whitechapel

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."
- Abraham Lincoln
Christian Whitechapel Portrait

Name: Christian Whitechapel
clan: Ventrue
clan faction: Assembly of Prelates
clan Position: Prelate

Sect: Camarilla
Sect Position: Ventrue Primogen
Sect Faction: Ivory Masks
Social Class: Ancilla

Morality: Humanity

Coterie: Green Carnation Club
Lineage: House of the Griffon

Description: A good looking & flirtatious young Englishman. Christian is an openly queer Ventrue who has made himself quite the well-connected & influential name for himself. He has protected queer men and given them safe places to be themselves while also enriching the status and standing of Clan Ventrue at every turn.

Concept:A man who has carved out a safe haven for queer men, and queer kindred, to gather and support one another even as he has carved out spaces for the Clan of Kings and the Ivory Tower to exist and thrive.

Bio:Christian Whitechapel is a Paragon and Prodigy of the Ventrue Clan. Younger Ventrue often seek him out for advice or assistance. He has a well-established Influence Monopoly amongst the Elite and the Underworld of society. Christian is openly queer and does not tolerate discrimination in his presence. He is friendly, confident, and often flirtatious. Amongst the Ventrue, he has traced his mortal lineage through Royalty and within the clan that has earned him some prestige. He recently served the Ventrue as the Marquis of the Northeast, until the Clan restructured at a meeting in London.
Though he is often seen smiling and outwardly appears to be relaxed, he's equally attentive and quick to comment on his observations. Christian has served as Seneschal in the courts of London, New York, and Boston before taking Praxis of it for a period of time. He surrounds himself with influential Kindred of various social classes and Sects.

Camarilla Sect Symbol
Ventrue Clan Symbol
"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves. We must die to one life before we can enter another."
- Anatole France

Where He Is Remembered..


  • 1780 - Born in England to a wealthy merchant family descended from Royalty.
  • 1798 - Inherited his father's fortune, purchased several properties in London.
  • 1800 - Runs several Molly House’s in London under the guise of a private men’s club. Unlike some of those that hid in plain sight, his “Chapels” had security at the front door and only accepted new members that were vouched for by a current member. Though other Molly Houses were often Raided, Christian’s - through judicious use of Influence and Bribes - never was. His “Chapels” were the creme de la creme of Molly Houses.
  • 1815 - Draws the eye of a Ventrue who was impressed with Christian’s business skills, his belief that all men had value, and his dedication to protect those on the fringes of society. Christian is ghouled, and begins expanding his influence network.
  • 1825 - Having proven his value and worthiness of blood, Christian is Embraced as a King.
  • 1840 - Begins a serious flirtation with Luka Giovanni after they bumped into one another at a ball.
  • 1880 - The Green Carnation Coterie forms, as a group of queer polyamorous Kindred. Meets Claude and they begin a flirtatious letter-driven courtship. Meets Nissim Melamed and they share a debaucherous celebration of Christian’s 100th year on the planet.
  • 1885 - Recognizing his successes and rewarding his service to the Ivory Tower, Christian is named a Prodigy of the Camarilla by Her Grace, Justicar Lucinde, and is granted the standing of an Ancilla.
  • 1900 - Christian is given notice by his sire, Charles Hakstege, MD that the Clan will soon require him to move to the Americas and build an influence network there.

New York

  • 1902 - Christian relocates to New York to assist the Ventrue Clan.
  • 1904 - First NYC subway line, called the IRT opened. Christian helps fund the construction.
  • 1905 - Claude and Christian purchase a home on Long Island’s Gold Coast.
  • 1910 - Introduces Rowan St. Cyr to Nissim Melamed in order to help break a curse laid upon the Crusader by a nest of Baali. Christian acts as an intermediary between the two and helps Nissim get past his intolerance of Crusaders.
  • 1920 - 19th amendment extends the right to vote to women.
  • 1920 - Owns several underground bars and nightclubs. Hosted Drag balls and became a host for the Ballroom movement to take root and flourish in, never being publicly known for such.
  • 1925 - Claude throws Christian a Centennial Party at their Long Island home. The entire Carnation Club celebrates, along with many of the influential kindred in NYC and the Northeast Region.
  • 1931 – Empire State Building and Chrysler Building completed. GW Bridge opened.
  • 1932 – Named a Paragon of the Kings by Her Grace, Justicar Lucinde. Younger Ventrue seek out his advice & company much more regularly in the hopes that his standing will help their own climb up the ranks.
  • 1941-45 World War 2
  • 1944 - Nissim Melamed returns to NYC and Claude & Christian assist him in regaining his lost humanity.
  • 1952 – NYC became home to the United Nations
  • 1957-1970s - The 3rd Sabbat Civil War kicks off in NYC, ends with the recognition of the Panders, and absolutely fucks up local anarch politics as a group of Panders claim Coney Island and then declare themselves 'Anarchs'. The independent clans 'help.'
  • 1951 - Is pleased to note that Ieuen Parker is ghouled and active in Kindred circles. Christian had known him through the After Parties and events he had been quietly hosting for queer men in New York.
  • 1961-1975 – Vietnam war
  • 1964 – World’s Fair
  • 1969 - June - The Stonewall Riots - Christian is out watching Maypop Sickle perform, then known on-stage as "Violet". When the raid and the riots begin, Christian is in the thick of it, attempting to protect as many queer and trans people as he could.
  • 1970 - After a personal recommendation from Maypop Sickle, Christian hires Danika Astor as a head bouncer at one of his gay clubs in Lower Manhattan. Choosing to fight for someone who accepts her, Dani publicly burns her draft card after refusing to hide her queerness during her draft board meeting and being deemed ineligible to serve due to her “homosexuality."
  • 1971: Following one year of excellent performance, displaying her aptitude as both a negotiator and a fighter when necessary, Christian offers to make Danika his ghoul, with the eventual possibility of the Embrace after a decade of stellar service and rigorous education. She reveals to Christian that she is transgender, and offers to serve him loyally and with distinction if he will finance her transition in addition to granting her this chance at immortality. He accepts and she begins her service as Christian’s ghoul.
  • 1971-1980: Danika takes over running the daytime side of Christian's businesses. Her education is as extensive as it is exacting, but she proves herself more than competent in his service. She also begins physically transitioning and using the name Danika and she/her pronouns more often, doing so consistently by 1980. During the beginning of her service to Christian, she also becomes friends with the then still-mortal Dr. Marcel Trevisani, keeping a protective eye on him during his more wanton club nights while he supported her during the day by helping her access hormones and transition care "on the low" with Christian's financial support. By the late 70's the two drifted apart as Marcel was increasingly consumed by his research into HIV and Dani devoted herself to managing her domitor's assets and business empire in anticipation of her pending Embrace.
  • 1979 - At the urging of Claude de Bourbon, his husband, Danika is given everything she needs to travel the world for a year before her embrace. Claude encourages the ghoul to make memories in the day that will last her through her long night.
  • 1980 – A rival, Jerry Holiday hires an Assamite to kill Christian and falsifies the evidence behind the hit. Rather than killing Christian, Jerry is returned to his sire, Nissim Melamed, for re-education.
  • 1980 - At the Green Carnation's centennial celebration the Green Carnations launch the Garden Social Club for queer-identified individuals. Self-identifying queer kindred are encouraged to pin a White Carnation to their lapel at larger gatherings and parties so that queer folks can network with one another.
  • 1980 - Meets Dr Marcel Trevisani. Marcel becomes one of his Contacts and Allies in the Medical field.
  • 1981 - Requests and receives permission to embrace Danika Astor from the Mad Prince.
  • 1981-1987 - Danika works directly under Christian in New York, learning essential knowledge of Clan, sect, and lineage for an ambitious young Ventrue
  • 1987 - Marcel Trevisani lay dying in a hospital room from AIDS. Christian visits him every night.
  • 1987 - Marcel is embraced. His disappearance from his hospital bed, causes Christian to lock down the area around the hospital. Christian locates Marcel and his sire and allows them to leave New York together for a price.
  • 1990s - The Camarilla push the Sabbat out of Manhattan and the Bronx, taking 4/5 boroughs for themselves
  • 2010 - 2012 SECOND INQUISITION
  • 2010 - Danika returns to her sire's side in New York and is formally Released.
  • 2010 - With Christian’s ties to the mortal world he was able to hide himself and some of his associates from the destructive gaze of Firstlight.
  • 2011 – NY became the 6th state to legalize same-sex marriage
  • 2011 - Sabbat and Hunters and defections to the Camarilla drive the Anarchs out of Queens. The Coney Island caitiff notably do not help their fellow Anarchs. The Camarilla holds the city as Virgil Vendicimo is enthroned by the Primogen Council in November of the year.
  • 2013 - Leaves for Boston, after higher-ranking Ventrue see an opportunity for Clan and Sect after the Sabbat heed the Jackal's Call and vacate the city.


Boston Is historically a Sabbat held domain.

  • 2013 - Almost all Sabbat leave and en masse head to Mexico City. Those that remain have left the Sabbat and come to be called the "Fenway Crew".
  • 2013 - A few months later the Camarilla, the Anarchs, and the Independent Alliance all stake claims to portions of the City. Christian quickly establishes and grows quite a network of Influence, Allies and Contacts.
  • 2015 - April Morning Accords Presented for Ratification on April 18th 2015, Ratified on April 19th. By the end of that summer, Christian was named Seneschal of Boston, in service to Prince Chava Melamed
  • 2016 - Third Night Treaty Drafted & Ratified July 23rd 2016
  • 2019 - Paramount Treaty, Presented for Ratification on October 26th 2019, Ratified on November 9th 2019. Christian was the driving force behind the ratification of the sections on Personal Domain and Territory Elevation. As well as the voice that spoke strongest for the granting of Personal Domain to the Autark Elder Bob. Attends the and provides significant influences and resources to the Archons and the Security Team to lock down and keep safe the Conclave location.
  • 2021 - Elevated to Marquis of the Northeast Region
  • 2021 - Takes Praxis when Elder Chava Melamed steps down
  • 2022 - Wages a largely successful influence war against a cabal of Infernal Mages referred to as the Real Estate Infernalists.
    • Summer - The war against the Infernal Cabal becomes physical. A cross Sect team of Kindred begin physically assaulting and killing those attached to the Cabal in an attempt to prevent them from summoning a Demonic Entity. Through massive efforts, the infernal cult is destroyed after they ritually bind a demon into the body of the Mayor of Boston. During the fight, the Mayor was killed. Members of the Alliance are able to stage the death of the Mayor as if it was a home invasion and robbery. Christian leads a massive Masquerade cover-up effort.
    • July - NYC - Christian writes his childe, Danika "Dani" Astor, and asks her to return to the Northeast. He receives permission from Luminary Prince Nissim Melamed for Danika to settle in New York City in order to assist Timothy Olsen, who has recently sworn Fealty to Christian.
    • October - Boston - Christian steps down from praxis after inviting Alena Sokoll to a meeting. He soon takes up the position of Ventrue Primogen and places the names of several kindred before the new Prince for consideration of Positions within her Court.

Music to plant Flowers by...

Christian's Playlist

  • Young Love – Eli Lieb (London, Mortal)
  • Meds – Paramore (the beckoning)
  • Home - Morgxn (New York City)
  • To Die For (Acoustic) – Sam Smith (for Ieuen)
  • Blinding Lights – The Weekend (for Claude)
  • Strange Love – Halsey (for Nissim)
  • Breaking Me – Topic & A7S (for Ben)
  • Stay the Night – Jefferey Austin (for Rowan)
  • Close to You – Yehonathan Gatro (for Marcel)
  • Look Away – Eli Lieb (for Luka)
  • Rendezvous - Miss Benny (for Kenneth)
  • Too Many Friends - Placebo (Boston)
  • Dancing With A Stranger (with Normani) - Sam Smith (mood)

What Others Have Said..

  • *“You'll always remember your first love, they say, and they're right. I'd tell you more but you...well. This is one time where I can honestly say that you really had to have been there. It was lightning in a bottle: fleeting, agonizing, and sweeter than such pathetic things as language shall ever be able to fully encapsulate. Earn his regard and learn of his generosity of spirit, his kindness, and a fierce loyalty the likes of which one sees but once in a lifetime. Fail and...well. Live with the sadness that your life is poorer for it." - Dr. Marcel Trevisani
  • *"Thank goodness for Mr. Whitechapel and his handsome harem of boys. It is such valuable and selfless work they are doing, yes? Very noble of them. Times were rather different when I was a fresh, young sodomite, you know; unless a fellow had power or money, it was dangerous for him to know the love of another man. Oh, but that danger also made us very clever, gave us a competitive edge. Of course the orgasms were nice, but nothing really compares with the thrill of getting away with something forbidden." - Zoltan Vancura
  • *"He presents himself as a cheerful, friendly neighborhood Ventrue. But don't let that fool you. He has managed to worm his way into powerful positions in the city, in his sect, and in his clan, and even joining one of the most powerful coteries on the East Coast. He is a power-hungry ancilla Ventrue. Deal with him accordingly." - Sevinch
  • *"Mr. Whitechapel is an old-world gentleman, the kind you imagine lounging by Louis the something-th's side at Versailles, and very skilled at performing introductions to bring those who need each other together." - Cas Taylor
  • *"Success stems from sufficient motivation to do one's job justice, and Christian has that in spades.  Oh, it takes skill, practice, and hard work, and talent always helps -- and bless the man, he manages to have them all somehow -- but without that motivation, the work is hollow. Rote. I can't imagine Christian letting anything become rote. He's an asset to the Tower, and the Boston Metro couldn't wish for a more motivated Seneschal. And speaking personally, it's nice to have more out queers in the Athens of America . . . even if he does make it a little more like Rome." - Eva S. Wynne, quoted in Spring 2019
  • *”I want to say Whitechapel is a soulless tower Stooge. I want to tell you he would as soon spit in your eye as shake your hand. I want to say this blue-blooded Ventrue is no different from the rest of the bootlicking, elder simping blowhards that fill the ranks of the camarilla... but I can’t. Because he never gave me a single reason to. In fact, Christian Whitechapel is one of the few who has ever treated me with any consistent dignity or respect feigned or otherwise. That’s probably what pisses me off about him the most” Roach
  • *"It's clear he understands what it means to fight against oppression. Unfortunately, that only seems to apply to sex." -Switch
  • *"I agree with Switch. Christian is so insufferably, irritatingly competent at upholding the status quo that he can't see how great he could truly be if he dared to imagine his own power." -Bob
  • *"Ever the Gentleman, ever the flirt. The Ventrue often speak of their lineages in terms of quality. But he puts actions to words." - Simon Goodchilde
  • *"I've distracted him a couple of times when I visited Boston before he had to wander off to do court stuff but coming or going it's always a delight." -Kenneth Bilge
  • *"Christian helped me find myself when I was a scared lost kid. Well, I'm no longer a kid and he's still pointing me in the right direction." -Ieuen Parker
  • *"It's amazing that you guys ever actually managed to kill any of us at all! You're all just so secretly good on the inside." -Mace
  • *"The man who shines so brightly Sees more through his illumination than one might expect. Underestimate him at your own peril. But also, more queer family . . . right?" -Euphemenion
  • *"He is a brilliant conversationalist who could make nearly anyone feel at ease. That said, he is as shrewd as he is charming, so don't get too comfortable." -Gina Fields
  • *"Despite your pride and my airs, for your patience and my devotion, Je t’aimerai pour toujours." -𝓒𝓵𝓪𝓾𝓭𝓮
  • *"Whitechapel is the closest to the second sun I shall see. His words, his thoughts, his every particle of his being is enough to spark a light in anyone. Oh, and I wouldn’t recommend fucking with him." -Aniek Fowles
  • *"I have come, time and again, to appreciate Clan Ventrue, how dedicated they are to representing that which all Vampires should aspire to be among Vampire society. Prince Whitechapel is a fine example of what the Ventrue can produce when the strengths of the individual, the lineage, and the clan align. He is intelligent, ruthless, and efficient, yes, but more than that he is patient enough to choose his moment to ensure the greatest possible success. It is not a skill easily taught, nor preserved in the face of the Beast, but in Prince Whitechapel the Ventrue once again show us what we should aspire to be: persistent predators. Remember that, while you let him charm you." -Beatrix

Ties Sought

  • Former male/masc-presenting lovers, beginning in 1800
  • People who were one of his Influences, Contacts, or Allies before they were embraced.
  • Frenemies & Rivals. I am not looking for CVC with the goal of character death on either side.
  • Ventrue who have collaborated on projects together.