Rowan St. Cyr

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Rowan St. Cyr

"We draw our strength from the very despair in which we have been forced to live. We shall endure."
- Cesar Chavez
Rowan St. Cyr portrait

Name: Rowan St. Cyr
Alias: Ro, The Lion
Lineage: House of Solomon
Coterie: The Green Carnation Club
Notable Traits: Enduring, Quiet, Direct
Reputation Traits:

  • Committed

High-Level Concept:
Fighting is in the blood. Sometimes, you’re tricked into fighting others’ battles and other times it’s forced. Decades of battle have taught Rowan one thing, the ones on the battlefield standing shoulder to shoulder with you are the ones that you can truly trust. No one should have to endure a forced blood bond and hopes to assist those who seek freedom from their elders.

Physical Description:
Tall and lightly muscled, Rowan’s body has few scars from his life fighting for others. A light scruff on his face outlines his heroic jawline. Chestnut brown hair with hints of red stand in stark contrast to his storm grey eyes.

Rowan is not the most social of Ventrue, preferring to be the silent bodyguard in the corner instead of in the middle of a boardroom trying to move business assets. Preferring direct action to stagnation, he knows what it’s like to be on the front lines and losing a loved one in the middle of a fight. When he gives his devotion to a cause of his choosing he goes all in.

Anarch Movement Sect Symbol
Ventrue Clan Symbol
"In the final choice a soldier's pack is not so heavy as a prisoner's chains."
- Dwight D. Eisenhower

I Could Write a Book

Mortal Life
Born in 1675 to a pair of French merchants in Metz, France. Known for their furs and herbs, Rowan learned how to hunt for the furs and herbs that his family sell as he grew up. Traveling to all of the local cities and, occasionally, Paris Rowan and his parents spent a lot of time on the road. It wasn't until he was as adult and his parents too old to travel as much, he caught the attention of a strange man who took an interest in him.

Saved but at a Cost
At the Battle of Rio San Gabriel, Thomas received a near fatal injury. Instead of letting him die, Pierre d'Harcourt embraces his useful tool to make sure he doesn't lose his useful pawn. To keep Thomas under his thumb, Pierre fully blood bound his childe. So as to not embarrass him, d'Harcourt puts Thomas through an excruciating education program using torture when he was incorrect or did something wrong. Being a mindless soldier for his Sire, hidden from many of the family, Thomas grew resentful of his Sire. It wasn't until another Ventrue, who took over Thomas' education and starts to undo the conditioning. Her words: "No one should hold a King on a chain". Eventually crossing paths with Claude de Bourbon and Claude noticed the heaviness that was wearing on the soldier's soul. Taking the time to talk him back to himself and his Humanity. Released from accounting, Thomas flees America and goes back to Europe.

Broken Bonds and Freedom
While enjoying himself in Paris, Thomas takes the name of Rowan St. Cyr. On his second week in Paris, Rowan is approached by a mysterious woman, saying she could free him from the shackles that bound him to his Sire. Over several weeks, she manages to whittled down to blood bond. Refusing to give her name, Rowan merely refers to her as brise-manille. Offering compensation, she states that she had already been paid. Returning back to the United States, Rowan takes on the job of hunting down Sabbat packs and crosses paths with a feral Gangrel named Zeke. The pair work together for several years, becoming a dangerous hunting group. In the early 1990s, Rowan joined the Green Carnations Club at their Centennial Celebration with Marcel Trevisani
The Hunters Strike and The Old Ones Vanish
During the Beckoning, Rowan's Sire vanished during the Beckoning. A fact that he wasn't entirely upset about. Being on the road almost constantly kept Rowan from really feeling the effects of the hunter and FIRSTLIGHT attacks, but he kept receiving requests for help. Taking it upon himself, he aided as many as he could to smuggle kindred out of cities so they could go into hiding or on the run. He kept himself very busy trying to help others.

A Place of my Own
Finding himself in Manhattan, Kansas; Rowan set up a speakeasy in the college town. Receiving an investment from Zoltan Vancura, The Stalwart Lion, came to life in less than a year. The young Anarch settling down in the area and joining the Chain Breakers.

What would you like to order?

  • "A Ventrue among Anarchs is an unexpected find, given how hierarchy and sophistication seem to run in their blood. Perhaps, in time and with his help, they'll even become a respectable faction." - Zoltan Vancura
  • "It is rare I find a Crusader who can garner my respect. Exceedingly rare. So understand when I say that I respect what Mr. St. Cyr has made of himself, it carries great weight."- Nissim Melamed
  • “I am not alone in seeing Rowan as a paragon of what the Crusaders ought to be. Brave, devoted, disciplined by nature, but charming at heart. Perhaps it is because Rowan is French?” — Claude
  • "St. Cyr? Whoever says the French don't know how to fight never met this guy, love going Sabbat hunting with him!" - Zeke Wylde
  • "Ro and I are like peas and carrots. When I needed someone to stand by me most, when all the world was falling apart on me, he was there. When he asked me to speak his name to other Anarchs and stand beside him, you're damned right I did. He fancies himself my bodyguard but I'll tell you now that you come at him by coming through me. Capisce?" - Dr. Marcel Trevisani
  • "I mean, like he has that whole mysterious past thing going on and uh well I would not be upset if Lion Hottie were to whisk me away to safety."- Kenneth Bilge
  • "Quote? Quote!" - Your Name

Whispers in the dark corners of the bar...

  • Rumorey rumors!
  • Rumors?! Why I never!
  • Rowan's Sire didn't actually disappeared during the Beckoning, he was actually killed!
  • Rowan uses his connections to take out members of the Camarilla.

  • Player Name: Christopher Beck
  • Member Number: US2007111370