Kenneth Bilge

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Kenneth Bilge
Tremere.PNG Independent Alliance.PNG


Pronouns He/Him
Clan Tremere
Clan Faction House Goratrix
Sect Independent Alliance
Social Class Neonate
Morality Humanity
Coterie ThirstSquad
Lineage House Melamed

Further Information


While no one is quite sure why Clan Tremere of all people would embrace a Frat Boy, but here we are. Plaid shorts, shirts boasting Greek letters, boat shoes, backwards cap.

  • Embraced 2010
  • Left the Accounting 2015
  • Joined the Independent Alliance shortly after the Accounting
  • Event

Kenneth lives in Detroit currently, no one is quite sure if he has magic as a Tremere, I mean he must have some sort of magic though right? Anywho, more importantly he is an unrepentant flirt when he has the attention span to have a conversation. His knowledge is varied as he has been attending college for a few years now.

  • Is a Squib
  • The Tremere embraced him more of an experiment than for his occult talents.
  • Has a fair number of friends with benefits
  • Has very few socks
  • Kenneth Invented Beer Pong
  • Kenneth has a large hat collection

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  • Quote
  • "For all his current difficulties, Kenneth need only apply himself to make full use of his raw intellect and talent. He need only learn patience and focus. Luckily for us all, Kenneth has more than one lifetime to learn these skills." - Nissim Melamed
  • "Whatever you have to say about his fashion choices, Kenneth is a worthy member of Clan Tremere. I have faith that this is only the beginning of his potential to study and perhaps teach one day, even if he has to learn some lessons the difficult way." - Ari Melamed
  • “At first I was like, no thanks. But now I’m like, yeah I get it.” - Sonny Malone
  • "I consider the task of reforming Kenneth's wardrobe a favor to the world." - Evangeline Isadora DiBari
  • "Kenneth has introduced me to a number of pleasures, including beer pong, which I kinda suck at" Hari
  • "Everyone is worried about his clothes. That is the least important thing to worry about when it comes to Kenneth." Jerry Holiday
  • "I can't express how wonderful it is to have someone you can be a bad influence on and who can also be a bad influence on you." Finley Welles
  • "(sighs)" -- Zoltan Vancura
  • “An unassuming chivalrous knight and a kind soul willing to help me in whatever position I find myself.” Elias_Caesarea
  • "I like Kenneth. He's willing to do stupid shit for fun, which is a very important quality." "El" Bisset-Caesarea
  • "Bahari isn't a sex thing, Kenneth." - Banks
  • "Bahari could be a sex thing if you play your cards right, Kenneth." - Fiadh
  • "You wanna learn how to play a card game, Kenneth?" - Gabriella
  • "You don't have to be Bahari to have sex with Fiadh, Kenneth, she's just messing with you." - Evelyn Mitchell
  • "Of course there's more there than meets the eye. Of course, at the same time, there really isn't. Kenny's living his best life and I'm in full support of it. I have few friends more genuine and thoughtful, though I doubt you'll believe that." - Marcel Trevisani
  • "Such a fascinating thing, Kenneth is. Great lover. Horrible student. Trashfire - his words, not mine - Tremere. I can't wait to help him reach his full potential." ~ Dragos
  • “I once tried to hire every tailor from New York City to Boston to make a suit for Kenneth, but—somehow—none of them seemed to fit him.” — Don Ariel
  • "Wait, are you telling me you can make the blood actually taste like beer? You good sir are my new favorite person." Meir Cohen
  • "Il est l'un des étudiants les plus intelligents que j'aie jamais eu, le montant qu'il accomplirait s'il ne s'appliquait que lui-même est vraiment étonnant," - Izz Melamed
  • "Theres a lot more to oogle than just his biceps, I assure you." - Queenie Lafontaine Paris
  • "One of the greatest and most sexy Pong mentors around!! He also has some mad chemistry skills, particularly when it comes to the life of the party.." Revinaka
  • "I totally killed him in Mario Kart, his driving skills are only seconded by his skills in something else he'll probably tell you about." Benito Navarro

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OOC Information
Player Michael P.
Pronouns He/Him
MES # US2012030059
Domain MI-014-D
Storyteller Detroit By Night VST