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Roach (William Robertson)
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Pronouns He/Him
Clan Brujah
Sect Anarch
Social Class Neonate
Morality Humanity

Further Information


Roach is tall, athletic and attractive and dresses a bit out of date, as if he wandered away from a 80s themed costume party. Big hair, acid wash jeans and more bandanas than are strictly practical. He grabs your attention, but in that way that leaves you unsure if you want to shake your head, smile or both.


Born 1965 Embraced 1984 Released 1986 Left the camarilla in 2013, joined the Anarchs and moved to Boston

  • This is written tongue in cheek*

Roach, born William Robertson in Framingham Massachusetts in 1965 was a normal kid with a painfully normal life. Time passed pretty unremarkably all the way through high school and into his first two years of community college, until that is.. he discovered the Ramones. And then the Sex Pistols, and every other in your face anti establishment Punk band that had made a splash in the 70s and early 80. He fell in love with the irreverent chords and the semi slurred caustic lyrics. Like a man possessed, he learned to play the bass, and started a band. Well... 6 bands in two years to be precise. He quickly gained a reputation for the one to emerge from the all too common forest fires of clashing personality that consume so many young bands before they have a chance to make it. One would fall to ashes and he'd move on to the next effort, intent on riding the intoxicating feeling of "fuck authority, fuck you for listening to em and fuck everyone else while you're at it." His friends started to joke that his dreams were harder to kill than cochroaches... and that's what they started calling him: Roach.

Roach wasn't the BEST bassist, or back up singer. But he had the look. Angular features, tall with long curly hair and cheek bones you could cut glass with.. He was pretty, but not the PRETTIEST. Jessie, the lead vocalist/guitarist of Roach's latest project: Bionic Nub, held that honor. He was everything you wanted in a lead man. Looks, a 3 octave range moved like there was a battle to the death in his pants between Mick Jagger and Billy Idol. He was hard to miss, harder to forget and finally one of Roach's projects started getting attention.

So much so that they started to gain some real fans. Regulars that would hit every show around the greater Boston area and even a few faces worth remembering. One such face was Claudia, a drop dead gorgeous blonde who belonged in a Whitesnake Video not at one of his musical therapy sessions where he worked out his feelings of never actually being oppressed, or having any particularly difficult encounters with authority. She took a big interest in them though, more to the point. An interest in Jessie.

Jessie took the attention in stride, as if he woke up expecting it so it was no surprise when he started inviting Claudia to come party with them after the show. Initially she'd decline and promise the "next time" she'd give them the last best night of their lives. That sounded great and all but it was clear she had her sights set on Jessie and that Roach along with the rest of the band were tag along after thoughts. Eventually she did start partying with the band, which turned into hanging out back stage with Jessie and eventually THAT turned into their lead signer cutting sets short to run off with his "future video babe". That bothered Roach more than he was willing to admit, even to himself. Unable to put a finger on why he was filled with unwarranted anger he put the energy into his music writing their next 3 songs:

-That Bitch Is Back Again -Delilah Got Nothing On You -You're no Yoko Ono But You'll Do.

All 3 were massive hits on the scene. Bionic Nub was becoming an underground sensation, the venues and the crowds started getting larger and so did Jessie's ego. Taking cues from the likes of David Lee Roth he started talking about HIS band, HIS vision and HIS career. Roach was furious. They were young men, so infighting wasn't uncommon but this is when things really became heated. One night in the middle their worst argument yet, Jessie dropped the bomb that he was leaving the band and going solo. That Claudia had showed him Bionic Nub was a rusty anchor holding him back. That he was going to burn so bright his star would "shine forever". All the while Claudia sitting silent in the corner with a cool smug smile on her face.

Roach lost his temper and shouted "you know what FUCK YOU CLAUDIA, you're a cancerous groupie!" to which her only reaction was a raised eyebrow and the ghost of surprise fleeting across her face. Jessie on the other hand lost his damn mind. He went into a blind rage yelling and screaming like a man possessed. His obscenities and pejoratives quickly devolved into unintelligible guttural noises as his face turned purple with rage and spittle shot through his lips. Roach took several steps back as Jessie started throwing things at him and grabbing a massive can of Net Hairspray paused as he drew back to hurl it at Roach's head.

A grim smile creeped across Jessies face that froze Roach in place. Jessie let out a crazed chuckle as he fished a lighter out of his pocket and spat "we'll see how much you talk when after I BURN YOUR MOUTH OFF". Roach terrified pleaded with him to put id down, and by this point even Claudia was on her feet her smug veneer cracking into only what could be described as sudden gripping fear. But before she could utter a word Jessie had already struck the sparkwheel. Flames two feet long shot out the industrial sized can of Net and hurtled towards Roach as he screamed, but by some stroke of dumb luck or the sheer force of Jessies rabid grip on the can, the spray nozzle broke off at the last second and suddenly reversed the stream of fire right back into his own face.

Between the massive amount of product in his own hair and the proximity to the can, Jessie was fully involved in less than a second. Screaming incoherently at the top of his lungs he flailed about the dingy apartment rapidly spreading fire to what now seemed an irresponsibly wide array of highly flammable objects. Bikini posters flashed out of existence and piles of Bionic Nub flyers erupted in flame. Liquor soaked furniture suddenly became bonfires and before anyone could react they were hopelessly surrounded by suffocating heat. Everyone but Claudia that is.

Upon seeing her boy toy go up in flames she let out a mindless scream that to this day, Roach has trouble putting to words with his not inconsiderable vocabulary. Then moving with speed that he did not think possible, she fled the 3rd story apartment by the fastest route possible. The outside wall. Roach was so stunned to see the 5'5" 130lb woman burst through a brick wall that he almost forgot about the burning man barreling down on him.

The rest of it is kind of a blur. The smoke started to close off his lungs and he struggled to breath. Roach's last memory before passing out on the scalding hot floor was trying to crawl toward the gaping hole in his wall to take his chances with the fall. Then, darkness.

Roach's next memory is of waking in a moving car, greeted with body wracking pain and the smell of soot and hairspray filling his nose. Still reeling from the smoke inhalation he feels a hand pat his leg softly and barely makes out a womans voice from the driver's seat "Well, you're no Yoko Ono, but you'll do".

Roach was embraced in 1984, and made part of the Camarilla like his Sire Claudia. His sire made no bones about him not being her first choice, often referring to him as her consolation prize. Roach resented her for years, finally having an authority figure he could properly hate and when the Camarilla started crumble after the False Gehenna, he left along with the rest of Clan Brujah without a backward glance.

To this day he does not know, or care what happened to his sire.


-Roach is notoriously difficult to kill, he's not the best fighter, certainly isn't the greatest tactician but what he lacks in brains and skill he makes up for in tenacity and sheer stubborness.

-He once threatened to make a man shit his own teeth. And then he did.
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  • "I remember Claudia.. and I remember her 'Boy Toy'. I remember her desolation at losing him.. and I remember her introducing her 'Consolation Prize' to the Court. And I remember how, even then, the anger at being called that sparked in Roach's eyes. Oh.. and between you and me.. Claudia was nuts. Roach isn't anyone's consolation prize.. he has a rare tenacity that will see him through almost anything that he faces. What? You expected me to talk shit about him because he's a Brujah and an Anarch? Oh, my friend, how little you understand me.... I do sometimes wonder what his Sire would think of him were she still around though." - Christian Whitechapel
  • "Young neonate Brujah with sire-issues, and an anarchist who hates Elders.... I enjoy the theater of it all but I will - wisely - keep my distance. I don't need a repeat of what happened in Saratoga." - Sevinch
  • "We've got more than our share of loudmouths in it for the 'rebellion'. Roach might look like one of those at first, but there's more to him than that. It would be a mistake to see that loud, brash exterior and assume that's all there is to him." -Switch
  • "Of all the people I expected to meet in Boston, the songwriter of Bionic Nub was not on the list! He was their bassist and backup singer too, of course - not that many people noticed with their Narcissus-with-an-anger-problem of a lead, Jessie - but his songwriting stood out. Roach is the one who kept the band true to their proto-punk roots and gave what they sang meaning; I mean, have you heard 'Delilah Got Nothing On You'?  It's- . . . at any rate.  That Claudia had the choice between Jessie and Roach and Jessie was her top choice tells me all I need to know about her motives: she wanted someone she could manipulate.  That's not Roach, as time has proven - he's got a bulldog spirit. That she paraded him around as her 'consolation prize' . . . Claudia, she was dense and short-sighted, and didn't know what she had when she had it.  It's like she didn't understand their music at all. They could have been Boston's MC5." - Eva S. Wynne
  • "It is of interest to note, he is just as much a musician, an artist, as he is a Brujah or an Anarch. It just shows, labels do not always fit." - Simon Goodchilde
  • "While I doubt the Anarch Movement truly represents a safe future for Kindred, I can understand why Roach left the Camarilla. Such a careless sire would not deserve to keep what she had made." - Ari Melamed
  • "Even I couldn't have devised a more suitable nom de guerre." -- Zoltan Vancura

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OOC Information
Player Kevin Meier
Pronouns Him/He
MES # us2002056133
Storyteller Jack

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