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Pronouns He/him
Clan Faction House Tremere
Social Class Luminary Elder
Morality Humanity
Lineage House Melamed
Coterie Green Carnation Club
Position(s) Clan Position: Lord of Western Europe

Further Information

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The Teacher

"Who is wise? He who learns from every person."
– Pirkei Avot 4:1

Nissim Melamed is the the head of House Melamed, a lineage that embraces those from groups that have been othered and oppressed by mortal society. Openly queer and Jewish, Nissim seems to fit the same mold as many of his lineage do.

Nissim is a scholar interested in the ritual practices of various magical traditions, causing him to reach out especially to those clans who practice Thaumaturgy and Necromancy. Though he is generally known to be stoic and calm, many who are closer to him state that still waters run deep, and that he is passionate about his family and those he cares for. He is known to personally use Thaumaturgy based in his Kabbalaist roots from his mortal life.

Nissim has been the Tremere Primogen of New York City since 1945, and was a member of the Tremere House of Lords since 1946. He is currently the Lord of the Northeast Megalopolis Enclave, overseeing the Chantries of Boston, New York City, and Trenton.

Current Fleeting Status:

  • Favored by Justicar Ian Carfax of Clan Tremere
  • Triumphant by killing the Forsaken Miguel DeSanto of Clan Tzimisce
  • Loyal by Claude de Bourbon, Harpy of NYC
  • Courteous by Michael De Luca, Harpy of Trenton
  • Honorable by Walter Merrick, Prince of Trenton

Melamed Symbol.png

House Melamed
“If thou hast acquired knowledge, what canst thou lack? If thou lackest knowledge, what canst thou acquire?”

- Talmud, in Cohen

Motto: Learn, Know, Teach

Founded by Nissim, the Lineage of House Melamed is a collection of powerful, thoughtful Tremere. After the clan split into three Houses in 2014, the lineage split as well, with members in all of the various new factions, still held together by a common ethos.


The Hierophant.jpg

"We must translate pain into action, and tears into growth"
— The Lubavitcher Rebbe

1154 - Nissim is born in York, England.
1177 - Nissim becomes the Melamed for the Jewish community in York.
March 16, 1190 - Nissim and his wife, children, and community are besieged in Clifford’s Tower. The King’s men do not assist, and the keep is set on fire. Nissim is found by his sire while dying, and is embraced to save his life.
1205 - Nissim finishes Accounting in Ceoris under his sire, Phoebe, childe of Meerlinda [VIP Spend], and becomes a full member of Kindred Society.
1230s - Nissim meets Alaric of Gaul and the two begin to collaborate on various academic studies of esoteric lores and rituals.
1275 - Nissim embraces Izz, his first childe.
1290 - Nissim is forced to leave England due to the Edict of Expulsion issued by King Edward. He assists with evacuation of the mortal Jewish populace.
1300s - Nissim creates House Melamed as a place where those who have been persecuted in the mortal world may learn and teach in peace. Izz becomes the first member.
1476 - Though Nissim has never owned or created a Gargoyle, he dutifully fights alongside his fellow Tremere in the Gargoyle Revolt.
1490 - Nissim takes on Chava as a ghoul.
1496 - Nissim is a lead ritualist in the blood curse in exchange for Clan Tremere becoming part of the Camarilla. [VIP Event] His proof of dedication to the Camarilla catches the interest of Cassandra Apollo and the two become allies.
1500s - Chava is embraced.
1500s - Nissim and Chava spend time in Italy (Mainly Rome, Tuscany, Venice, and Milan) as he tried to help bolster Jewish communities (to varying degrees of success) there. During this time he meets and joins with Benjamin Caesarea in aiding the displaced Jewish communities as they flee from the pogroms of Italy.
1655 - The Edict of Expulsion is finally revoked, and Nissim returns to his homeland for the first time in many Centuries. 1655 - 1800 - Nissim goes back and forth between various Italian Chantries and the Vienna and London Chantries.
1755 - Nissim meets the "Caitiff" Fiadh.
1773 - Nissim encounters Claude while in Vienna, and learns that he is descended from his sister’s child, who was away from York at the time of the Massacre. He quickly makes it clear to Claude and to kindred society he sees Claude as family.
1800s - Nissim returns to England, and spends much of his time traveling between Chantries in NYC, Italy, and London.
1805 - Nissim embraces his youngest childe while in London, a mercenary of immigrant parents who goes by the moniker Derrick of Prague.
1815 - Derrick is released from Accounting.
1850s - Nissim's ship is attacked by Teuta's pirate crew. It goes poorly for the crew. The two begin a back and forth of mutual antagonism that develops into a grudging mutual respect.
1880s - Nissim helps found the Green Carnation Club, a cross-sect coterie of mlm kindred along with Benjamin Caesarea and Christian Whitechapel.
1920s-1940s: Nissim and much of his lineage spend much of this period fighting fascists in World War II. Nissim assists from Vienna (and using rampant Dominate against Austrian soldiers to provide information to those on the fronts). This takes a severe toll on his Humanity.
1944 (Late September): After the destruction of the Warsaw Chantry, Nissim fully moves to NYC, setting himself and some of the displaced members of the family up in the NYC Chantry. He takes his place as Primogen of the Tremere in Brooklyn.
1945 - Claude assists Nissim rebuild his Humanity after the war.
1980s - Nissim begins offering spiritual succor to other mlm during the AIDS crisis and meets Dr. Marcel Trevisani during this time.
1990s - Nissim helps the NYC Camarilla push the Sabbat out of the five boroughs.
1990s - Begins a rivalry with Randolf Stein due to their previous Clan conflicts.
1999 - Nissim assists with the creation of and is one of the leaders of the ritual to destroy almost all Sabbat Tremere. [VIP Event]
2009 - Nissim is one of the lead ritualists in the Ritual to Save the World. He works as the lead of the Tremere group at the ritual, alongside Aisling Sturbridge, Izz, and Ava Schulmann. [VIP Event]
2010-2012 - The Second Inquisition. Nissim is especially careful, having always been prepared to be persecuted again, and relies heavily on his neonates and ghouls to protect against the worst of the hunter attacks.
2011 - In the midst of the Inquisition The Beckoning happens. He loses Derrick to the Beckoning, one of his only three childer, as well as his grandchilde Isabella, and many fellow Luminaries. He is hit hard by the loss.
2012 - Nissim is present at the destruction of the Prime Chantry. [VIP Event]
2018 - Nissim attends the Toreador Grand Ball.
2021 - House Melamed formally allies with House Caesarea.
2021 - House Melamed and House Caesarea step back from a formal alliance though both houses still seem on good terms.
2022 - Nissim takes praxis of New York City in a peaceful transition of power.


  • Nissim is a Medium.
  • Nissim refuses to feed from humans under the age of 21.
  • Nissim is an accomplished Necromancer.
  • Nissim has blood bound Medusa of House Caesarea.
  • Nissim has been researching how to magically restore Caitiff to the clans of their heritage since the 1990s.
  • Nissim doesn’t have TikTok, but he does have OnlyFans.
  • Nissim plays Truth or Dare for keeps.
  • Please add rumors here.


  • "From the lowest neonate to the highest elder, we must always strive to learn and understand, and to spread that understanding. Just as God the most holy has learned lessons from Humanity, so too may we learn from each other" - Nissim Melamed
  • "I'm not going to answer that, and you can't fucking make me. I'm not sure if you assumed that I'd hate Nissim because of the history between our clans, or because he's an elder of your sect and I'm an Anarch...or if you just thought I'd be too stupid to see what you're trying to do. Next time maybe don't be so goddamn transparent, and I'll fall for it. I doubt it, but you're welcome to try. Shall we discuss how much you're going to offer me to not tell Elder Melamed about this conversation, instead?" - Dr. Marcel Trevisani
  • "He's a stand up guy e'en if he is a damn Tremere" - Ieuen Parker
  • "Him? Oh, he's definitely a good witch -- but a little far from Oz, wouldn't you say?" - Zoltan Vancura
  • "What is there to know, he's a damn Tremere, I trust him about as far as he could throw me." Zeke Wylde
  • “I have often sought comfort and knowledge from Elder Melamed, he is a learned and trusted teacher, spiritual advisor and confidant. He taught me that it is ok to be who I am, even when it was not accepted by the world or even my parents. He is as much my father as the man who helped grant me life.” Ava Schulmann
  • "One of the few Tremere that actually understands more than he claims to, rather than the other way around. A good ally to have." - Agatha Palmerstone
  • "Not normally my cup of tea, but Nissim is a fine looking kindred and devoted to the Camarilla. What more could I hope for?" - Kelly Cassidy
  • "Nissim has done a fine job of recreating the Pyramid with his lineage. I wonder if he gets lonely at the top?" - Randolf Stein
  • "Nissim has a kindness I've never seen among his clan, and I passion that I...well." -Alaric of Gaul
  • "Regardless of the face he presents himself to the world, its worth remembering that he is a very powerful Elder with very many allies. He leads a powerful coterie and powerful lineage. Tread carefully. However, as far as Elders go, this one upholds and honors his agreements and is deeply knowledgeable about many things. Deal with him in good faith, and you can have a promising relationship. Deal with him dishonorably and expect suffering to enlighten the error of your ways." - Sevinch
  • "Nissim is the best of grandsires, and one of the greatest teachers I have had the privilege of knowing. That he has built and headed House Melamed over so many centuries is a testament to his patience, persistence, and wisdom." - Ari Melamed
  • "Ugh, I know he wants me to focus, but man it's difficult to do when he's around. You know how it is with Elders." - Kenneth Bilge
  • "I think I've left about 20 knives in Nissim over the years. In retrospect, they were stabbings of affection!" - Teuta
  • “After the harshness of Russia, the warmth and tenderness that I found within Nissem is what helped to inspire me to search for the best in my fellow kindred. I am who I am, because of Nissem.” — 𝓒𝓵𝓪𝓾𝓭𝓮
  • "I'd complain about Nissim making himself whoever the person he's with needs but boy am I lacking in father figures so whoops." - Finley Welles
  • I would be nothing if it were not for him. Well, and Mother, but the credit really still goes to him if you think about it that way too." - Jerry Holiday
  • "I dislike the overly simplistic word of affection too commonly used that wears out it's meaning. Nissim is an alstromeria in a garden of roses." - Banks
  • "I won’t be anyone’s dirty little secret. Except Nissim’s. The things I let that man do to me… Mmmm. What were we talking about?" - Fiadh
  • "In but a single act of compassion, I finally had a father." - Izz
  • "If you want something, House Melamed will get it for you. Just be sure not to insult their time and energy." - Silly Borden
  • "There's a complexity there, a saga that's still waiting to be completed. I'm eager to see how this next chapter ends." - Gavin Callahan
  • "There’s no such thing as over-researching when it comes to your green babies. Do what you feel you must do to properly care for your gorgeous growing plants. You will experience the reward of your hard work when a new leaf begins to unfurl, or a tiny cutting grows into a full plant. When a flower blooms, I kid you not, you will find true joy, and the spirits will appreciate you..." - Revinaka
  • "Once upon a time the wind blew me to his doorstep, and I was both fool and wise enough to not turn away. For his part, he didn't send my wild and feral self away either." - Maggie Pike
  • "For all the threats, and the fights, and the fool's errands, he has always kept his word." - Calico
  • "Look, I'm not stupid. I know that Nissim has done some bad, bad stuff in his long life. But he's trying to be better, and if I can't respect it when someone does their best to do better after a lifetime of bad choices, then I'm just a hypocrite of the highest order. So I'm there for him, and he's been there for me." - Evelyn Mitchell-Vykos
  • "Single Parent Vibes." - Queenie Lafontaine Paris
  • "You’re going to be introduced to the Prince. You need to know he is currently dressed as a Leather Daddy. You need to make your peace with that now." - Beatrix, to an NPC
  • "I am privileged to count one as learned and knowledgeable as Prince Nissim among my allies." - Mary Petersen
  • "Your quote goes here." - Name

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My Hands Are Stained with the Blood of Love

My Hands Are Stained With The Blood Of Love

Art Credits:
Drawing of Nissim - Stan Stanley
House Melamed Symbol & Banner - Kenny Cole

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