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Other Name The Garden


1980 - At the Green Carnation's centennial celebration the Green Carnations launch the Garden Social Club for queer-identified individuals. Self-identifying queer kindred are encouraged to pin a Flower of their Choosing, so long as it is not a Green Carnation or a Violet, to their lapel at larger gatherings and parties so that queer folks can network with one another.

Though the Green Carnations (a coterie of queer men) and the Violets (a sapphic women's coterie) both sponsor the Garden Social Club in modern nights, the Garden is explicitly not a coterie. It is a social club for queer kindred to gather in and create safe spaces.

Self-identifying Queer Kindred who would have been at any of the *numerous* parties thrown by the Green Carnations (especially after 1980) should feel free to use this Category on their wiki page - no permission needed, as it isn't a coterie so much as a flag for queer rp and character ties. And please feel free to wear a flower (fake or real) as part of your costuming at a Con or FGOTM to signal your PC is "of the Garden".


The perfect place for a Telyav Doctor who is a hopeless flirt and identifies as Bisexual Demiromantic. Brings his own Shibari toys.
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"There are many strange and beautiful flowers in the Garden. Tell me, beautiful, are you one of them?" - Christian Whitechapel

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