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Dr. Marcel Trevisani

"Don’t lose that anger. Just have a little more patience and forgiveness. For yourself as well."
- Larry Kramer
Marcel Trevisani portrait

Name: Dr. Marcello Davide Trevisani de Hiraeth
Alias: Marcel, Sweet Cheeks
Pronouns: He / Him
Lineage: Hiraeth
Coterie: The Green Carnation Club
Notable Traits: Inquisitive, Blunt, Humanitarian, Hopepunk

High-Level Concept:
Survivor, unbowed and unbent, with a little gold to fill the cracks and join their broken pieces.

Physical Description:
Marcel is a bald, hirsute, pale man with a neatly trimmed, reddish-brown beard and rectangular wire-frame eyeglasses over sharp blue eyes. The dark circles around his eyes speak to a life spent perpetually short of sleep, and his soft, chubby physique of a life spent eating well, and not caring much about his shape. He speaks quietly more often than not, a basso rumble with hints of an Italian accent that's often comforting to patients.

Dr. Trevisani seems to prefer warm, autumnal colors in his form of dress, and is typically seen in simple, unremarkable clothing of the sort a man of his (apparent) age might be wearing if he were still human: blue jeans and a button down or a tee shirt, hoodie, and cargo shorts are all equally plausible for the good doctor.

Though he is often seen smiling and outwardly appears to be relaxed, those who interact with him find that he never lacks for a certain...intensity; as much as he's pleasant, he's equally attentive and quick to comment on his observations. A sharp, diagnostic mind, incisive wit, and a well timed bon mot characterize most descriptions of past interactions with others.

"Progress is unimaginably difficult, dangerous, always at risk, always made by people with only partial vision."
- Larry Kramer

Patient Medical History

Dr. Marcel Trevisani entered Kindred society as a young postulant of the Anarch Movement in the early 1990s, professing himself to be Caitiff and disinterested in any part of being near the Camarilla. He promptly spent the next couple of decades on the move, traveling frequently to help gangs and domains all over the United States. When the Second Inquisition rose, the kind, helpful young doctor seemed just as deeply impacted as the majority of society, withdrawing and becoming less kind and giving.

In 2015, he resurfaced, standing among the Salubri who had come into the open, gaining acceptance for themselves among the Anarch Movement. Settling into Manhattan, KS to be with his gang, the Chain Breakers, and helped the community there rebound from near economic collapse.

In 2022, the good doctor relocated from Boston to Madison, WI, setting up another clinic designed to assist those most in need and a foundation to oversee their funding. Why he moved remains a mystery, but there doesn't seem to be any bad blood between him and anyone in the northeast.

In my...Professional...Opinion

  • There is something beautiful and delicate about Marcel Trevisani. His passion and righteous fury at times only highlights that. - Christian Whitechapel
  • "Mm, he does look tired, doesn't he? Ah well, we're all walking tragedies to some degree, and surely I am not the first to observe the irony that healers often carry the deepest wounds." - Zoltan Vancura
  • Marcel is one of those few people to truly remind me of what it means to be kind. He picks me back up again when I fall down and for that, I truly thank him. - Rowan St. Cyr
  • "Marcel is one reason I do not underestimate Caitiff. His work is also lovely." - Miguel Cantone
  • "Marcel broke me free. I will always think I owe him, and he will always say I don't. I don't know that there is anyone who I would go further to have their back." - Laszlo Tisza
  • "In examining my friendship with Marcel, I would ask that you set aside your assumptions or accusations. Perhaps you should focus more on the similarities that can bind kindred together, than the differences that so often tear us apart." - Nissim Melamed
  • "Marcel is literally one of a kind. Equal parts compassion, passion, and drive. He'll take all your preconceived notions of what it is to be kindred and toss them out the window." - Jericho
  • "If not for Marcel, I wouldn't be here. I owe him a debt I can neither put value to nor ever repay even with an eternity ahead of me." - Dr. Stephen Cox
  • I met him at a really odd time but turns out he can have fun with the right motivations! - Kenneth Bilge
  • We could vibe and banter all night, plus he finds me the BEST problems to solve. Don't tell anyone but I ship it. - Finley Welles
  • A surprisingly warm and humane person who helped me at a crucial moment. He's always welcome at The Cenotaph. - Agatha Palmerstone
  • Marcel is one of the wisest Kindred I've ever met. He sees the truth of the world even when our worlds are so different. - Ieuen Parker
  • Marcel is an excellent guardian, and a good man, and if you ever tell anyone I said either of those things, you'll regret it. - Izz Melamed
  • A Doctor? Interesting and pleasant. I can't deny the joy of meeting those who tether the emotionally avoidant to emotionally accepting. I'm watching you. - Banks
  • Marcel is my brother in all but name. We see the world through different lenses, but we both see the same potential in it. I trust his judgement implicitly. - Dr. Evelyn Mitchell
  • "There's a quiet strength to my bróðir, one that I didn't know I was missing." - Gavin Callahan
  • "Light of my text client, he occasionally succeeds in convincing me to be around people. The proverbial best." - Euphemenion
  • "One of my most treasured friends, he is one for whom the quote '. . . comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable' could have been written. If I could wave a magic wand and give him what I think he most could use in the world, I would split it in half and give it to both of us." - Euphemenion
  • "He is the light that makes all our darknesses clearer. I'm comfortable with that. - Maggie Pike
  • "There is a lack of genuine sincerity in Kindred Society. Marcel brings it in folds. I love him more than my luggage." - Queenie
  • "If I believed in therapy, Marcel would be the only one I would see. He's a good friend." - Ringmaster Silly Paris-Borden
  • "Marcel is just about the realest person I know. Always fighting the good fight, and always compassionate. He's been through the crucible and come out his best self." - Joan Jordan
  • "He laughs at my jokes. Like genuinely. No, you don't underSTAND. HE LAUGHS AT MY JOKES. I LOVE HIM." - Mutt
  • "He descended into my life like the angelic form of his clan, and swept me off my feet. I was completely unprepared, but now he is my sun, my warmth." - Dr. Daniel Ayer
  • He is a very beautiful and fascinating man to observe. The intake of breath when something delightful is seen, but before the resulting happy noise is vocalized truly brings the meaning of passion alive. - Revinaka
  • "I don't think people realize how often we feel like outsiders. Yet, when Marcel is around, I do not feel so very alone." ~ 𝓒𝓵𝓪𝓾𝓭𝓮
  • I appreciate Marcel. Most people don't enable my penchant for sparkly chaos. - Fiadh
  • Quote - Name

...Seek a Second Opinion.

  • Achieved Golconda. Decided cheeseburgers were a better way to transcend his condition.
  • Marcel had a fling with one of his students when teaching college.
  • Rumorey rumors!
  • Rumors?! Why I never!

Dr. Marcel Trevisani

Clan: Salubri (Healer)
Sect: Anarch Movement
Player Home Domain: Prairies of Darkness (KS-024-D)
Player Email: Kenny Cole
VST Contact: Shards of Honor VST