Marcel Trevisani

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Dr. Marcel Trevisani

"Don’t lose that anger. Just have a little more patience and forgiveness. For yourself as well."
- Larry Kramer
Marcel Trevisani portrait

Name: Dr. Marcello Davide Trevisani
Alias: Marcel
Lineage: Unknown
Coterie: The Green Carnation Club
Notable Traits: Inquisitive, Blunt, Humanitarian
Reputation Traits:

  • Committed

High-Level Concept:
Survivor, unbowed and unbent, with a little gold to fill the cracks and join their broken pieces.

Physical Description:
Marcel is a hirsute, pale man in his mid-30's with a neatly trimmed, reddish-brown beard and rectangular wire-frame eyeglasses over sharp blue eyes. The dark circles around his eyes speak to a life spent perpetually short of sleep, and his soft, chubby physique of a life spent eating well, and not caring much about his shape. He speaks quietly more often than not, a basso rumble that's often comforting to patients.

Dr. Trevisani seems to prefer warm, autumnal colors in his form of dress, and is typically seen in simple, unremarkable clothing of the sort a man of his (apparent) age might be wearing if he were still human: blue jeans and a button down or a tee shirt, hoodie, and cargo shorts are all equally plausible for the good doctor.

Though he is often seen smiling and outwardly appears to be relaxed, those who interact with him find that he never lacks for a certain...intensity; as much as he's pleasant, he's equally attentive and quick to comment on his observations. A sharp, diagnostic mind, incisive wit, and a well timed bon mot characterize most descriptions of past interactions with others.

Anarch Movement Sect Symbol
Salubri Clan Symbol
"Progress is unimaginably difficult, dangerous, always at risk, always made by people with only partial vision."
- Larry Kramer

Patient Medical History

Marcello Trevisani was born in the early 1950's to a prosperous family in Lower Manhattan's Little Italy. He had a wonderful, middle-class, placidly normal and utterly unremarkable American life...except for his secret. A secret that kept and indulged only by burning the candle at both ends and living his life with the thoughtless immortality of the young. He graduated Magna Cum Laude, and spent the weekend on Fire Island to celebrate.

The world changed when men like him began to get sick, but the world didn't care. They just called it GRID and then dismissed it as unimportant because it only killed seemed to kill a population that society felt it could do without. Marcel's candle burned brighter as he came out of the closet with both fists swinging; he advocated for people like him to receive the medical care they deserved, for treatments to be developed and tested, and for the human rights they were being denied.

The night his sire embraced him, Dr. Marcel Trevisani couldn't have told you his own name. Delirious and sick literally unto death from the disease he had fought so passionately, he died.

Marcel spent the vast majority of his new existence traveling, rarely settling in any location for so much as even one whole year. He was introduced to society in 1992 in the backwater Camarilla holding of Manhattan, KS, likely because his sire was possessed of a sense of irony, and immediately moved to join the Anarch Movement. From then he was seen in many places in the United States, traveling coast to coast and living as inconspicuously as life allowed. Where he went, he cheerfully offered his services as a doctor and grew a small reputation for his understanding of many permutations of the Kindred condition.

FIRSTLIGHT & the Beckoning
Like most Kindred, Dr. Trevisani was deeply affected by the sudden rise of the Second Inquisition, FIRSTLIGHT hunters, and the Whispers and Beckoning. His close ties to humanity and the modern world turned on him as readily as they had turned on so many others. Enduring the loss of family, friends, and allies of a decade and more in the span of months turned his life from living free to living on the run and in those years Marcel's cheerful demeanor became forced. His smiles were painted on out of habit but never touched his eyes.

Kindred who hadn't been killed or taken that knew him were shocked to discover his overt anger and how deep the bitterness ran in a soul that had been so bright, before.

Settling Down
In 2015, the economy of Manhattan, KS foundered. Fort Riley had had its funding stripped, and after moving The Big Red 1 elsewhere no buyer or developer for the land could be found. As the Salubri Clan came into the open, accepted within the Anarch Movement, Dr. Marcel Trevisani stepped out of the shadows with open defiance and for the very first time since his Embrace...put down roots.

The Little Apple's Kindred population had fared even worse than their mortal counterparts, but the lack of Authority suited the good doctor just fine. Using funds meticulously saved over the last decade, Dr. Trevisani purchased the Blue Earth Place and began to assist his gang in revitalizing their home.

In my...Professional...Opinion

  • There is something beautiful and delicate about Marcel Trevisani. His passion and righteous fury at times only highlights that. - Christian Whitechapel
  • "Mm, he does look tired, doesn't he? Ah well, we're all walking tragedies to some degree, and surely I am not the first to observe the irony that healers often carry the deepest wounds." - Zoltan Vancura
  • Marcel is one of those few people to truly remind me of what it means to be kind. He picks me back up again when I fall down and for that, I truly thank him. - Rowan St. Cyr
  • "Marcel is one reason I do not underestimate Caitiff. His work is also lovely." - Miguel Cantone
  • "Marcel broke me free. I will always think I owe him, and he will always say I don't. I don't know that there is anyone who I would go further to have their back." - Laszlo Tisza
  • "I am not interested in your assumptions or accusations. Perhaps you should focus more on the similarities that can bind kindred together, than the differences that so often tear us apart." - Nissim Melamed
  • "Marcel is literally one of a kind. Equal parts compassion, passion, and drive. He'll take all your preconceived notions of what it is to be kindred and toss them out the window." - Jericho
  • "If not for Marcel, I wouldn't be here. I owe him a debt I can neither put value to nor ever repay even with an eternity ahead of me." - Dr. Stephen Cox
  • I met him at a really odd time but turns out he can have fun with the right motivations! - Kenneth Bilge
  • Quote - Name

...Seek a Second Opinion.

  • Rumorey rumors!
  • Rumors?! Why I never!

Dr. Marcel Trevisani

Clan: Salubri (Healer)
Sect: Anarch Movement
Domain: Prairies of Darkness (KS-024-D)
Player: Kenny Cole
VST: MHK Vampire VST