Charles Hakstege, MD

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Charles Hakstege, M.D.

Charles stands at 5'8" inches tall and appears to be in his mid-50s and has grey hair. Quite comfortable in a business suit, doctor's scrubs or casual attire, he tends to blend in well with his environment.

Mortal history

Charles Hakstege was born in 1771 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Charles' family wished that he become a surgeon, so he attended the University of Pavia Medical School in Northern Italy. With his medical degree and surgeon internship complete, Charles returned to Rotterdam in 1707 after establishing many friendships among the social and medical elite in Italy and its surrounding countries.

Due to the growing unrest in the Netherlands due to military incursions from England and France, Charles moved to America in 1810, a few years prior to the War of 1812. Recognizing a chance to get back at England, Charles joined the American Military hoping to put his surgical skills to good use. Unfortunately, the Americans needed armed soldiers, so he was handed a musket and assigned to an infantry battalion in Fort Hawkins, Georgia. Charles carried a basic medical kit with his equipment and helped with the American casualties when it was possible. Charles participated in the Battle of New Orleans, which was fought on January 8th, 1815, eighteen days after the Treaty of Ghent was signed, which formally ended the war.

Following the war, Charles decided to relocate to New Orleans and acquired a position as a surgeon at Charity Hospital. The many images of the battlefields in the war, as well as conversations he had in Italy, made him realize that there were supernatural forces at work in the world. Charles began conducting research while becoming a well-known surgeon in the city. One night in 1816, Charles received a strange message from a woman claiming to possess the knowledge he sought. This meeting would change his life forever...

Ventrue History

Charles was embraced in 1816 by Jeanne Batiste-LaFayette. As Charles could no longer practice medicine during the day, he managed to remain as a consultant at Charity Hospital. Fortunately, he was called upon to operate on a few special cases after sundown. During this time, Charles was taught that money was king, so he began investing in hospitals in the city and slowly amassed quite a fortune. Charles is of Ventrue Royalty and enjoys the benefits this title provides.

In 1824, Charles was released by his sire earning back the freedom he desired. Realizing that he wasn't appearing any older and questions might arise at the hospital, Charles began amassing contacts in the mortal world and continued making money discretely while convincing his associates at the hospital that he became a recluse.

In 1860, wanting a change of scenery, Charles moved and settled in Trenton, New Jersey. He consolidated the returns of his successful investments and delved into the many opportunities had to offer. Charles stayed in contact with Jeanne and they met a few times each year to exchange information each acquired. Charles soon became the Ventrue Whip and was elevated to Primogen in 1999, when the former Primogen Merrick became the Prince of Trenton.

Charles has sired four childer: Chauncey DeLeon, who was embraced in 1822, Ahau Cadmael, who was embraced in 1825, Christian Whitechapel, who was embraced in 1825, and Jefferson Franklin Brewer, who was embraced in 1850.

Recent History

-2016: Assists others from his lineage to rescue Grifo Léon Pippin Martel, the Ventrue Luminary and head of House, from torpor in Frankfurt, Germany.

Lineage: House of the Griffon

Charles Hakstege, M.D.
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Ancilla & Primogen of Trenton, NJ.
Player: Norman B. - US2019090053
Facebook: Click here
VST: NJ-007-D
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