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Beatrix Header.png
Social Class Elder
Morality Humanity
Lineage Tempus Frangit

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Work in progress: this section will be expanded as backstory ties are solidified, and VIP spends confirmed.

  • Sometime between 750 and 755 - the Merovingian noblewoman who would become Beatrix is ghouled by Alaric of Gaul.
  •  ??? - embraced.
  • 850s-950s - Beatrix, working behind the scenes, influences the creation of the secular abbeys in Saxony and France, establishing them as places of safety and learning and a source of ghouls for herself, her lineage, and their friends.
  • 990 - Beatrix leaves the management of her Abbeys to her childer and allies, and resolves to travel.
  • 1610s - Following stories of the New World, she joins the throngs of Portuguese traveling to Ouro Preto Brazil, where she meets a Ravnos named Fergus Borden. She begins traveling widely as a Ravnos under the name Beatrice Borden, often in the company of Fergus.
  • 1812ish - Comes to NYC for the first time as a Sabbat Volgirre named Betty Peregrine, in the lineage of Ramses Skinner.
  • 1999 - Beatrix, like many of her bloodline, begins to reach out to old friends and contacts as their true selves.
  • 2008 - Betty Peregrine joins the Camarilla with the rest of the Volgirre
  • 2009 - The ritual to save the world
  • 2018 - Attended the Conclave where the True Brujah join the Camarilla and she discards her alternate identities. She keeps the name Beatrix.
  • 2021 - Having tracked down her sire to the New York/New Jersey area, she returns to New York City
  • 2022 - Claims a seat on the Primogen Council


  • Beatrix has masqueraded as a part of almost every clan and most bloodlines, including Lasombra, Toreador, Ventrue, Tzimisce, Tremere, Banu Haqim, Malkavian, Salubri, Ravnos and Gangrel.
    • She has the Lores to prove it.
  • Beatrix has an alt-ID in every Sect.
  • Beatrix isn't convinced the Independent Alliance is a Sect yet.
  • Beatrix singlehandedly discovered the Higgs-Boson particle.
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  • "Being an older ancilla is a lot like being a zookeeper. Every night you find yourself enclosed with or in proximity to dangerous creatures. We become desensitized to the peril we put ourselves in because it becomes part of our routine. Until, of course, a quiet and genteel elder becomes Triumphant. Then, we remember for a time." - 𝓒𝓵𝓪𝓾𝓭𝓮, Harpy of New York
  • "Your quote goes here." - Name

OOC Information
Player Abigail E. US2008072573
Pronouns she/her
MES # US2008072573
Domain NY-004-D
Storyteller Emily Lewis