Ieuen Parker

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Ieuen Parker
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Clan Banu Haqim Warrior
Sect Camarilla
Social Class Neonate
Morality Path
Coterie Green Carnation Club

Further Information



1940 - Attends NYU as an Ethics and Pre-Law student.

1946 - Finishes a Masters degree in Criminal Justice and joins the US Marshals. He is quickly promoted to a full Marshal and is assigned to fugitive recovery.

1951 - Working with Interpol, Ieuen apprehends a dangerous contract killer and delivers him to the Federal Court in New York. Recognizing his skill, a Banu Haqim takes Ieuen under their tutelage, ghouls him, and begins to train him to become a member of the clan.

1952 - Seeing the hatred for homosexuality in the US government, Ieuen resigns from the Marshal’s Service and begins training full time with his sire.

Early 1960s - Ieuen is embedded in the kindred world of New York City to be a point of contact for his sire and clan.

1969 - The Stonewall Riots - Ieuen participates in the riots, tracking down people who have committed atrocities on members of the Queer community in New York, and dispatching them with extreme prejudice.

Late 1969 - Having seen Ieuen’s skills grow and mature, his sire embraces him.

1976 - Ieuen returns to the American Northeast. He begins orchestrating and arranging contracts for members of the clan.

1979 - Ieuen is given his first solo contract.

2012 - Ieuen joins the Camarilla with the rest of Banu Haqim.

2013 - Ieuen moves to Boston

Ties Sought

Former male/masc-presenting lovers, beginning in 1940

People he tracked as mortal fugitives as a US Marshal

People who worked with him as a point of contact when he was a ghoul

People who hired him for contracts after 1979

People who had contracts taken out on their childer or sires

Other Banu Haqim who were around during his training


  • Ieuen kills the kindred that hire him as often as he does the job.
  • He has never lost a quarry.
  • Ieuen has removed at least one Prince from the throne.
  • Ieuen is on a Path -- but not the one you think.

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  • "A manhunter, you say? Talk about low-hanging fruit. No, no, I jest! Honeypot or no, I have no doubt he is unparalleled in his field. We do tend to be overachievers, after all." - Zoltan Vancura
  • "I knew him when he was a closeted mortal seeking illicit pleasures in queer places.. I knew him when he was ghouled and working for the kindred who would end up his sire.. and I knew him when he returned from the Mountain.. different but the same. I have known him as Judge but more importantly I have come to know him as a Man." - Christian Whitechapel
  • ”Parker? Yeah I’ve seen him around. That doesn’t bother me none. It’s when I DON’T see him that I worry about” Roach
  • "The fact that a neonate joined the ranks of the one of the most powerful kindred coteries speaks volumes about his capabilities. He sits side by side with ancient elders. Don't underestimate him." - Sevinch
  • "He's civil to me when he doesn't have to be, and that's more than I can say about some of his coterie. Call it nice, call it professionalism, he's not bad for a Cammie." - Switch
  • "He's a good client, and a sociable enough conversation partner, whether we've shared a sect or no. That tells you more than you might think." - Eva S. Wynne
  • "I interviewed Parker once for a piece on the Lore of the New York Gay Community pre-Stonewall. It was captivating. And I really do hope I never anger him to that amount." - Simon Goodchilde
  • "Oh yeah, what can I say? I was kinda surprised how cordial Ieuen was when we first met given I'm a Tremere and all." - Kenneth Bilge
  • "Don't be fooled by the accent, he's smarter than you think. Keep in mind that joining the Camarilla is not to the same as forgiving the Camarilla." -Bob
  • "We're contemporaries, and yet worlds apart. Different in more ways than we are similar, but there is something important that binds us together. I would sacrifice many of my principles to spare him the slightest pain, and he works hard to assure that I will never have to." - Dr. Marcel Trevisani
  • "Honestly, Ieuen and I seem to be cut from the same cloth. Principled, honor-driven, justice-seeking, now policing the periphery of our society to garner the capital we require. Ieuen and I would have been fast friends if not for the unfortunate circumstance of his choice to follow the bulk of our shared Blood. No matter, I still count Ieuen among my pleasant acquaintances, of whom I have but a few. Cross this Kindred at your own peril. If Ieuen doesn't strike you down for your trespasses, I very well may. - Minnesota Maxwell
  • "If he ever wants to try his hand at stand-up, I have a stage and an audience at the ready." - Gina Fields
  • "Oui, I know that Mr. Parker is on a path that is not based upon humanity. I accept this because Mr. Parker is as devoted to his path as I am to mine. I have more respect for someone who follows an honorable path with intention and fortitude than I do for kindred who half-ass their connection to Humanity." - 𝓒𝓵𝓪𝓾𝓭𝓮

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