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Sect Anarch
Position Advocate
Social Class Neonate
Prounouns He/him or they/them
Partnerships Project Bloodnet
Sect factions Constructionist/Liberty Club

Further Information


Switch is a cocky young man nearly always seen carrying a laptop and wearing some sort of rainbow accessory, in addition to his omnipresent cane. He is loud, passionate, and often argumentative, but he never seems to take the arguments personally, approaching them as an opportunity to debate and discuss principals, rather than a true argument.

Although perfectly willing to work across the sects, Switch has taken the Second Inquisition as the opportunity to work on forging the Anarchs into a sect in their own right. His passion for that shines through even when he is otherwise willing to work for anyone who will pay him to clean up their Masquerade breaches, and rare is the time when he doesn't take the opportunity to convince someone to join the Movement.

He is a vocal supporter of what he calls "Building a Better Movement", and you can hear the capitalization when he says it. He wants to bring vampire society into the new millennium, and believes that now is the time to re-forge Kindred society. He wants to make a vampire society that reflects the government and morals of modern humanity, and welcomes vampires of all stripes as long as they are willing to adjust to a new world, where technology reigns, and hiding in the shadows is harder than hiding in plain sight.


  • 1975 - Born
  • 1993 - Embraced, much to his sire's disappointment
  • 2001 - Begins presenting as male
  • 2008 - Gradually begins radicalization, going from someone trying to make it through the night to someone genuinely trying to change the world

Boston is historically Sabbat territory

  • 2015 - Moves to Boston to join the newly forming Anarch domain there


Rumors here!

  • He claims to go to MIT, but that can't be right. Vampires aren't allowed in Cambridge
  • He's really a Malkavian who hides his madness well

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Quotes here!

  • "Excellent technical skills. Highly recommend for any kindred needing computer work done." - Simon Goodchilde
  • "Infuriating. Stubborn. Snarky. Talented. Brilliant. Oh you thought I disliked Switch? No. Switch is so infuriating *because* they are so brilliant and talented. Now if only they'd stop pretending they didn't have a Clan.. make up with their Sire.. and join the Camarilla.. then maybe they'd be able to make a real difference." - Christian Whitechapel
  • ” Unlike so many of these other fucking parasites out here, Switch is actually legitimately useful.“ Roach
  • "I like Switch. I genuinely, candidly do.  They keep my perspective fresh, and I wouldn't be where I am today without them.  Take that as you will." - Eva S. Wynne
  • "Kudos to this very interesting individual that knows their own mind." - Benjamin Smith
  • "Switch is the only Cainite I know whose appetite for convincing Cainites to flee the Ivory Tower is as inexhaustible as my own. So we get on quite well in that regard. As soon as we're off Cainite politics, though, he starts speaking in some secret Anarch code language, always carrying on about encryption and fussing with his enigma machine. I'm fairly certain he's a member of the White Hat gang of Anarchs, which seems an odd moniker given that I've never seen any of the local Anarchs regularly wear a white hat, and Switch seems to enjoy bright colors." -Bob

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OOC Information

Player KP
MES # US2014020102
Domain MA-003-D
Territory NA
Storyteller Bri Barnes
VST Email VST Email