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Lamia.PNG Independent Alliance.PNG


Clan Lamia
Sect Independent Alliance
Sect Faction Society of the Crypt
Social Class Pretender Elder
Morality Path of Lilith
Territory Boston
Lineage House Caesarea
Public society Library of the Sixth Worthy

Further Information


Wearing a dark cloak and often carrying a large axe, Sevinch radiates inhumanity with his presence, even as he appears inhumanly beautiful. You want to stare; you want to run away.


Lineage: House Caesarea
Lineage Head: Medusa
Sire: Medusa



  • 1225 Crimea: Born in the Cuman–Kipchak Confederation
  • 1237–1241 Crimea: While Sevinch was still a child, his people, the Cumans, were attacked and invaded by Mongols. By 1241, the Cuman–Kipchak confederation ceased to exist as a political entity, with the remaining Cuman tribes being dispersed
  • 1241–1250 Eastern Europe: His family made their way down to the Byzantine Empire where they were integrated and retained as mercenaries. Reaching maturity by the time they arrive, he and other Cumans served in a few Byzantine campaigns. He travels and is exposed to various other cultures. He also learns and develops occult study as well, not only from the shamans of his own people, but developing a broader understanding from the cultures he gets exposed to (Latin, Greek, Slavic, etc)
  • 1250 Istanbul, Turkey: Sevinch and his twin sister Jiajak (NPC) get embraced by "Medusa" in Constantinople. The brood-coterie consist of Aurelia (NPC),Benjamin Assi Caesarea, Jiajak, Sevinch, their collective sire "Medusa" and their Medusa's broodmate Freya (NPC).
  • 1346 Erciyes, Turkey: Feast of Folly. Cappadocious calls in the clan to a clan meeting in Kaymakli. Sevinch attends the meeting with his broodmates. His twin sister Jiajak never returns from Kaymakli.
  • 1431 Erciyes, Turkey: Another broodmate Teuta is embraced by Medusa.
  • 1444 Erciyes, Turkey: The Giovanni betray the Cappadocians. Sevinch is separated from his brood and presumed dead. Aurelia dies during these events.
  • 1600-1650: Bob and Sevinch hide out in Europe from the growing sectarian threats and provide mutual aid and support to each other for five decades before they part ways.
  • 1650-1700 Cairo, Egypt: Sevinch takes shelter under Kudret bin Yusef who uses his services for his trading empire. Parts ways with him in 1700 to head to America.
  • 1740-1750 Appalachian Mountains: Sevinch explores the Appalachians with Kiera MacFarlane, a young Gangrel who lost her family.
  • 1812 New York City, New York: Sevinch meets a newly embraced neonate, Kelly Cassidy, an unaligned Toreador in a city marked by sectarian struggles. Helps the new neonate learn to survive in the city and begins teaching them.
  • 1874-1880 New York City, New York: Sevinch embraces Maeve Whitehorn in 1874 and she undergoes the Accounting until 1880
  • 1915 San Francisco: Sevinch finds out Teuta is in San Francisco. He ends up meeting her at Panama–Pacific International Exposition.
  • 1938 New York City, New York: Sevinch joins a secret partnership with various kindred across different sects to found the Library of Sixth Worthy
  • 1999 Erciyes, Turkey: Having seen visions of his sister Jiajak, Sevinch goes to Kaymakli. The seal appears to have been broken; nothing, not even ash, can be found beyond it.
  • 2011–2015 Unknown: Sevinch disappears during the Beckoning and returns four years later. He denies being Beckoned and claims he had hid amid rumors of hunters targeting Elders.
  • 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada: Sevinch is present during the Alliance Amendment, adding Samedi and Lamia to the Alliance.
  • 2018 Reims, France: Sevinch is present during the Grand Ball hosted by Victoria Ash. Invited to come to Boston by an Anarch Ministry Sinclair
  • 2018 Boston, Massachusetts: Sevinch makes residence in Boston for the first time.


See Sevinch's ties document

Quotes and Rumors


Sevinch and Bob were married centuries ago, but split up due to differences in ideals. They appear amiable now, but like an old married couple, they know how to get on each others' nerves.
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  • Nothing in this world is fair. Leave such sentimentality aside. The Dark Mother rewards the strong. When the Dark Mother beckons you to her New Garden, do not expect Paradise. Enlightenment only comes through suffering. - Sevinch

  • "If you're looking for a good time, take my advice: look elsewhere." - Zoltan Vancura
  • "Zoltan doesn't know what he's talking about. Sevinch is a very good time."--Bob
  • "Look, breathing practice is important, okay? There's too much to do to get caught by hunters now." - Sinclair
  • "I don't know much about him.. I know he traveled quite a bit, selling information to those with the prestation to purchase it. I know he's a relative of someone I'm rather fond of. And I know that he isn't someone I'd often turn to for help.. but hey, you're a released kindred and you're free to make your own mista..decisions." - Christian Whitechapel
  • ”Look I don’t care much for the sadistic sort, I’m not a big fan of elders either. That’s just a double coupon for “stay the fuck away from me and we’ll get along fine”.” Roach
  • "Uncle Sev? I think we've both been a positive influence on each other. Could stand to be a bit more lively though." Eleanor "El" Bisset-Caesarea
  • "We travel in different circles he and I. Not to say that I would not value what knowledge he would share, but his teachings are not for the light of heart." - Simon Goodchilde
  • "Sevinch may walk in some shared circles with certain relatives of mine, yet he is still a necromancer. I can see the merit in his knowledge, but those who truly respect the dead do not manipulate them." - Ari Melamed
  • "Sevinch believes suffering brings enlightenment. That's why we're friends - I can never resist helping someone along the path of spiritual growth." -Bob
  • "Sevinch is the creepy uncle you call up when you need new ideas on how best to hurt someone for their own good." - Fiadh
  • "I was not prepared for his wisdom, or his methods, when our destinies first entwined. Now I see how foolish I was." - Agatha Palmerstone

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OOC Information
Player Anthony G
MES # US2018050059
Domain MA-003-D
Storyteller Joel C.