Eva S. Wynne

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Eva S. Wynne
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Pronouns she/they
Clan Toreador
Sect Anarch
Sect Faction Constructionist
Social Class Neonate
Morality Humanity
Position(s) (Anarch) Architect of Boston, was Keeper of Elysium in New York and Boston

Further Information

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(This is a work in progress, and does not reflect all of Eva's life details.)

  • 1870: Born to a family of Master Vintners in Georgia under the Russian occupation.
  • 1912: Ghouled to a Toreador who, at the time, went by the name Mariam Eristavi.
  • 1914: Embraced to Clan Toreador by Mariam Eristavi, going briefly by another name for Masquerade preservation purposes.
  • 1916: Is welcomed into the Camarilla in New York City, along with her Sire and her Sire's ghoul. She is now known as Anna Torvili. She likely meets Christian Whitechapel around this time. Her 'fortified' blood wines (with or without Absent Sway) start to gain in popularity.
  • 1920s-30s: The impact of Prohibition on mortal and Kindred communities leads Anna to develop ‘spirits’ that have a mouthfeel and flavor of other types of alcohol. At some point in this span, Anna meets Toninho Pons of Clan Ventrue (NPC), and they begin a committed open relationship known to the Camarilla.
  • Late 1940s: It is likely that Anna and Nissim Melamed meet around this time.
  • 1950s-90s: Anna moves to California to capitalize on the increasingly developing west coast wine trade, her Sire and her Sire’s ghoul coming along and deciding to resettle there. She also gains her first court position as Assistant Keeper of Elysium, and then later Keeper, starting to expand the scope of her influence.
  • 1990s: Returns to NYC some time after the Camarilla push the Sabbat out of Manhattan and the Bronx, now going by the name Eva S. Wynne. After making proper arrangements, Eva begins to help cultivate the Long Island wine region.
  • 2006: Eva leaves for California again, but is gone for less than a year. Soon after her return, Eva is named Keeper of Elysium.
  • 2010: The Second Inquisition begins, leading Eva to make increasingly adamant attestations that the role of the Keeper of Elysium do their level best to provide secret, safe spaces for Kindred to gather to the best of their ability.
  • 2011: The Beckoning happens. Soon after it begins, Toninho Pons leaves to try to assist his Sire . . . and never returns. This event also causes a Praxis seizure, and in the wake of that change, ___ is instead named Keeper of Elysium. Eva accepts the role of Assistant Keeper of Elysium under the new charge, though her grief and the taxing nature of being Keeper in the days of Firstlight has begun to show.
  • 2012: The Second Inquisition ends.
  • 2013: Christian Whitechapel leaves for Boston. Within a handful of months, he reaches out to Eva, indicating the ‘budding opportunity’ for Kindred who present themselves well and want to see a stable Tower presence in the city.
  • 2014: Eva moves to the Boston Metro area and assists Christian in continuing to establish a stable Tower presence there, as much as can be expected. If Eva has not yet already through Nissim, Eva likely now meets Ari Melamed.
  • 2015: The April Morning Accords are signed on April 19th, an event holding a fair mount of interest for Eva. Somewhat soon after, she becomes Boston’s first Keeper of Elysium.
  • 2016: In July, the Third Night Treaty is signed. Eva is known to have very gently indicated that the Paramount Public Elysium might be well-served by someone choosing to act as coordinator of the location and ensure proper handoff and as much continuity as is possible. She says nothing about who should be in that role. Some time after this, Eva takes on the task of watching after Gavin Callahan and ‘re-acclimating him to proper Kindred society’, apparently upon request of Chava Melamed. After exposure to both sects, Gavin joins the Anarchs.
  • At Some Point In Here: Eva takes on (Emma G.’s PC) as an Assistant Keeper of Elysium.
  • 2018: Eva attends the Toreador Grand Ball in Reims, France on August 22, bringing Gavin along with her. Rumors exist about conversations that may or may not have happened that evening, but they are rumors, nothing more.
  • 2019: In what seems to be a surprise to very nearly everyone, Eva leaves the Tower that autumn and joins the Anarch Movement, disrupting her web of influences and losing her the regard that led others to treat her as an Ancilla. At some point after, that year or soon in the next, Eva is known to the Anarchs as Architect.
  • 2020: In January, the Paramount Treaty is signed.

Many know that Eva, a Camarilla progressive-to-moderate, switched sects to the Anarch Movement in the fall of 2019, but very few know /why/.

Despite her sect switch, Eva maintains several alliances and friendships within the Camarilla.

Eva was rumored to have an interest in technology before joining the Anarchs, but this was never substantiated.
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  • "You got a lonesome road to walk / And it ain't along the railroad track / And it ain't along the black-top tar / You've walked a hundred times before / I'll tell you where the real road lies: / Between your ears, behind your eyes / That is the path to Paradise / Likewise, the road to ruin" - Hermes, Hadestown


  • "It takes courage to leave what you were comfortable with, and move on to to something better. Eva has that in spades, and I admire her for it." - Switch
  • "We've all got our reasons for leaving the Tower, some obvious and some not so much.Some of us prefer a clean break, others... well they keep a few strings attached. No my circus, not my monkey. What ever doubts you have, she's all Anarch until she proves otherwise. Eva has a good ear for music, a better hand for spirits and deathgrip on the mortal movers and shakers of this city. We need that, because as much as I'd like it to be otherwise, we can't punch our way out of every problem." Roach
  • "It would be false to claim that Eva Wynne's departure from the Camarilla diminished her value in my eyes. While we may no longer have the luxury of political alignment, she remains the best vintner I have ever known in my centuries upon this earth, and I find her perspective infinitely refreshing." - Ari Melamed
  • "I have known Eva since she and the Tower came to Boston. It has been my absolute delight to call her 'friend'. And no better hostess could one find for any gathering, I assure you." - Simon Goodchilde
  • "I do believe it is a calling to be a Keeper of our sacred places and once a Keeper of Elysium they have my appreciation for the great responsibility they have taken upon themselves. - Benjamin Smith
  • "Eva Wynne and I were quite the team for a long time. We both served under the Malkavian Prince of New York city.. her as Keeper and I as Seneschal.. and then we both came to Boston to help build a strong foundation for the Ivory Tower where she and I again reprised our roles as Keeper and Seneschal. Our stories part when we both went to the Toreador Grand Ball in France and only one of us came home true to our ideals. I'm not sure what happened there, or why she thinks she is better off trying to forge something new amongst kindred that rarely agree on anything.. but it saddens me to think what she gave up for so little gain. She had a bright future before her.. and now.. now I'm not so sure. I pray she is happy though.. and if she isn't she has her drink to keep her company." - Christian Whitechapel, quoted in early 2019 with a hint of sadness to his voice
  • "Cammie, Anarch, whatever, she likes to party AND she makes wine. She's like the best." - Kenneth Bilge
  • "Where do I start? Talented, creative, susceptible to my chaotic influence..." - Finley Welles
  • "The wine is good y'all, but that private stock whiskey is where it's at" - Ieuen Parker

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