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Life is meaningless and what remains is desire.

Basic Information

Name: Hari

Clan: Lasombra

Social Class: Luminary Elder

Sect: Independent Alliance

Notable Traits: Known abyss mystic and trusted confessor. Path of Night, Angelic Visage, Appearance Focus, EP: Saltwater Cheerful nihilist, ex-sabbat loyalist. Often wearing flowing greys, blacks, and blues or dress goth-punk when out around mortals. Their body is covered in abyssal and occult tattoos.

Captain's Log
  • 20 - Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • 35 - Took to the seas as a young merchant as they could not resist the pull of the water and the freedom it promised
  • 37 - Realized there was much more out there than just water and developed an intense occult fascination
  • 38 - Began smuggling, using their merchant identity as a guise to hide people looking to escape oppression and their occult fetish
  • 40 - Embraced on the Aegean Sea after dabbling too far into a methuselah's business, but proved worth keeping around
  • 45 - Grew tired of doing to the vampire's dirty work and drawn to the occult, they developed a strong interest in the abyss
  • 148 - Experienced a breakthrough an entered the abyss for the first time, which only prove to invigorate their occult obsession
  • 202 - Finally broke free of their sire's grip, they left everything behind and traveled through the abyss to start anew
  • 460 - Embraced Avari
  • 1300s - Participated in the anarch revolt by smuggling cainites to safety from the elder slavers. Many elders were killed.
  • 1405 Present at the assault on the castle of shadows
  • 1493 Sabbat founder
  • 2016 Joined the Independent Alliance as a fervent supporter
  • 2018 Spoke at the Toreador Ball Freedom Debate


  • Lies about their spirituality... Far too nice to be on Path of Night
  • Still holds faith in Caine. They can't let that shit go.
  • Won a monomacy against some tyrant Lasombra Archbishop in MT during the early 2000s, sadly the archdiocese fell shortly after.
  • Has Mastered a new Form of Mysticism
  • Has eaten a part of the abyss itself
  • Add a Rumor

Lineage: House Nautilus

The sea of the abyss holds the depth of our souls. While House Nautilus is led by an abyss mystic, this house contains many arms. Its members are valued for their uniqueness and tests before embrace often feature a situation that if endured allows the essence of the soon to be childe to shine. Members: Avari, Aleksander, Katherine Davis, Vinny, Henry Ritter, Laslo Pain, Marc-Andre Abadie, Antoni Torquelles, Melisandre "Malice" Faileas


  • "Soooo, Nihilists don't take orders! They don't repent! They spread evil and seek to terrify! It's super fun!" -Hari
  • "In order to care for your new nihilist friend you should be scared sometimes. Tell them how awful their actions are. Know that if you tell them to do something, they won't voluntarily do it. And... don't ask for apologies, they will be full of lies!" -Hari
  • "Like I know they're like super scary and creepy and stuff, but they're also kinda inspiring." - Kenneth Bilge
  • "We vibe an awful lot for how different our backgrounds are. Dunno why people look so weirded out when we do that." - Finley Welles
  • "I have a great deal of respect for this one. They can truly appreciate watching the life fade from the eyes of prey as a hunt comes to a close. They really get excited afterwards, makes me feel good." Zeke Wylde
  • "So you are saying Hari is a Black Hole of Nihilism Sugar and Spice?"-Genesis
  • "Do you like poems? I do!
Above the deep blue ocean lies a friend you want to meet.
One who travels by boat, one who travels by sea.
Adventure beholds the lucky person.
Who dares to trust the friendly sea merchant.”
- Gabriella
  • "Hari can be... a bit intense. But they really are quite wonderful." - Alice Vermeer
  • "I will find them, my hunt is eternal and my wings carry me far." - Gargoyle
  • “They are my inspiration to accept all of myself, including my darkness within.” Katherine Davis
  • "Did the Sabbat fail them, or was it the inverse?" - Zoltan Vancura
  • "Those bodies prepared, for eating, I would eat.." Revinaka
  • "very few people will ever truly leave a mark in your life, they are one that will."-James Alexander Fairweather
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OOC Info

Player: Dor F - US2014120029
Region: Great Lakes
Domain: MI-014-D
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/KVq66m9
Discord Name: CyborgLotus#9519
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