Maggie Pike

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Maggie Pike
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Pronouns she/they
Clan Ahrimane
Sect Independent Alliance
Social Class Neonate
Morality Humanity

Further Information


Maggie is a stout woman with pale skin and brown hair, its thickness betraying her Lithuanian roots. Her cat-eyes are usually disguised with brown contacts, but those close to her will be aware of the deception. Her dress tends towards the functional rather than the formal, her look frequently involving some denim. Cat jewelry is featured among her accessories, as is the tree of life.

  • 1861 - Born in Kėdainiai, Lithuania (then part of the Russian Empire) & christened Margarita Pikutis.
  • 1871 - Margarita’s family immigrates to Chicago, arriving just in time for the great Chicago fire. Her family spends the last of their money to open a small produce store.
  • 1881 - Margarita, now mostly known as Maggie, decides to travel west. She takes on the guise of a man to do so, inspired by the rumors and stories of civil war soldiers who did the same.
  • 1891 - Embraced (Denver, CO)
  • 1895 - Released from the accounting
  • 1920 - Settles near NYC
  • 1925 - decides the jazz age is WAY TOO MUCH and travels to Lithuania
  • 1925-1939 studies emerging Romuva folk religion in Lithuania
  • 1940-1945 - intense period of nazi murdering
  • 1945 - return to Denver to get her head on straight
  • 1955 - cannot seem to avoid the east coast. Spends a lot of time in deep conversation with Alfred about the nature of the soul and other occult matters
  • 1980-Returns to Denver, and makes an agreement with the Giovanni to guard the northernmost border of their territory
  • 2016 - Witness to the Alliance Amendment

Maggie has ranged through America since the 1890s, frequently making her home in front range in Colorado. Independent and fiercely stubborn, she has long been known to be focused on her own projects, which generally deal with the welfare of felines.

  • Maggie has an army of feral cats.

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“Calling someone a crazy cat lady is a misogynist dogwhistle. What you mean is you want to dismiss someone because they’re female and have different priorities than you do. You sure you want to say that to my face?” -Maggie Pike
"A remarkable kindred. Capable, Kind, and Clever." -Alaric of Gaul

"Now, Maggie dearest, Queen of the Night Trails, Claws in the Dark, feeder of predators, you know I'd never call you an animal." - Leo

"One of my favorite Kindred that I've ever met, to be honest. She's a center of solidity in a world of flux." - Agatha Palmerstone

"Maggie is legit, she got the hookup before you even realized you needed it. Do not ever underestimate the cat lady. Ten out of ten!" - Kenneth Bilge

"Underestimate the reasonable, and you taste the fire. Honestly Maggie, we'll always have our dry humor. Call me when you need to stop being reasonable again." - Banks

"Maggie is a mystery. Some mysteries are best left unsolved." - Calico

"The friendship and loyalty of a dog is to be expected. The loyalty and friendship of a cat is a gift to be treasured." - Nissim Melamed

"So this one time, we were killing time in Arkansas and discovered Avengers Slash Fic and I just fucking cannot. She's kind, supportive, and strong and I love her so much because on top of all of that we can sit around and be weird together. 10/10 friend." - Dr. Marcel Trevisani
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OOC Information
Player Beth D
Pronouns she/her or they/them
MES # US2002022746
Domain CO-016-D
Storyteller Stacy Deloria


Inspirational Playlist: I Gotchu

Stories I'm telling.

Deep roots: Maggie practices a somewhat homebrew version of Romuva, the indigenous religion of Lithuania. How does she choose to continue an existence in the darkness while following a religion of fire and light?

Keeper of the lost: Maggie is also a protector of things that other people don't always care about. Stray cats, endangered wildcats are her obvious front, but her drive as a guardian doesn't necessarily stop there.

I don't understand your meat noises: While Maggie is afab, and currently presenting as female, that's not always the case.

Be true: Maggie carefully chooses her friends and rewards loyalty with unshaking loyalty.