Agatha Palmerstone

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Agatha "Aggie" Palmerstone
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Agatha Palmerstone.jpg

Clan Ananke
Sect Camarilla
Social Class Ancilla
Morality Humanity
Society Library of the Sixth Worthy
Coterie The Beautiful Ones
Position(s) Acting Malkavian Primogen of NYC

Further Information

And should I be hugged and tugged down through this tiger's masque?
And should I be sung and unbroken by not saying...
Am I not sane?

- Cherry Coloured Funk, The Cocteau Twins

Aggie is a is a seeker and solver of Mysteries, a quirky film-noir-esqe femme fatale, and a freelance investigator within the Camarilla with an inordinate fondness for squirrels. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, and never traveled much beyond the NYC city limits before being Embraced. She has an overwhelming sense of curiosity which can get her into and out of trouble, and occasionally rises to the level of a Derangement. She will be transfixed and incapacitated by a mystery she cannot solve at least while initially pondering it, and may grow increasingly troubled if she can't figure it out over a longer period of time.
She believes the myth that Malkav and and Arikel, the Toreador founder, were twins. But she thinks that Bob has interpreted the meaning of the prophecy almost backwards. Either that or the ritual that ended the red star reversed the prophecy somehow. Either way, the Antediluvians are not here, even if they were once, and it's best to leave them that way, if we can.

Current Status Traits: Acknowledged, Confirmed, Noble, Courageous, Favored, Loyal
  • 1923 - Born in Brooklyn NY, in Midwood, as Arnold Palm
  • 1944 - Listed 4F by the military for being a bisexual, Palm begins his career as a private eye. Pretty soon he's taking cases with deep roots in the criminal underworld.
  • 1945 - 1957 - Works as private eye, spends off hours in the underground queer scene in NYC. Develops a reputation for being a tenacious investigator.
  • 1957 - Framed by an investigation target for their own crimes. Goes to trial and loses.
  • 1958 - Sent to prison. Comes out as trans femme in prison, "hooks up" with high level mob boss for both protection and comfort. Goes by the name "Aggie" or "Agatha".
  • 1959 - Meets Jolene, a fellow trans prisoner. Jolene mentors her in the finer details of prison life and being trans. Jolene mysteriously disappears during the daytime, never out on the yard.
  • 1962 - During a threesome with Mr. Mob and Jolene, Jolene shanks Mr. Mob and Aggie, and feeds off them. Jolene embraces Aggie. Now Aggie knows where Jolene goes during the day.
  • 1963 - After they get out of The Hole, Jolene and Aggie break out of prison. They become fugitives, wandering the tri-state area. Jolene presents Aggie to the Prince of NY.
  • 1966 - Jolene takes Aggie to see Virgil Vendicimo - he performs fleshcrafting, shaping her body and face into a female form. He also grants her the Appearance focus. He considers this work one of his finest.
  • 1967 - Jolene finagles new legal identities for herself and Aggie, they are no longer fugitives.
  • 1970 - Jolene gets into a romantic triangle with a country music singer as her rival. Decides to abandon the relationship in order to preserve the masquerade.
  • 1972 - Jolene establishes a very exclusive queer/genderqueer nightclub/swingers den/sex club, making ties to the Night Breed, a "queer nightclub mafia" in NYC. Aggie begins working there as one of the top "talent".
  • 1980s - 1990s - Jolene and Aggie help support ACT-UP and other AIDS activist groups in NYC, supplying resources and connections to top medical research.
  • 1970s - 2000s - Aggie is kept sheltered from the conflicts and major events going on in Kindred society. She knows they exist and the general Camarilla perspective but isn't given much in the way of details.
  • 2011 - Jolene releases Aggie from Accounting. A few weeks later she mysteriously disappears and the club is shuttered. Nothing remains inside, no one knows what happened.
  • Late 2011+ - Agatha Palmerstone presents herself to the Camarilla in dramatic fashion, begins working as a freelance investigator for various elders, digging up dirt on rivals or gathering information about events.



  • "She fed a ghouled cat human flesh just for the hell of it."
  • "She has connections to a morgue on the border of IA territory where she does Haruspicy with random dead people."
    • "It's not a morgue..."
  • "She's slept with half the Camarilla, mostly just to get information out of them."
    • "Not just the Camarilla, she's not picky about that."
  • "She hoards knowledge that the Archons would execute her for"
    • "Except that they also want to know this stuff."

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  • "If a person says I have diligently sought knowledge, but did not learn, don't believe them" - Agatha Palmerstone, paraphrased from R. Yitzchak
  • "If I had a blood boon for every time someone said 'Aggie, no!' I'd be a Justicar by now." - Agatha Palmerstone
  • "Few things inspire me more than one who defies God and society to define themselves." - Zoltan Vancura
  • "Aggie knows how to listen, a true rarity in the young these days. Though, I do have to say that I occasionally worry where the blood leads her." - Randolf Stein
  • "Aggie sure knows how to bring all the queer cuties to one spot. This toreador can't wait for yet another nightclub excursion" - Kelly Cassidy
  • “I am no seer, but I have predicted the rise of sheriffs, keepers, seneschals, harpies and princes. She has what it takes to go far in our Society.” — 𝓒𝓵𝓪𝓾𝓭𝓮
  • "I never knew our clan was also a sex cult, but I suppose after 17 centuries it's nice to know I can be surprised. Imagine what else the young can teach us." - Bob
  • "Agatha was an unexpected friend for me to find, and I think you'll find few people as kind or thoughtful as she is. I was a 4th floor hard stop, but the 3rd was pure magic." - Marcel Trevisani
  • "I love the hell out of Aggie. She understands me in ways few other people do, or can. She's also hot as fuck, which helps." Stephen Cox
  • "So like I'm up for anything, but then you look at Aggie and you like just know that she is up for all sorts of stuff." - Kenneth Bilge
  • "Agatha shines like the stars we see in the mountains, dazzling, brilliant, overwhelmingly wise." -Maggie Pike
  • "Primogen Palmerstone admirably knows when to keep one's hands clean and when it is time to don the elbow deep red gloves." - Walter Merrick
  • "I appreciate her presence in our lineage, and her capacity to care for others, even when they may not be able to care for themselves. She knows much, and I look forward to hearing about it from her." - Euphemenion
  • "She was kind. Not only in her milkshakes, but also in her conversation." - Elizabeth
  • "She is a fellow seeker of the hidden world though more equipped than I." - Luken Le Lave Leland Lewin

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OOC Information
Player Anna Morgenstern
MES # US2020070033
Domain NY-004-D
Storyteller Emily Lewis