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Gabriella L. Teresa Giovanni di Espiare
Giovanni.PNG Independent Alliance.PNG


Clan Giovanni
Sect Independent Alliance
Social Class Ancilla
Morality Humanity
Territory Example Territory
Lineage Di Pasqua
Former coterie La Misteriosa Nave
Position(s) Captain of La Misteriosa Nave
Member of Society of the Crypt

Further Information


Eloquent. Witty. Alluring. Cunning. These are the words most describe this 5'4 woman from Italy. Her eyes shine with a bright blue as her long blonde hair is wrapped up in some loose braid. Perhaps in another life she would have been a proper lady as some of her other Giovanni cousins were. However, this life is not that one. The sea lured her in with promises of adventure, tales of the unknown, and fascinating people.

OOC Notes: Appearance Focused, On Humanity

  • 12/30/1495: Born in Florence, Italy to Teresa Magdalena di Espiare-Giovanni & Luigi di Espiare-Giovanni.
  • Years 1513 - 1600: Explored and Achieved much piracy adventures in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Year 1600: Gifted with the Embrace.
  • Year 1628: Continues her journey traveling around various sea ports near Europe. Eventually she expands her adventure towards the Atlantic ocean.
  • Year 1701: Joined the Teloah de Canilu. Gabriella claims for business reasons.
  • Year 1885: Decides to finally settle in the Caribbean.
  • Years 1900 - 1921: The Coterie of La Misteriosa Nave was formed and did many oceanic adventures.
  • Year 1970: Joined the Juxtapose Academy. Gabriella walked in and claimed she was art. "Gaze upon my beauty." The Artist approved her membership immediately.
  • Year 2011 (Summer): Joined the Independent Alliance
  • Year 2015: Survivor of Project Twilight (Rome, Italy)
  • Years 2016-2018: Public supporter to allow the Lamia and Samedi membership in the Independent Alliance. This was eventually a success. (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Year 2018: After the Reims ball, Gabriella settles in Atlanta, GA.
  • Year 2019: Frequently spotted in Iowa... Very strange for a pirate!


Di Espiare - Famiglia

(In Progress)

Song Inspirations

Humanity Pirate Giovanni Theme Song
“Why don’t you come join me on my ship?” - Gabriella's Recruitment Tactics


  • Avoids the Mariana Trench. She doesn't want to talk about it.
  • Ask her about the Bermuda Triangle. She won't shut up about it.
  • Nicknamed 'The Siren'.
  • I've heard she's got a different sweetie in each port from the Caribbean through Boston.
    • Response: "I know that was you who spread this tale, Kelly Cassidy..." - Gabriella
  • Actually a Toreador. Or one of those Choir of Eris.
  • Stephen Cox is actually a longtime member of her crew. She's just covering for his neonate identity
  • She was the one who killed Christopher Columbus
  • She hates submarines

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  • "I'll never forget the night of New Year's Eve Y2K, when you swam out past the breakers with me to watch the world die. Sadly, the world didn't die, but you made it an unforgettable night!" - Teuta
  • "As far as captains go. This one is one I'd serve again. We ended up parting ways after our coterie fell apart. But I look forward to more reunions with her, even if she's a Giovanni" - Kelly Cassidy
  • "What can I say about Gabriella that is fit for polite company... hmm... she is a fantastic friend, an accomplished sailor, and an excellent kisser. Really, could anyone ask for more?" - Aoife Kennedy
  • "I love you to bits, but I will never understand how someone as perfect as you and a disaster like Teuta are...friendly." - Stephen Cox
  • "Lucifer's tits do I wish she'd write her memoirs. What a fabulous shoujo it'd make." - Finley Welles
  • "I mean what's not to get, she's a pirate, who still likes doing pirate-y things like brandishing a cutlass or searching for booty." - Kenneth Bilge
  • "Gabriella is the greatest treasure I have ever found on the seas. She is a force of nature, and watching her at work is equally beautiful and terrifying." - James Laveau
  • "What's an innocent sea merchant to do when they encounter her? The bodies of her crew sufficed for a short time. It's a treat to see her surprised." - Hari
  • "Gabriella is the perfect specimen of a kindred and a woman. I aspire to be her one day." - Aria Delmar
  • "Gabbie is someone I want to simultaneously punch and agree with most any day she is around. Probably why we get along so well." - "El" Bisset-Caesarea
  • "Honestly, our friendship isn't that surprising if you think hard enough about it." -Banks
  • "I've never met anyone else who was as invested in glitter as I am. Clearly I approve of her and Nënë." -Fiadh
  • "There are two ways to buy out a business: Ask them nicely or ask Gabriella." - Don Ariel
  • "She is feisty and charming." Meir Cohen
  • " she is the one of the few that have been able to talk me onto a boat in my time, and she is the reason i stay off of them" James Alexander Fairweather
  • "For the last time. I... am not... your cabin boy." Orion
  • "Ghost Friend! You’re giving my smile muscles a workout lately. Thanks again for all you do.” Revinaka
  • "Wait, where's my watch? The Patek Philippe...GABRIELLA! I swear upon your mast if you took my watch..." Cipriano Giovanni
  • "She would have made a better Samedi" Queenie Lafontaine Paris
  • "Gabriella is a delight, continually enabling shenanigans and mischief, but also able to do a 180 and demonstrate competence and capacity to resolve a problem so that we can return to shenanigans and happy fun times. I love it when she visits...especially when she brings her bellissimo fratello to sweeten an already good time." - Dr. Marcel Trevisani
  • "One of my favorite cousins. She always manages to 'find' the most amazing gifts." - Giancarlo Giovanni

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OOC Information
Player Stephanie Thorndyke
MES # US2017010039
Domain Des Moines, IA
Storyteller Jeremy Pour-El