Kelly Cassidy

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Kelly Cassidy
Ishtarri.PNG Camarilla.PNG
Pronouns They/Them
Clan Ishtarri
Sect Camarilla
Social Class Neonate
Morality Path
Local society The Strivers Club
Position(s) Scourge

Further Information


Kelly, a gorgeous Ishtarri, has been the Scourge for over 100 years in NYC has been keeping the Camarilla safe from infiltrators. Devout to the Camarilla's beliefs, they are too dumb to debate much on it. But will die protecting the teachings of the Camarilla

  • 1741 - Born to English Colonialists, Kelly Cassidy grows up and becomes an officer for the Colonial MIlitia in New York
  • 1776 - Lieutenant Kelly Cassidy faces the British at the Battle for New York
  • 12/25/1776 - Embraced by (insert NPC name), while dieing protecting orphan children from being run over by the armies.
  • 1776-1800 - Begins studying and going through accounting. Promising to fight for the right causes and not to waste their immortal gift.
  • 1812 - Finds themselves in NYC, unaligned, unwilling to fight with the Sabbat, nor the Camarilla. Connects with Sevinch Caesarea who teaches them to survive as a vampire on the streets of New York
  • 1825 -, Kelly requests permission from each sect to come and go freely in exchange for taking on any vampires breaking their law or causing injustices in their various praxises.
  • 1825-1900 - lives a quiet lie in the shadows alone, doing what they can and keeping the kindred hidden from the Mortals and Supernaturals.
    • 1885 - Runs across Big Swatta and their zombie team. Teaches a lesson through celerity and blades about potentially breaking masquerade.
  • 1900 -
    • befriends Michael De Luca at the NYC all sects party, marking the beginning of their friendships with the Camarilla
    • finds a need for some excitement, meets Gabriella Di Espiare and heads to the carribean to join her on her pirate ship.
  • 1900-1921 - begins to understand gray-morality and appreciates a good fight and acquiring loot under Captain Gabriella’s tutelage.
  • 1921 - Present - Returns to NYC, reconnects with members of the Camarilla. They become Scourge of the city. They Begin making connections and influence to surveil the city. They work long and hard protecting the Camarilla’s praxis.
  • 1970 - Kelly begins work to secure a space for potential sabbat-defectors to the Camarilla in the Bay Ridge Section of Brooklyn

Born in 1741, later becoming a Lieutenant in the Continental Army and then embraced in 1776. They lived a fairly quiet life in solitude, quietly working from the dark to keep the world safe for the Kindred, whether the kindred knew it or not. After a short couple decades traveling the seas - they began to aid the kindred in the open. Joining the Camarilla and working as Scourge for the last 101 years. They, may not be able to fill a crossword puzzle. But need someone staked or beaten - they are your vampire.


"They know how to handle more than just a weapon" - Anonymous

  • She screams like a banshee

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  • "Really, Scourge for over a century?? Well, they must be very good at their job, but I can't imagine it's been very good for their soul." - Zoltan Vancura
  • "A strange cat, with some... interesting tastes. I dig their vibe. Always good to have on your side." - Agatha Palmerstone
  • "You could say I'm a gambler, Moving to Brooklyn and finding an attachment with the scourge, all while still being considered Sabbat, and therefore unacknowledged. However, regardless of whatever debts I had to Aquire to let all this happen... Kelly has been an absolute Delight." Virgil Vendicimo
  • "They are a marvel with the blade. I've never been upstaged like that when putting on a show! It was worth it, though, just to see them display their art. I hear they are part of the law, now - good for them! Maybe we'll do another show - this time I'll bring my A Game." - Randall Priest
  • "What they lack in brains and temperament, they more than make up for in looks and other...useful skills." -Evangeline Isadora DiBari
  • "Hmm...Being so needlessly combative is foolish. It is, admittedly, marginally less foolish when you win most of the fights you start." Alaric of Gaul
  • "Are we absolutely sure that Kelly is not warrior of my Clan? Maybe they had an exceptionally cunning Sire? If true, and I doubt it is, the deception could not be their own." - Randolf Stein
  • "Kelly's grown so much since I met them so many years ago. Back then, I protected them. But they've long outgrown any need of protection and became one of the finest warriors in the land." - Sevinch
  • "In a world of Faces and Heels, they are the ultimate Face. If they ever turn Heel...I think I'm moving." - El Dorado
  • "Dancing was not something I had much of an opinion on one way or the other until I met Kelly. They have set the bar very high on what I consider good dancing, and of course I now think that most appropriate time to do it is after winning a battle." - Aoife Kennedy
  • “They are as fiery as any kindred I ever met. Fire can be a light in darkness, or the means to sustain life and warmth. But fire can also hurt and kill.” — 𝓒𝓵𝓪𝓾𝓭𝓮
  • "Left side, just below the ribs. There's an opening. Its trap, don't fall for it." - Simon Davilabraga

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OOC Information
Player Robyn Young
Pronouns They/Them
MES # US2020080013
Domain NY-004-D
Storyteller Emily Lewis