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""I'm sorry...I don't deal in light"

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Name: Jericho
Clan: Lasombra
Social Standing: Ancilla
Sect: Anarch

Notable Traits:

Eerie Presence: Eyes are completely black

Eerie Presence: His shadow moves about a second *after* he does

Obvious Predator

A decently handsome looking man who appears to be in his mid to late 30's, Jericho is not generally what one would think about when the traditional Lasombra comes to mind. Athletically built, but not overly muscular, he can often be found wearing a hooded long coat, dark purple bracers on his arms, thigh high buckled boots, and a dark purple turtleneck shirt.

Generally speaking, Jericho is a quiet one. Preferring solitude to socialization, Jericho is avoidant of large crowds of kindred that he doesn't know . At first meeting, Jericho can appear broody and stern. Those that do get to know him find that he can be friendly enough with a quick wit. And once he counts someone amongst his friends, he will fiercely defend and protect that person. If Jericho senses that either himself or those he has chosen to watch over are being threatened, a darker and more sinister Jericho emerges.


  • 2010:
    • March: Freshly embraced, Jericho claws his way out of the ground in a field on the outskirts of Manhattan, KS with no memory of who he is, how he got there, or what's going on.
    • April: A Catholic priest is the first to stumble across Jericho while he is praying in the priest's church well after the doors have been closed and locked. After having a lengthy conversation, the Priest gives him shelter in the church and the name which he now uses.
    • December: While trying to research his condition online, using a very public University computer, Jericho is discovered by a would-be hacker by the name of Faith. She implores Jericho that online is not the place to be researching these things and flies out to meet him in person. As Fate would have it, Faith is a Lasombra and is able to spot this in Jericho as well.
  • 2011:
    • An Unaligned Ravnos by the name of Bastien spots Jericho as he is slipping into the church he stays in from one of the bell towers. Bastien is the second Kindred Jericho has met since his nightmare began, but the first within Manhattan, KS. Bastien gives him the "quick and dirty" version of Kindred society.
    • Not long after meeting Bastien, Jericho is spotted by Ivy Lynne Gatwood, who manages to track him back to the church. This would be only the third Kindred Jericho is aware of at this time, and the first from the Ivory Tower
    • Ivy soon introduces Jericho to Shelby Atwood, an acquaintance of hers with the Ministry and an Anarch. Jericho and Shelby hang out for an evening and have very...interesting time
  • 2012:
    • February: Shelby invites Jericho to a gathering in Kansas City. This will be his first gathering of multiple Kindred. Needless to say, it was not at all dull. Jericho leaves the gathering with more questions than answers. Through Shelby, however, Jericho also comes to know Craig of the Nosferatu, and Jameson, who is a Caitiff.
    • September: Jericho attends another similar gathering in his home city of Manhattan, KS. Things get heated when it's discovered that the former Anarch Ambassador sold out the remaining Kindred in the city to the local Werewolves who promised to "keep them in line". Jericho's sense of what's right and wrong within Kindred society begins to take shape.
    • September: Through the local gathering, Jericho meets Marcel Trevisani, who talks to him at length about the more political ins and outs of Kindred society. Marcel answers a lot of questions regarding the Anarch Movement, and Jericho starts to think about his choices for the future.
    • October: While patrolling one evening on the K State campus, Jericho spots a Kindred he hasn't met. After following him for a while, he inexplicably looses him. Turning round to look in a different direction, the Kindred he had been following steps from out of a shadowy portal in front of Jericho. It's at this point that he meets Silas Blackwell of the Kiasyd. After speaking for some time, the two find that their stories are not entirely dissimilar and strike up a quick friendship.
  • 2013:
    • A series of events and discussions, culminating at a Halloween party in Kansas City, lead Jericho to officially announce his intention to join the Anarch Movement. Conversations with Shelby Atwood and Marcel Trevisani are instrumental in his decision and each offer to sponsor him joining the movement.
  • 2015:
    • October: Jericho becomes a fully Committed member of the Anarch Movement.
  • 2021:
    • February 20: Meets Orion at a gathering in Kansas City and they quickly strike up a friendship as he's only the 4th other Lasombra he's met thus far.
    • February 23: Orion contacts Jericho with an urgent request to meet him at Harmony Island. Jericho is on a flight within the hour.
    • February 24: Upon meeting Orion, Jericho is soon introduced to James Alexander Fairweather and given a unique opportunity. By the middle of the evening, Jericho has joined the Society of the Teloah de Canilu
    • March: Meets Diamante Mezanotte, a Ventrue Neonate, at a gathering in Montana. First impressions leave Jericho with the opinion that she's equivalent to the Ebola Virus.
    • April: Diamante Mezanotte approaches Jericho with gifts and a surprising apology for how she treated him. They begin an unlikely friendship.
    • April: Meets Patrick, a Toreador of the Volgire bloodline around the same time as he meet's Diamante. They do NOT hit it off and the insults are quick to fly.
    • May: Jericho undergoes a significant change after becoming nearly trapped in the Abyss. The only way out...make a deal with the Abyss itself. He's able to literally walk out of the Abyss, but as one of its Mystics.
    • May: Jericho and Diamante's relationship takes an unexpected turn as they become closer and begin dating.
    • May: The Abyss continues to shape Jericho in its own image. After going through a week of painful "downloads", Jericho now has access to ancient Abyssal rituals. The only one to stay by his side during this very painful period...Diamante Mezzanote.
    • June:

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Into the Darkness:


Jericho's emergence into darkness was horrific. When he finally broke through the ground and onto the surface, the only thing driving him was the hunger and the need to feed. When he finally found the hapless creature and instinctively drained it dry, he was able to finally attempt to gather his thoughts. To his dismay, he realized that he had no memories. No recollection of who he was, how he got there, or what was happening to him. The only thing he was aware of was a rising darkness within him that he could not explain, and that frightened him. Lost, confused, and in search of answers (not to mention shelter from the coming dawn), he ran off into the city.


In the weeks that followed Jericho's emergence, something dark began to rise from within his own soul. When he hunted for food, an act which still bothered him tremendously, this new darkness would seem to call to him, begging to be let out. Jericho was always able to resist giving in, but it got harder with each passing night. He didn't like it, whatever it was. It was...evil. Jericho feared what would happen if it ever got total control. He had to find a way to control it, or at the very least, keep it at bay. So, he set off in search of the one thing that he was certain could do that...God.


Jericho couldn't remember his past, but he was inexplicably drawn to a deep belief in God. With so many questions racing through his mind, he eventuall found his way to a Catholic church nearby. Having let himself in, he knelt before the altar to pray. Soon, the church's resident priest found him and was surprisingly not shocked at the fact that Jericho was in the locked building, or at his death like appearance. Instead of trying to exorcise Jericho from the Holy ground, the priest engaged him on a spiritual level. After an evening of soul-searching, praying, and spiritual guidance, Jericho had some of his more existential questions answered. The night proved to be somewhat cathartic to Jericho and it enabled him to set upon a path that would bring fulfillment to not only his spiritual self, but to the Darkness within as well.

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Friends and Allies:


  • Are you my Enemy?
  • Are you my Enemy?


  • "Forgive and have mercy upon him, excuse him and pardon him, make honorable his reception, protect him from the punishment of the grave and the torment of the fire." - Jericho
  • "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom not to be a raging smart ass in the face of overwhelming odds" - Jericho
  • "Oh, Jericho. I don't know quite what to make of him, but I'm going to be glad to take the time to find out. It feels like he's still groping through the darkness, pun fully intended, but he's resilient and smart. He's going to impress everyone one day, when he finds the path he's meant to walk." - Marcel Trevisani
  • “I just love the way he dives right into danger. He wants to stay back, but he can’t help it. After all, I’m getting into a lot of trouble.” - Shelby Atwood
  • "Jericho has this mysterious person jack of all trades vibe, its stylish." Zeke Wylde
  • "Jericho likes to walk up to opportunity's door, but he doesn't just knock on it… He kicks that bitch in, smiles and introduces himself." Orion
  • "Jericho? Don't mess with that kid. Behind the cute façade of shadow & rage is an Elder waiting to happen. He'll be alive after all of us are dead." Revinaka
  • "God damn it, Reno!" Genesis
  • "I may just ended up this guy's best friend or his worst influence." Arien Storm

The Shadows Whisper:

  • There has been speculation that Jericho was the product of a Sabbat shovelhead party gone wrong.
  • Everything that Jericho has learned about his own clan he's actually learned from other clans.
  • He hates owls
  • He's really a secret lounge singer who had a following back in his mortal days doing the tours up and down the strip in Vegas.
  • Single handedly battled and destroyed a BSD Theurge trying to activate a Hive
  • Hunts and destroys Spectres
  • "He may be involved in the most interesting Bromance."
  • I heard a rumor that...(Insert your rumor here)

Musical Inspiration:

  • Fur Elise (Epic Trailer Version) - Elephant Music
  • Ain't No Grave - Hidden Citizens, Adam Christopher
  • Land of Confusion - Hidden Citizens
  • It's a Sin - Hidden Citizens
  • In the Air Tonight - In This Moment
  • Whose Side Are You On - Tommee Profitt, Ruelle
  • All the Kind's Men - The Rigs
  • Darkness Within - Michael Logen
  • Heart of the Darkness - Tommee Profitt, Sam Tinnesz
  • The Way - Zack Hemsey
  • Rapid Dominance - Really Slow Motion
  • Sunder - Really Slow Motion
  • We Still Believe in Heroes - Really Slow Motion
  • Th3 Awak3n1ng - Really Slow Motion


Player: Scott Barnes - US2016020031
Region: North Central
Domain: KS-024-D
Game: No Man’s Land
Facebook: Scott Barnes
VST: Christopher Beck
DC: Amanda Noble