Joan Jordan

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Joan Jordan (aka Jojo)
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Pronouns she/her
Clan Caitiff
Clan Faction Duskborne
Sect Anarch
Sect Faction Anarch Railroad
Social Class Neonate
Morality Humanity
Cross-sect organization Caitiff and Thinblood Alliance
Cross-sect organization Hunter Information Network
Position(s) Advocate of the Free State of the Redwood Empire (aka Baron of Sonoma/Napa CA)

Further Information


Tall, butch-leaning, side-swept blonde undercut, signature leather jacket and heart earring Personality Traits/Quirks: Relentlessly outspoken and idealistic, perhaps a bit naive. Equal parts punk and huge anime nerd. Prone to making inspiring speeches and Jojo posing.

  • 1988: Embraced during a Sabbat incursion into San Francisco
  • 1989: Leaves the Sabbat and Returns from the Path of Feral Heart
  • 1990s: Spends time fueling mortal protests around the country, including New York, where she meets Gabriella and, by extension, House Caesarea
  • Early 2000s: Joins the Redemption Engine as a means of doing good, as well as the Anarch Railroad
  • 2004-2010: Southwest Historical Game: The War in the Southwest versus the Sabbat, culminating in the breaking of Bisbee. Joan was on the frontlines and used her inside knowledge of the Sabbat to aid the Anarch forces.
  • 2008: The Fool's Errand: Joan fought alongside Smiling Jack and El Caesarea while battling Archbishop Grave's pack.
  • 2012: Helped found the Caitiff/Thinblood Alliance with Baron Calico
  • 2012, Halloween: Myst Historical Game. A ball the night of the Beckoning. Some Anarchs were set to be executed, but the Prince got beckoned so she took the opportunity to punch some elders across the room on Elysium.
  • 2018: Events of the National Historical Game. Also helped the Anarchs establish territory in the new domain of Dallas. Also becomes acquaintances with Iris Bennet of the Duskborne, and begins promoting her cause.
  • 2019: Helped the Bay Area Anarchs liberate Sonoma County from the Camarilla
  • 2020, November: Brokered an alliance between the Kindred of NorCal and the Rokea of the Farallon Islands
  • 2020, December: Leadership summit on Harmony Island. Joan signed her domain into the information network proposed by Queen Teuta of the IA, and plopped a dildo on the negotiation table as a reference to the Convention of Thorns. The Camarilla did not like that and she was removed from the Teloah.
  • 2021: While Joan has never been secretive about the fact that she was originally embraced into the Sabbat, she begins openly advertising that she has the discipline of Vicissitude, and wishes to use it for noble causes. She's teamed up with (and dating) Evelyn Mitchell to that effect.

Joan was embraced sometime during the SF queer activism in the 80s. She’s open with the fact that she was originally embraced Sabbat, but got out of that life quickly and has been anarch ever since. Hugely outspoken about caitiff rights and is also part of a caitiff alliance for that cause. Tries to stay involved in mortal activism insomuch as she can. She’s traveled a lot, spent some time in the New York queer protests in the 90s. During the 2000s she joined several cross-sect organizations to campaign for caitiff advancement, as well as fought in the many campaigns against the Sabbat in the Southwest united states, fighting off and Archbishop and their pack alongside Smiling Jack. She frequently visits Dallas and Denver. Now she’s based out of the Anarch Collective in Sonoma County, California.


Was supposedly embraced in San Francisco by a Sabbat pack, but SF has always been an extremely Cam leaning territory until recently, and the pack that embraced her was supposedly killed to a man.
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"The Movement doesn't end until we win!"

  • "I'm on the outside, I'm looking in; I can see through you, see your true colors; 'Cause inside you're ugly, you're ugly like me; I can see through you, see to the real you" -Bob
  • "She's legit and not afraid of a glass of whiskey." - Kenneth Bilge
  • "Jojo is the best gal pal and meta I could ask for. She gave me a home in the Movement when I had nowhere else to go." Stephen Cox
  • " I like this one, I will keep them safe because they bring a welcomed light in our darkest nights." - Durendal
  • "Jojo is who I would invite to come with me if I were to take a vandalism road trip." - Fiadh
  • "So strong and supportive. She can hold my body any night." - Cypress Barton
  • "This childe carries many secrets, even some of my own. I do hope I can trust her. Then again, there are ways to ensure it." - Calico, Baron of Denver
  • "Despite being an excellent conversationalist, Jojo has proven to me that tongues are best used for activities unrelated to speaking." - Dr. Calliope Randall
  • "She and I may look different, but we have way more in common than you might think. She's a relentless positive force and exactly the kind of person I needed in my life. Stick around, sunshine." - Evelyn Mitchell
  • "A real groovy cat, she even has the same t-shirt as me, so you know she's cool as hell. Also has a lot of hidden tricks up her sleeve, which I appreciate." - Agatha Palmerstone
  • "Jojo is the type to put her life on the line for those she cares for. She is a tour de force and the night is a brighter place with her in it." - Calico
  • "Can you believe she just ASSUMED I had weed on me? Pfft. I mean, I did, and of course I gave it to her 'cos she's my friggin' hero, but like, the NERVE tho!" - Mutt But Not That Mutt The Other Mutt
  • "Joan's out here defying expectations and gravity, living her best life. We're as alike as we're different and believe me we're pretty different, but you're not likely to find another activist of the same caliber without looking for Maypop. Oooh I should introduce her to Maypop..." - Marcel Trevisani

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OOC Information
Player Josie S
Pronouns she/her
MES # US2017070106
Domain CA-058-D
Storyteller Christopher Campione