Miguel Cantone

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Miguel Cantone
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Clan Toreador
Sect Camarilla
Social Class Pretender Elder
Morality Humanity
Territory Hollywood
Lineage House Apollo

Further Information


Miguel Cantone is a storyteller, constantly looking for new methods to perfect his vision. A Spaniard by birth, Miguel was fascinated by a troupe of traveling actors and joined, eventually finding himself in Stuart England. He is one of the founders of Hollywood, and as such has kept an attitude of entitlement and control; he is a film director with a god complex.


1660 - Becomes a ghoul to Emerson LeMasters.

Miguel before he enters the New World

1690 - Embraced, after proving his skill as a writer and performer and how that is useful to inter-clan politics.

1812 - Comes to the New World

1820s - Introduces Xan Zidane to others in Emerson, Cassandra, and Elijah. 1899 - After engineering the theft of expensive film equipment in Edison, New Jersey. Settles in the sunny pastures of Hollywood, California.

Miguel at the turn of the 20th century.

1900s - Silent Era. Cantone Pictures begins producing adaptations of vaudeville comedy. This has to be done through ghouls as the primary source of lighting was sunlight. Wrote theatre at night to find and attract performers.

1916 - After the rise of silent features, Cantone encourages investment in film is an art form, unheard of!

1929 - After the stock market crash, the movies become an escape for most people. Cantone begins to put his own name on films, and finds ways to produce and direct at night.

1934 - Under the name Michael Cantone, he directed the hit film "The Demon Hunter" about a supernatural demon hunter. The story closely mirrors that of Elias Stone, with Errol Flynn in the titular role. While he insists this was a work for Truth, it also preserved the Masquerade by including "creative license" on the nature of many "mythical and fantastic creatures." However, it begins a series of horror films, adapting gothic novels of the 17th century.

Promotional poster art for Michael Cantone, director.

1940 - Cantone Pictures becomes synonymous with works of Horror with artistic cache.

1965 - As Television begins to take over, film begins to lose a lot of its market.

1970 - Embraces Angelina.

1980 - Cantone Pictures loses out to the blockbuster era. Cantone himself (by now his third lookalike ghoul) begins to withdraw from the industry.

1998 - Claims praxis of Los Angeles.

1999 - The public persona of Michael Cantone withdraws from Kine society, living in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

2005 - Cantone leaves his isolation to broker a deal with the Anarchs of Los Angeles, giving him the Domain of Hollywood. He sells the remaining assets of Cantone Pictures to Disney, including intellectual property.

2007 - Miguel visited Silicon Valley in 2007, investigating in this 'streaming' business. After his influence was rebuffed by Anarch Baron Veronica Chaiz, he returns and invests in Quibi. Miguel has held a grudge ever since.

Also in San Francisco, he pledges to join the Second Coalition.

Miguel posing as his own grandson in the 2000s.

2015 - The Demon Hunter is bought and developed as a new IP among Superhero Movies. A push for a "World of Darkness Shared Universe" begins.

2018 - Emerson LeMasters claims Praxis in Macon, GA. His childer are there to congratulate and support him. Attends the Toreador Ball and debuts a new piece.


  • Miguel's first rage frenzy was upon seeing the live action Percy Jackson movie.
  • Didn't he shake hands with MacNeil once? I wonder how that happened.
  • If he dislikes you he will ask you to take an office in his court. Say NO!!! -Elijah Smith

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  • "Ah, yes, Miguelito. Hmm. You know we worked together briefly, a long time ago in England? He billed himself as something of a playwright, and being generous by nature I was only too happy to lend him my stage presence but, my God, the man was just impossible to work with. I can understand not wanting to compromise your vision, but rigidity really is the enemy of creativity, isn't it? And theater especially is a collaborative process and he just didn't appreciate how best to use me, if you get my meaning. Anyway, like I said that was long ago and now I understand he's making movies! How wonderful for him. I really do think that's a much better fit for his abilities. Now he can take as much time and as many takes as needed to create something watchable. I am truly, marvelously happy for him, just elated." - Zoltan Vancura
  • "Such sad words from a sad artist who can't even get his artists to follow his vision. At least my muses believe in my art enough to follow my instruction. Though, I suppose there is a reason some of us successfully rule and others sit to the side." - Fiona Bizet
  • "I could tell you a story about Miguel and what happens to Toreador who disrespect art-- still surprised I survived that story, actually. My old... acquaintance... sure didn't." - Sinclair
  • "I don't care how good his films are - no one should treat their workers like that. Some nights I almost regret telling him my story." - Elias
  • "...yes, Elder Cantone and I are acquainted. As a matter of fact, he was quite fond of showing me kindness when everyone thought I was a Caitiff. You can, knowing what everybody knows now, just fucking imagine why that's true. Change of subject?" - Dr. Marcel Trevisani
  • "I just got here you puffed-up walnut!" - "Aurelia Jones", Sabbat infiltrator impersonating a Toreador during the Second Coalition Summit in San Francisco.
  • “I have a weakness for glamour, I must confess. Who possesses more glamour than filmmakers, I could not say. But I do find myself inextricably drawn to and appreciating Elder Cantone.” — 𝓒𝓵𝓪𝓾𝓭𝓮
  • "Nice fella. Pretty polite, even for a cammie." - Craig
  • "Miguel was always a delight to work with, so clever with his vision, even when others couldn't see it." - Melissa Anaktoria
  • "I'll help you, remember I helped you, now go that is Kindred mercy" to Xavier Smith

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Player John Osborne
MES # US2008092864
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Storyteller Eduard du Mond