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Pronouns Nobody has pronouns (Fluid)
Clan Nosferatu
Clan Faction Skins
Sect Anarch
Sect Faction Anarch Railroad
Social Class Neonate
Morality Humanity
Gang The OC
Position(s) Engineer

Further Information

The OC.jpg

Who I was before is irrelevant. That person is dead now and the dead need no names. I become who I need to be, when and where I need to be someone. But in reality, I am Nobody, and that is enough.

  • Born 1899 C.E. in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Embraced in 1918 C.E. during World War I in France.
  • Nobody was sent to act as an agent for his Sire during the Spanish Revolution (1936 to 1939).
  • Became committed to the Anarch Movement during the Spanish Revolution in 1939.
  • During World War II (1939 to 1945), Nobody returned to France and worked with the French Resistance to oppose the Nazi Occupation.
  • Sent by his Clan to act as an Agent during the Korean War (1950 to 1953), spying upon both the sides of the Korean Conflict.
  • After Korea, Nobody travelled to Los Angeles and spent a few years just living his best unlife in the Anarch Free State.
  • Nobody returned to Atlanta to investigate the Atlanta Child Murders (1979 to 1981), which he found to be personally abhorrent.
  • In 1997, rumors began to swirl about a “Blood Curse” that drove kindred mad and destroyed them. Nobody fled Atlanta in favor of the Anarch Free State.
  • In 1999, the Red Star appeared in the sky. This is when Nobody decided that enough was enough and put himself into torpor for a while to wait things out.
  • In 2016, Nobody attended the Liberty Day celebration in L.A. and reconnected with his Gang (The OC).
  • In 2022, Nobody returned to Atlanta to re-establish himself and (hopefully) to settle down for a while.


I was in bad shape, man. There were these Hunters after me, and those other vampires wouldn't help. They just laughed at me. Then I met this one guy who helped me get out of L.A. He said he was nobody, and told me not to look for him afterwards. I don't know where to find him now, but if you need help too, maybe you'll get lucky and he'll find you like he found me. - Copper (Thin-Blood)

"Nobody has the best toys!" - IzzyPop
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<My wingman when it comes to security issues. His talent is 5 star review. - Julian Steele
Nobody is here.
Nobody cares.
Nobody is watching.

"You know who appreciates name puns? Nobody." — Fiadh, while internally cackling, probably
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OOC Information
CWME Headshot.jpg
Player Trey
Pronouns He/Him/His
MES # US2022020013
Domain GA-010-D
Storyteller Saleem Halabi (interim)

I'm an old MET player from back in the 'nineties looking to get back into the hobby. ""