Giancarlo Giovanni

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Giancarlo Giovanni
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Clan Giovanni
Clan Faction The Society of the Crypt
Sect Independent Alliance
Social Class Master Elder (App approved)
Morality Humanity

Further Information


Giancarlo is a gentleman in bearing and comportment. He tries to be diplomatic no matter the occasion. A middle aged italian man, Giancarlo attempts to blend in with the mortal world. He can almost always be found in the company of his family, both Mortal and Vampiric.

  • 1540 - Born in Venice.
  • 1575 - Embrace was also in Venice.
  • 1575 to 1919 - Lived in Venice. He travelled to other cities during this time as a Giovanni Clan Diplomat.
  • 1920 - Arrived in Denver Colorado where he established his family holdings.
  • 1920 to 2011 - Used his wealth and influence to help the city expand.
  • 2011 - With the Establishment of the Independent Alliance, he worked to formally codify the domain held by the Giovanni as the core of the new IA territory.
  • 2011 to Present - Using his diplomatic skills to help win allies to the IA, and the Clan with his work with the newly formed Society of the Crypt.

Giancarlo was the son of Adriano and Rosalia Giovanni. He was born and grew up during the early days of the Clans rise, being groomed to take his place in the clan. In 1575, he contracted the black plague. He was soon after embraced to save his life, though it was slightly delayed to have his embrace take place on the Spring Equinox. The close brush has effected him greatly, forever clouding his sight with visions of death.
After the first World War, Giancarlo recognized that more conflict was inevitable. He gathered some of his family and departed Venice for the new world. He left in 1919, finally arriving in Denver, Colorado in 1920. He has since lived in Denver, making sure the new home of his family is as safe and secure as he could get it. He supported the signing of the Treaty of Alliance and made sure he was there for the event. He is a ardent supporter of the efforts to gather all the clans and bloodlines that use Necromancy into one group, helping form the Society of the Crypt. In the current nights, he works to ensure the prosperity of both the Clan and the Alliance.

La Famiglia (More welcome)

  • Uses Necromancy to hide his inhumanity.
  • Has probably blood bound his own granddaughters.

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  • Family is important. It is how we have survived and how we will continue to survive. But maybe it is time for the family to be truly whole once more.
  • "Eh.. All the good jokes about the Giovanni have already been made." - Zoltan Vancura
  • "Family comes first, and Nonno Giancarlo comes before all" - Dianna Giovanni
  • "He's one of the least stupid people I've ever had to protect." -Hedwig Piast Putanesca di Espiare

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OOC Information
Player Felix Blinn
MES # US2006088311
Domain CO-016-D
Storyteller Stacy Deloria