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You aren't in Kansas anymore.

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Character Information


Name: Orion

Clan: Lasombra

Elder Appears 30

Sect Unaligned

Pirate Yes..Ragazzo Di Cabina



  • 1524 - First public appearance.
  • 1895 – 1905 Strasbourg France.
  • 2012 Roanoke VA (outed Baali Senechal)
  • Current - Cornelius NC



Orion is a pretender elder of the Lasombra clan (Kiasyd with Lasombra lore but he doesn’t advertise it). He speaks Venitian, French, and English. Known to be a book collector and Lore Master. His presence is accompanied by the smell of sage.

He was first seen in kindred society in 1524.

He is known for being a mediator as a neutral party.

Known associates:

Gabriella Giovanni di Espiare (Stephanie Thorndyke US2017010039)

Hari (Dorothy Feltner US2014120029)

Tueta (Annie B US2018100133)

Prince Asher Black (Jack Hambly US2002021278)

Prince Fiona Bizet (Lexie Pittman US2013100217)

1780 Nantes France First seen with Fiona Bizet (Lexie Pittman US2013100217).

(1870 – 1905) Strasbourg France. (Lasombra Lore) Orion was gathered with other Kiasyd who had sent a ghoul to investigate a kindred infernalist cult. The ghoul returned and Orion was to question her. She was possessed and used demonic fire on Orion. He was wounded but cared for after the ghoul was taken down. It was in this time that knowledge was shared between elite Kiasyd including Orion about the infernal, demons, and the Baali. Orion participated in the charge against the stronghold in a united front of Lupines, Changelings, and Kindred against the stronghold entering from the Umbra.

(Camarilla Lore) 2011-2012 Roanoke VA Orion uncovered a Baali who infiltrated the Camarilla acting as the Senechal of the city. He had Prince Asher Black bloodbound and had his own infernalist network woven through the court. The Baali disappeared and the Prince was somehow freed from the bloodbond giving Orion a blood boon(now a major) for his efforts. The Prince bloodhunted the infernalists. Some were found and some got away.

The Thirteenth Hour. Orion’s home and library were burned to the ground by an unknown enemy. He currently lives in Cornelius North Carolina on Lake Norman.



  • "The devil, sir... is in the details. And all the details lead to you." - Orion to an infernal before he perished
  • "Betrayed doesn't even begin to describe what I feel for you. You are ignorant, self-centered, and care about no one but yourself and your pitiful excuse for a wife. I hope you enjoy the dark hole you've crawled into while you drown in loneliness and trauma on your missions." - Fiona Bizet
  • "I'm sorry, who?" - Zoltan Vancura
  • " I'm told we are much alike, a kindred spirit. There are few I would accept that comparison to, but I accept it in this case" James Alexander Fairweather
  • "He's one of the few who are not of my lineage, but still my family." Katherine Davis
  • "You need someone to get your enemies to fight each other while you mow through them like a kid in a candy store? This is your guy." Zeke Wylde
  • " The term "Bookworm" doesn't even begin to cover it. Dude's brain is a sponge, and his thirst for knowledge has him jumping up and down like a kid at Christmas." Jericho
  • “ Yes, yes, and a thousand times....yes.” ~P
  • "He wasn't what I expected when I first ran into him, but watching him over time changed my mind. Not bad, for an Elder." Penelope Reina
  • "He asks the most interesting questions..." Alfred Perfidious
  • "You're sayin' that, even though you have never even heard my name before, you Sherlock Holmes'd your way to find this unknown needle in a haystack, and offer me a job? I'm listening." Baines
  • "Most people fear the dark. It is the wise ones, however, who fear what exists within the dark." Asher Black
  • "Slightly more complicated but that's the short of it." ~Orion in response to Hannibal.

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