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Society Information

The Teloah De Canilu is a society of lore masters and magic users that have banded together under the direction of the High Magi to fight the forces of the infernal and to protect kindred from the forces that would destroy us all.

This society hosted the Harmony Accords December 14th, 2020.

this society was first seen on the public stage after 2014, it is believed to be much older. Domains are known to call for the aid of the Teloah in times of need, from Hunter threats to Baali cults the Teloah has helped domains across the world.


--- The Harmony Accord ----

The Teloah de Canilu pledge for a year and a day to answer the call to aid from the domains of the representatives gathered here on the year and date of December 14th, 2020.

Our goal is one of ideals, an inter-connectivity of action, communication, and aid. Our mission is to combat the infernal and destroy it, and to avoid detection and attention of hunters. With this accord we affix our pledge to these ideals. The Teloah de Canilu answers the call of our signatories. Aid is to be defined by the request of those seeking it, but examples of such include but are not limited to:

Occult knowledge, thaumaturgical and necromantic expertise, vast knowledge in academia and science, lore masters and their knowledge, tactical recon and scouting, influence and pull in mortal society to preserve the first and to avoid detection by those not of the blood, technological assistance and security to bolster local defenses and prevent spying and remote observation, tactical combat and threat assessment.

Signer’s to this accord, agree to work with the Teloah de Canilu in facing threats to your domain or territory that are infernal or threatening to the shared safety of all. The Members of the Teloah de Canilu as always respect the Authority and court of any domain they travel to and adhere to all local laws, courtesies and intrigues.

By the word of the High Magi of the Teloah De Canilu, James Alexander Fairweather Luminary of The Clan of Kings

May this accord be true and stay strong, and act as a beacon in the night for those that value peace and Harmony.


High Magi James Alexander Fairweather

Councilor Jahangir Al-Tanin - Genikos, Librarian

Commander Katherine Davis - Genikos, Magus, Librarian

Meir Cohen - Genikos

Penelope Reina - Magus

Alice Vermeer - Genikos, Magus, Librarian

Lady Diana - Librarian

Jericho - Genikos

Khloe Fox Genikos

Recruitment Requirements

Sponsorship from a current member of the society and acceptance from leadership. Entry into the hall of the Teloah is only given to members that have passed their screening.


  • The Teloah opens its doors to those with pure hearts and strong minds, we value the potential of the individual. - High Magi Fairweather
  • We are dedicated to destroying the filth that is Infernalists and Hunters. - Lady Diana
  • Quote from a meeting when asked of us. "We are like Shepherds. We try to teach, guide, nurture, protect and be good about it against the threat of the wolves. If you seek us out, you will come to know this." - Jahangir Al-Tanin
  • The freedom we have within the Teloah is what inspires our loyalty. The ability to learn and grow without any kind of payment expected. - Katherine Davis


  • The Teloah De Canilu has been active for more than a thousand years.
  • The Teloah has Killed a demon.
  • There are more Teloah than people realize
  • The Teloah helps bridge the gap between Sects to help ensure Kindred survival in modern nights.
  • Council was sought from the Teloah di Canilu, in a ritual of worldly importance.

OOC Information

Member Number: US2020070032

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