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Name: Minnesota Maxwell

Clan: Banu Haqim

Sect: Autarkis

Notable Traits:

6'0" tall, long blonde hair, scratchy beard with long goatee, hazel eyes, bad right eye, scar on neck, scar on left forearm, on a Path of Enlightenment. Usually wearing a hat, boots, and a vest.

Titles: None

Information Known by Kindred Society

Minnesota makes himself available to others for protection and justice. All you have to do is convince him, and make the right payments of course.

Biography - information available with Lore Banu Haqim (Warrior)


  • 9/7/1845: Born Maxwell Cheatham in the Minnesota Territory.
  • Dakota War of 1862 (aka Sioux Uprising) in the Dakota Territory
  • 8/18/1862: Family barely escapes the burning of Leavenworth by Dakota forces. Maxwell joins the militia.
  • 9/2/1862: Wounded (arrow in the arm) in the Battle at Birch Coulee.
  • 9/23/1862: Battle of Wood Lake, as part of Captain Calvin Potter's Company of Mounted Men.
  • 12/26/1862: Hanging of 38 Dakota in Mankato, MN, the largest public execution in US History
  • 1863: After the execution, Maxwell travels south to meet up with family, who had returned to Henderson, KY, during the Dakota War.
  • 1864: Avoids joining with Union forces in the American Civil War. Leaves Kentucky, travels to Missouri, looking for work.
  • 7/21/1865: Witnesses the gunfight in which “Wild Bill" Hickok kills gambler Davis Tutt in Springfield, Missouri.
  • 9/1865 – 5/10/1869: Helps build the Union Pacific Railroad until it is joined with the Central Pacific Railroad to create the first transcontinental railroad.
  • 1865 – 1866: Works the cut crew, laying rail and hammering spikes. Also served as one of many that helped to protect rail workers from Native American raids. Engaged in multiple shootings, stabbings, and fistfights. This is when those that know him begin referring to him as "Minnesota Maxwell", or Minnesota for short.
  • 1866 – 1868: Works as foreman. While holding the position, he builds a reputation for trigger-happy responses to gambling cheaters, abuse of prostitutes, and needless violence against Native Americans and blacks.
  • 1868 – 1869: Is finally jailed for killing prominent foreman over repeated abuse of prostitutes. Rather than being hanged, is freed and given work as railroad security at “end of track”. Maintains position until completion of the line. (Possible VIP to be pictured in the ceremony at Promontory Point, UT.)
  • 1869 – 1873: Finds little work along the railroad cities lining the UP. Attempts to find work as a lawman, but has a burgeoning reputation along the line as an unpredictable killer. Finds sporadic work in isolated places along the cattle trail as a city marshal or deputy. Is run out of many towns for engaging in questionable shootings. However, his shootings are never unjustified, so he is never brought up on charges. It's at this point that some begin to refer to him simply as "Marshal".
  • 1873 – 1876: Takes over as Sheriff of Ellsworth, KS, dubbed “The Wickedest Cattletown in Kansas”, after the killing of Ellsworth County Sheriff Chauncey Whitney. Crime drops sharply, partly due to Minnesota’s policing, partly due to the falloff of the cattle trade in Ellsworth.
  • 9/7/1876: Minnesota’s family has moved back to MN. Answers his mother’s letters and plans a visit on his birthday. While tending to business in Northfield, the James-Younger Gang attempts a robbery of the Northfield Bank.
  • 9/13/1876: Pursues Jesse and Frank James into the Dakota Territory. Confronts the pair, a firefight ensues, Minnesota is mortally wounded. Embraced by Púki í hatti before expiring. Púki í hatti has been watching him for some time based on his reputation as a hardened man not afraid to pass judgment upon others for their crimes.


  • 1919: Takes part in the wipeout of the Sabbat inquisition
  • August 14, 1936: Surveying KY for Sabbat defectors, is present in Owensboro for what would be the last legal public execution in the US.
  • 1957: Is embroiled in the violence and politics that are part of the Third Sabbat Civil War
  • Week of Nightmares (1999): Returns to the Mountain when ur-Shulgi awakens and calls the Blood home
  • 10/31/2011: Minnesota flees the Mountain when it is sealed. He refuses to submit himself to the restrictive laws of the Camarilla along with the other Banu Haqim, but sees the shambles that the Sabbat and the Black Hand have become in his absence. He establishes himself as a solidly independent Autarkis vampire, allowing the Sects to wallow in their own iniquities. He begins taking contracts as an independent judge of the Banu Haqim, bound by no Sectarian law.
  • 11/2011: Minnesota returns to MN, but finds that he no longer has a taste for the land that he now associates as his final mortal defeat. He has not kept track of his mortal family, so he does not attempt to track them. He returns to the land he dreamt about as a child, in Henderson County, KY.


Rumored to be closely related to Zara Moreau

Known Childer


Known Associates

Zara Moreau

Emil Zardka


Coteries and Societies

None known publicly


  • Spent some time near Cincinnati, OH, after leaving The Mountain, though exactly where, how long, and why are unknown.
  • Has had vampiric lovers in the past, which has made him a number of enemies.
  • Rebelled against some of the harshest teachings of the Sabbat *and* The Mountain, making him somewhat of an outsider amongst his own.


  • "Existance is an economy of wants and needs. One night, perhaps Max will learn that. Or he won't, and he will just keep running away. I heard his clan is good at that." - Katherine Nicolescu

OOC Information

Player: Jamie Roy

Player Email: fabian.marselle@gmail.com

Storyteller: Trina Nilson

Storyteller Email: owensborodst@gmail.com

Location: Owensboro, KY

Domain: KY-004-D

VSS: Strange Bedfellows