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Library of the Sixth Worthy

Speaker: Dr. Almeda Reynaldo
Secretary: Jackalope (NPC)

Membership in this society gets you access to the secret depths of the Cloisters, where a ‘lost’ tapestry from a set of nine hangs without the knowledge of the museum above. There are levels of access to the Library’s collections, but even the first level offers fascinating historical documents and artifacts to study. Members of the Library of the Sixth value all knowledge, with a particular focus on supernatural secrets.

Library of the Sixth Worthy - The Library is far beneath the Cloisters, and as dry, dark, and private as the Nosferatu could make it. Its stacks contain many dangerous artifacts, locked away behind the Secretary's passcodes and keys. There's also a laboratory where neonates use modern technology to discover ancient secrets that auspex and thaumaturgy cannot unlock alone. The basement is fitted with many traps and dangers, including (but not limited to) walls of spikes, jets of fire, and rooms of poison. Currently, work to catalogue and remove the traps is underway.

Qualities:: Library, Laboratory (Archeology), Laboratory (Historical Restoration), Historic, Isolated, Security, Size, Sturdy

Members (12/2021):

  • Agatha Palmerstone
  • Randolf Stein
  • Nissim Melamed
  • Dr. Almeda Reynaldo
  • Orla Quinn
  • Sonya Laughlin (NPC)
  • Barebones (NPC)
  • Sara Weinberg (NPC)
  • Alaric of Gaul (visitor)
  • Mary Petersen (visitor)
  • Ava Schulmann (visitor)
  • Alena Sokoll (visitor)
  • Michael De Luca (visitor)
  • Keshet (visitor)
  • Zalman-Rose Makhshayfeh (visitor)
  • Sevinch (visitor)

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