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Home to the Virtual Community Game based on Columbia Island off the coast of the NW region that is under the National Virtual Umbrella--also known as Harmony Island.

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• Social Media Policy and Proxy Template:

• Our Masquerade game is about consent and we follow the membership handbook rules including ZTP. We ask that you are familiar with this section in particular when you play with us. We operate on the Warning system in 13th Hour; if you have questions, please do ask staff and we'll help you understand to relieve your concerns. Handbook link:

• If you are a member of the local game, we ask that you keep your character up to date in the Approvals Database. Without exceptions this is the official sheet that will be used to determine if something wins or fails--this is an org policy and if you haven't updated since February then we'll have to use that February sheet.

• We ask all visitors send in their intent to play prior to 24 hours of game on. Even more time is a godsend. In order to do this, update your Approvals' Database PC sheet, write an email to our ST staff (emails below) and please include your local VST in the To: or if you have none your DST or RST in those specific cases. Your STs need to know where your characters are at all times so they can be prepared to torture them as you leave or enter the physical IC area you live depending on that VST's plot. Must appease the plot gods you know.

• If you have a question about your email arriving safely, you are welcome to open a ticket in the "Submit a Ticket" channel and staff would be willing to talk to you when they can look in. This also goes for any questions, pretests or precasts, or any other situation that needs ST approval or attention. We do not use DMs with the staff. This has proven to make game go easier and makes plot situations much calmer. We want to make your time with us as nice as we can on an ooc level.

(Small print) Statement of Risk: I recognize that travel is dangerous in the World of Darkness and by agreeing to take my character to another domain I accept the possibility that this action and other decisions of my own may result in risk, including torpor or death, of my character.

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Digital materials you'll need for game icon.png

• Harmony Island Setting Document:

• Island History and Timeline

• VSS Mailing List

• 13th Hour Masquerade Venue Discord Server:

• Game Announcements List

• MES Virtual Game Wiki

• New Player Document

• MES National Discord Server

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CO Officers 2.png

• National Virtual Coordinator Denise Lilly

• "ACM--empty"

ST Officers 2.png

Please send sheets and questions to: Masquerade Staff List

• National Virtual ST Joshua Fischer

• Mid-level Virtual ST Masquerade Scott Barnes

• VST 13th Hour / Masquerade Courtney Ridone

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Members of the Camarilla 2.png

Court Officers:
Don Ariel Prince
Ophelia Valentine Seneschal
Caderyn Cathal Harpy
Kudret bin Yusef Banu Haquim Primogen
Vacant Nosferatu Primogen
Carson Dye Ventrue Primogen
Casamere Phantomhive Tremere Primogen
Tugan Anda Primogen
Aniek Fowles Malkavian Primogen
The Court:
Syfa McAdams
Brian Koke
Kudret bin Yusef
Danny Moreno
Jaydah Sagoma/Jeanne Batiste-LaFayette
Johann Łowczy
Stephen "Van" Vantas
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Members of the Anarchs 2.png

Anarch Elysium

Anarch Territory Officials:
Samantha Cole Advocate
Luna LaVey Ambassador
Tom Gold Architect
Tom Constable

The Local Movement:
Lavinia Adelaide Bennett aka Mercy Amour
MOE aka Marcus Obadiah Eldridge
Ligeia aka Lachrymosa among kine
Caleb "Two Bit" Maxwell
Javier Ruiz

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Members of the IA 2.png

Leaders of the IA:

Revinaka Dubrois Herald
James Laveau
Maeve Whitehorn Marshal

The Alliance:
Deca Guerreiro
Samuel Surfington
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The Unaligned 2.png

Cato Constantinus Bacchus
Horace Chillingsworth
Ariel Jenkins
Julie Weller
Julian Steele
Dr. Kalani

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Frequent Visitors.png

Ryan Doyle
Antonio de la Vega
Katherine Davis
• <add name here>
• <add name here>

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Region Virtual Region
Domain MES Virtual
VSS Type Multi-Sect
Venue Storyteller Courtney Ridone Click here to edit
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Assistant Venue Storyteller(s) Harmony Island 13th Hour AVST(s) Click here to edit