Syfa McAdams

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  • Birth year: 1810
  • Embrace year: 1835
  • Year left Accounting: 1850
  • Year moved to their current city: 1860


Character Information

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Name: Syfa McAdams

Pronouns: She/Her

Clan: Malkavian

Social Status: Ancilla

Sect: Camarilla

Morality: Humanity

Notable Traits:


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Hobbies/Interests/ Quirks

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  • Button collecting and gifting.

Rumors or secrets of the button trade


  • If you receive a button, you are either adopted, owed a boon, maybe a secret crush.
  • She is apart of the blue-eye harem.


  • "I was told that a member of the Camarilla should be like a paperclip. Humble, Useful, and Able to hold their shit together, of course, that was when I was a Neonate. As an Ancilla humble seems to be sliding aside, how much more will it as an Elder?" - Syfa to Jahangir Al-Tanin.
  • "Blinks....blinks.......Genesis....look....ley lines" - Syfa pointing at a "Vampymon Go" app.
  • "Syfa? Oh, I just love her! She's so fun! Plus she's a good friend." Smiles and tail wags - Khloe Fox
  • "Syfa is a true Malkavian: exactly what she seems, and yet a complete illusion. She will surprise you if you let her." - Bob
  • "Syfa is my Devil's advocate. This may be a good thing or bad considering what happens when fire and ice mix." - Genesis
  • "Her passion for buttons is only rivaled by her insight and compassion. Like the button I keep with me, Syfa is the paperclip that I cherish to keep my storm together within me." - Jahangir Al-Tanin
  • "Dear Syfa is one of my own, and I only collect the best." - Pythia
  • "Syfa and I have something in common … we both love me." - Revinaka
  • "Syfa is very sweet!" - Meir Cohen
  • "There is a depth to her that few see, one of the best of her Clan I have ever had the pleasure to meet." - Luna LaVey
  • "If compassion and empathy could be personified, it'd be Syfa." - Jericho
  • "I found a button once, a shiny brass one with an S on it so I gave it to her." - Kenneth Bilge

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OOC Information

Player: Jaleen Wallen


Member Number: US2003122663

Region: Great Lakes

St: Courtney Ridone

St email: