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"You need to realize that Its not you, It's me, I'm the one who's destroying myself, I'm the one who's the monster, I'm the one who's drowning myself, and you, you're just a ken doll that I can work up, That I can manipulate and make believe that everything's your fault and you need to leave me as soon as you can, before I turn you into me, before I destroy you, before I turn you into a heartless monster."
― TheNightmaresAreReal
Creature Portrait

Name: Creature
clan: Nosferatu
bloodline: Creep

Sect: Unaligned
Social Class: Unknown

Morality: Humanity

Description: Creature is rumoured to be able to become anyone and be anywhere. He is no one, nothing, beneath notice, until he has taken everyone and everything away from you. There are reasons the Nosferatu do not talk about the Creeps or their time serving the Hungry very often. This Creature is one of those reasons.

Bio:Creature is rumored to be one of the Creeps, one of the slaves to the Hungry, one of the Clutch which was found underground in Paris in 2013 - starved, withered, and in torpor. He has spent much of his time since 2013 acclimating to life above ground, and learning what it means to be Kindred in this world. When he wants to be hidden, it is near impossible to find him, and even technology cannot pierce his obfuscate.
Known to prefer the company of the Unaligned, Creature is willing to work for just about anyone for just about any reason.

Unaligned Sect Symbol
Nosferatu Clan Symbol

"History is an account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools."
- Ambrose Bierce

Where He Was Forgotten..


  • Embraced in Italy by Cyrus and placed into service of the Hungry, Creature is sent by them to locate and infiltrate Warrens across Europe.
  • The Hungry move his Clutch several times, eventually settling deep under the city of Paris.
  • 2011 - Too afraid to leave the Clutch without instruction, too afraid the Hungry have lain a trap for them, the Parisian Clutch starve and fall into Torpor.
  • 2013 - The Parisian Clutch is discovered deep underground Paris by a group of Kindred. The Clutch is awakened, fed, and freed. Some of them become loyal servants to those that freed them. Creature goes to find his sire.
  • 2013-2015 - Travels Europe and Africa with Jahangir Al-Tanin assisting him with his business while looking for clues on his sire Cyrus' whereabouts

Where He Was Remembered..

Harmony Island

Boston Is historically a Sabbat held domain.

  • 2013 - Almost all Sabbat leave and en masse head to Mexico City. Those that remain have left the Sabbat and come to be called the "Fenway Crew".
  • 2013 - A few months later the Camarilla, the Anarchs, and the Independent Alliance all stake claims to portions of the City.
  • 2015 - April Morning Accords Drafted & Ratified
  • 2016 - Third Night Treaty Drafted & Ratified
  • 2019 - Paramount Treaty Drafted & Ratified
  • 2020 - Creature moves to Boston so as to be closer to his Sire, Cyrus.
  • 2021 - Andy Carter, an Elder Nosferatu becomes Harpy of Boston.

Creature Portrait

Echoes Underground...

Creature's Playlist

  • You Don't Own Me - Leslie Gore
  • Uprising - Muse
  • Knife Under My Pillow - Maggie Lindemann
  • If I Killed Someone For You - Alec Benjamin
  • Silent All These Years - Tori Amos
  • Bad Day - Charlotte Sands
  • Bad Guy - Billie Eilish
  • Control - Halsey

What Others Have Said..

  • "I'm thankful that my judgment of Creature was true and he, rescued. He calls it redemption but in truth, it was mine. In the years as his shepherd, I was allowed to show him a new world and of himself in our travels. He, in turn, reminded me just by his constant presence of my purpose." - Jahangir Al-Tanin
  • *"Quote" -Your Name Here

Ties Sought

  • Nosferatu he helped displace on behalf of the Hungry before the Beckoning.
  • Kindred interested in having been one of the ones to have rescued the Paris Clutch of Creeps in 2013. (potential VIP spend)
  • Kindred who are helping him understand humanity and self-worth after 2013.
  • Frenemies & Rivals. I am not looking for CVC with the goal of character death on either side.