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Pronouns They/It
Clan Malkavian
Sect Unaligned
Social Class Neonate
Morality Humanity

Further Information


Toad is sickly looking, with long brown hair that's always oily. They often wear loose but colorful clothes and their hands and wrists are covered in bracelets and rings. It's been known to frequent any kind of nightclub and consume... certain illegal substances.

(Notable traits: Eerie presence [sickly])

  • 1949 — Sandra Miller is born to a very middle class nuclear family in Los Angeles.
  • 1967 — Swept up in the stories of the Haight-Ashbury hippie scene of San Francisco, Sandra hitchhikes from LA to enjoy the Summer of Love.
    • Aug 1967 — Embraced by Arlo in a night of drug-filled lust.
  • 1968-1972 — After having a rough year after the end of the Summer of Love, Sandra now known as Toad on the street, hitchhikes all around California.
  • 1973 — Claims to be mind-controlled by Project MKUltra to get free drugs
  • 1977 — Saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind in theatres while high, claims to been have abducted by aliens that night
  • 1978 — Auditioned for the role of Sandy in Grease, was turned down, it still haunts them to this day
  • 1982 — Appeared in the Thriller music video as a very background zombie (no makeup needed!)
  • 1984 — Was a fierce supporter of D.A.R.E. despite being very very addicted to LSD
  • 1999 — It was genuinely scared for its unlife due to Y2K
  • 2003 — It claims the little grey men came back and did several tests. Alien abduction part two: Electric boogaloo
  • 2010 — Greatly disheartened by the Quiet, they are not seen for several years. It is helped out of its depressed stupor by Bob
  • 2019 — Was part of the brave group that stormed Area 51
  • 2021 — Frequents Harmony Island (they have good nightclubs)
  • 2021 — Responsible for the Count Chocula shortage on Harmony Island


"I'm Toad! ToadToadToadToadToad. What I always was and what I always will be. Just a Toad, hoppin' my way through life and disappointing Christians everywhere and that's just how I like it." ~ Toad on themself

"Things get muddy out there in the vast subconscious. Remember, it’s not real unless you make it real." ~ Orion
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OOC Information
Player Chloe Schultz
Pronouns She/her
MES # 2020050011
Domain MI-014-D
Storyteller Matt Rockhold