Ophelia Valentine

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Character Information


Name: Ophelia Valentine

Clan: Volgirre

Sect: Camarilla

Social Class: Neonate

Positions: Seneschal of Harmony Island

Notable Traits: Personal Masquerade, Appearance Focus, Glowing Eyes, Scent of Roses, Short


  • After another makeover, Ophelia can now be seen with purple/pink ombre hair and dark glowing eyes. Those who knew her before will notice that she seems more beautiful than before as well. She is often mistaken for someone younger due to her height although she claims to be five feet tall. Ophelia carries herself in a pleasant, but poised manner and enjoys offering her services to those around her.
  • She can usually be found in her tattoo shop on Harmony Island wearing jeans and a well worn black leather jacket.


  • The Countess of Ink may have a secret admirer.


  • "Charming, Artistic, a Talon worth her salt, I dare say you will be missing out if you don't spend the time to have a chat or become a fan of her art." - Julian Steele Fan boy of the Countess of Ink.
  • "Madame Prince Ophelia Valentine may not be a typical rose, but she's definitely one that'll remind you they have thorns. Smart and with enough manners to make an Elder Venture blush...she's probably already ten moves ahead of you, mack." - SOL

  • "She has potential, and her Fire is bright. If only she took a pause from time to time to let things soak in and learn from them. She is so focused on what is ahead of her that she is missing the lesson." - Elijah Smith

OOC Information

Player: Kristina Dorton

Email: wonderfulvenom@gmail.com

Member Number: US2019070029

Domain: EC-VIR-D

Storyteller: Courtney Ridone