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Welcome to the MES Virtual Games!

MES Virtual Website

In addition to traditional live role-playing games, Modern Enigma Society also offers online role-playing options using Discord. Discord is used in Modern Enigma Society for simple in-game channels where player characters send text messages back and forth and for online chat rooms where they can interact in groups both in character and out of character.

For game announcements, we highly recommend joining the Online Gaming Announcement Email server:

Online games are conducted over the internet using built-in Discord bots for challenge resolutions, thereby allowing players from all over the world the chance to role-play together in the same place at the same time with an easy-to-use mechanics system for in character chops.

Getting Connected

The first thing you’ll need to do to get started with Modern Enigma Society on Discord is to set up a Discord account or log in to an existing account . Once you have an account, you can use the web-based version or download the Discord client .

The main Discord server for MES can be found here .

Changeling the Dreaming Venue:

Virtual Dreaming

Masquerade Sabbat Venue:

Virtual Sabbat

13th Hour Masquerade Venue:

Virtual 13th Hour

Apocalypse Venue:

Virtual Apoc

Our Virtual Staff and Emails

Coordinators Staff

National Virtual Coordinator Denise Lilly


ANVC Chief of Staff Jaleen Wallen


ANVC Apocalypse Juanita Nesbitt

ANVC Apoc:

ANVC Masquerade {Empty, Applications being accepted}

ANVC 13th Hour:

ANVC Sabbat {Empty, Applications being accepted}

ANVC Sabbat:

ANVC Dreaming Jai Wallen

ANVC Dreaming:

Storytelling Staff

National Virtual Storyteller Scott Barnes


Mid-level Virtual Storyteller Chris Cole


VST Apocalypse Liam Keptner

VST Apoc

Please send sheets and questions to: Apoc Staff List

VST Dreaming {Empty Applications being accepted}

VST Dreaming:

Please send sheets and questions to: Dreaming Staff List

VST Masquerade Matt Rockhold

VST 13th Hour:

Please send sheets and questions to: Masquerade Staff List

VST Sabbat Chloe Schultz

VST Sabbat:

Please send sheets and questions to: Sabbat Staff List

National Regional Domains discord links

EC Regional Discord Server:

GL Regional Discord Server:

NE Regional Discord Server:

NC Regional Discord Server:

NW Regional Discord Server:

SC Regional Discord Server:

SE Regional Discord Server:

SW Regional Discord Server:


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