Zalman-Rose Makhshayfeh

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Zalman-Rose Makhshayfeh (Retired)
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Zalman-Rose Profile.png

Pronouns She/Her
Clan Tremere
Clan Faction House Goratrix
Sect Independent Alliance
Social Class Pretender Elder
Morality Humanity
Local society Library of the Sixth Worthy
Coterie The Beautiful Ones

Further Information


Zalman-Rose Melamed is an androgynous-femme Tremere usually seen wearing layered black robes frequently adorned with talismans. She has built up a reputation as a solemn figure who approaches most matters with the same gravitas she brings to her Kabbalah practice. Those close to her know that she is actually a deeply passionate individual, and her spirituality and mysticism more than just lenses through which to view Thaumaturgy. They are deeply personal matters liked with her experience of gender, and she sees the powers of the Blood as a means to transcend such limitations. She has started to express this passion more openly in recent years, especially after leaving the Tower and finding herself in the company of the Mirrored Minds.

She frequently accompanied by one or more corvids, much to their displeasure.

  • 1744: Zalman-Rose is born as Selig in a shtetl in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. She proves to be quite studious and are guided towards rabbinical study.
  • 1760s: Finding orthodox Judaism oppressive and stifling, Selig adopts name Zalman-Rose and leaves rabbinical school, becoming a genderqueer Jewish Hedge Witch on the edge of town.
  • 1770s-80s: Under the tutelage of Chava Melamed, Zalman-Rose pursues esoteric studies further, and is eventually ghouled.
  • 1795: Zalman is forced to relocate due to establishment of Pale of Settlement, Chava brings her to the Warsaw Chantry.
  • 1805 - Embraced by Chava.
  • 1800s-early 1900s - Zalman was based out of the Warsaw Chantry during the 19th century, pursuing her studies further. During this time, she traveled the Pale of Settlement collecting rare texts and occult artifacts for safekeeping, while also doing their part to preserve Jewish culture.
    • 1845: Encountered Alena Sokoll during these travels, taking her on as a ghoul and apprentice before eventually embracing her.
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  • 1930s-40s - Zalman-Rose is part of House Melamed's antifascist efforts in WWII, straining their humanity in the process. Their efforts are primarily focused on the Eastern Front, particularly occupied Warsaw.
  • 1944-The Chantry falls when the city is bombed in response to the Warsaw Uprising. Zalman's retaliatory strikes further strain their humanity, and she reluctantly follow the rest of the family to New York City. She joins the Library of the Sixth Worthy and step up as their grandsire's whip, the duty having a stabilizing effect on their humanity.
  • 1976- Zalman ghouls Keshet, then Nadzieja, taking them as an apprentice.
  • 1990s- Zalman-Rose helps force the Sabbat out of Manhattan, while also supporting Virgil Vendicimo and Evangeline Isadora DiBari's continued presence in the city. Also during this time, she gains her now familiar androgynous-femme appearance (and the Appearance focus).
  • 2008- Provided Accounting for Virgil and Evangeline in their bid to formally join the Camarilla.
  • 2009- Participates in Ritual to Save the World in Bangladesh (pending VIP)
  • 2011- The Camarilla's response to the Beckoning elevates Zalman-Rose to Elder status almost 100 years early. She is forced to step down as Tremere Whip, as it is improper for Elders to hold subordinate positions.
  • 2018- Attended Toreador Grand Ball.
  • 2021- Zalman-Rose leaves House Melamed to begin a process of soul-searching and rediscovery, taking up the name Makhshayfeh and aligning herself with the Mirrored Minds. This same process of soul-searching leads her to depart the Tower for the Independent Alliance.


  • "While we may not always agree, I could not have asked for a better broodmate, and I am glad to see them taking good care of Keshet." - Ari Melamed
  • "Ying to my yang? Abbott to my Costello? Fry to my Laurie? Something like that." - Jerry Holiday
  • "They have high standards that I sometimes can reach." - Kenneth Bilge
  • "One of the most important Kindred in the universe, particularly to me. Their destiny is... complex. We'll leave it at that for now." - Agatha Palmerstone
  • Zalman-Rose needs to learn that sometimes being loud is better than being smart." -Bob
  • "How can someone who shares the same hobbies avoid talking about it with me? I'm wounded." ;) Banks
  • "Intriguing. All the more for what they do not say, as well as what they do." - Euphemenion

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OOC Information
Player Zea Sabrina Mitnik
Pronouns She/Her
MES # US2017110040
Domain NY-004-D
Storyteller Emily Lewis