Jahangir Al-Tanin

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Known to the Camarilla Assamite clan logo.png
Name: Jahangir Al-Tanin
Social Class: Elder Banu Haqim
Position: Josian Archon
Title: Steward of Maui
Notable Traits: Appearance Focus, Blue within blue eyes that change with emotion.
Physical Description: "The Bane of the Baali" is a tall handsome man in his mid-thirties, with an athletic build of Amazigh descent whose eyes portray a less aggressive demeanor than his presence, may otherwise suggest, as his features are sharp and hardened with the shadows of his face more pronounced. The highlight of his swarthy look is his blue-within-blue eyes which are filled with both determined focus and warmth. Mostly seen wearing a black long-sleeve shirt, pants, and shoes with a blue sleeveless knee-length coat and a royal-blue Tuareg as a scarf around his neck. The fragrant scent of Moroccan Rose oil and Sandalwood lightly surrounds him. Jahangir is approachable, friendly, and very respectful to others. He is studious and introspective of Haqim’s teachings and his interpretations of them are central to him, as he is always seen carrying a journal. With obvious confidence and calm mien as he speaks, the Elder is always oddly aware of his surroundings.

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Born in the year of 580 CE in the desert outskirts of Marrakech, Morocco, the kindred known as Jahangir Al-Tanin is an Elder and a known Loremaster of his clan. The Warrior who advised and assisted others in times of need is always present, as the Scholar that he has become, levels his temperament when dealing with others. He learned early after his embrace as a Loremaster, what his purpose is. With these principles and being a keeper of esoteric knowledge, he establishes himself to fight the evil forces that would destroy us all. It is rumored that he delved too deep into knowing the vile ones. As a Hunter of them, he is scarred though not so much physically, but deeper within. But most dare not to ask what he has seen and/or experienced by this.

1712294D66FBC81E3ACustomThumbnailSource2CDefault.jpg Through the ages, he is known to Shepherd and mentor those, even at times Elders, who seek him out and Judge those who are deemed to be. For those that know the tale of this Elder, it is said he is seen traveling extensively and known for being able to work with mostly all clans and sects as they were formed through the centuries. As an Amazigh, he has strong ideals and brings these teachings to others, so they can understand him, as Jahangir can be at times puritanical in his beliefs. This known fact from his teachings is one that, bounds him by his honor and respect. Despite being a member of the Sect for only two decades, his quick rise to status and station within is well known, especially all along the West Coast regions. Jahangir is approachable, friendly, and very respectful to others as he speaks with obvious confidence and a calm mien. Most know him as a Lone Wolf, but some call him a friend and ally as they can count on him when needed.

Known Allies and Associates


Genesis- Padawan student to the Elder. The verdict is out if this is a bad Star Wars remake between the two, or chaos in the making of a Tower Elder taking on an anarch Tremere.


  • It is said for a time he was the guardian known as the Blue Dragon of the Sahara.
  • The reason he is so eerily calm, is because he has mastered his Beast, by hunting his most hated enemies.
  • Jahangir remembers before the curse and reflects on it as good times.
  • He's a JINN I tell yeah!
  • Collecting blue-eyed individuals for his own harem.
  • Enjoys a good puff-puff.
  • He may be blessed by Goddesses.
  • Dances with Danger.
  • There may be a fan club devoted to Jahangir who will cut a bitch if anyone looks at Jahangir with longing or other intentions.
  • Better to ask permission than to seek forgiveness.


  • "Whoever fights monsters should see to it, that in the process, he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an Abyss, the Abyss will gaze back into you." - Nietzsche
  • "We do not ask for the lives we are given, but each of us has the right to defend that life. I have fought to defend mine, and when the forces of darkness return, you shall know that I am out there. Fighting to defend yours." - From I Frankenstein
  • "Nothing is true; everything is permitted" - Banu Haqim of Alamut
  • "Respect and honor run deep with this man. A rare treasure in these modern nights." - Genesis
  • "I love watching him smoke his cigars, the smell reminds me of a bright fall day." - Syfa McAdams
  • "Pretty blue eyes, chiseled jawline, mysterious past, dangerous that one, and not just cause he's Banu Haqim." - Kenneth Bilge
  • "Can you handle yourself in a fight? Good, because I’m too pretty to be brawling. Let me just slide up behind you." Revinaka
  • "I am the Tanin, pray that Jahangir never unleashes the Tanin upon his enemies!." Zeke Wylde
  • "Whether you like it or not, I'll always see you. Deny it all you want, you will never be able to unsee me. I may want to throttle you most of the time, but I will make the streets run red with your enemies' blood for you." Katherine Davis
  • "Jann is... complicated. I still haven't figured him out quite yet, and... well, that isn't an issue I have with most people." Alice Vermeer
  • "He is very wise and respectful. It's clear that he has lived through many experiences throughout his years." Meir Cohen
  • "You won't find a more honorable person, nor a more stalwart and loyal friend." Jericho
  • "I couldn't have asked for a more noble mentor who keeps me on my toes with action and word." Aaren Storm
  • "He is very kind and very merciful. And his words make me want to seek out more." Elizabeth
  • “When the brightest of blue eyes land on me, I can feel the warmth of the sun shining on my skin again.” Katherine Davis
  • "The good Elder is...not wrong." SOL
  • "This Creature traveled with the Elder. He judged this Creature worthy of redemption. This Creature learned much from stories he shared in those dark desert nights." - Creature
  • "Judge, Shepard, and Patron to the Arts. One would do well to catch his favor." Victor Croix

OOC Information

Player: Kevin M.
MES Number: US2017100152
Region: Southwest
Domain: Hawaii 5.OH
VSS: Blood In Paradise