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Conclave of Miami

  • In 2014 the Justicars of the Camarilla called for a Conclave to take place in Miami, Florida. Kindred from around the world came to party and politic. At this Conclave, Molly MacDonald, a relatively unknown ancilla of Clan Nosferatu is named Justicar with the near-unanimous support of her Clan. Luminary Elder Caderyn Cathal is the first of the Nosferatu to publicly offer support for Justicar MacDonald and wishes her the best of luck in the representation of the Nosferatu to the Justicariate. Mertin Puttkamer is also seen congratulating Her Grace for her ascendence. O is kicked out of the Conclave for trying to badger Fatima al Faqadi into a duel. She politely declined 5 times. Hours later sporting a deep wound in his side he claimed to have fought her to a tie. This cannot be confirmed. This is when security asked him to leave. Elder Jahangir Al-Tanin was also spotted in attendance, maybe, just after O returned.

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