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Conclave of Havana

  • In 2015 the Justicars of the Camarilla called for a Conclave to take place in Havana, Cuba. Kindred from across the globe came to party and politic. The Samedi Bloodline petition for acknowledgment within the Camarilla. Luminary Elder Caderyn Cathal pushes heavily to sway others to accept the Samedi to the Camarilla, citing the value that the addition of Necromancy could provide in defense against the Independent Alliance if they utilize the dead to spy upon the Tower. The Luminary's arguments only seem to sway more kindred against the acknowledgment of the Necromancers and the Samedi petition is denied. Unsurprising to Elder Jahangir Al-Tanin, who was also in attendance, Fatima al Faqadi of the Banu Haqim is placed in charge of the Josian Archons by Justicar Tegyrius.

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