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Character Information

Name: SOL

Clan: Nosferatu

Sect: Camarilla

Position: Seneschal of the Domain of Hawaii

Social Status: Ancilla, as the Machiavellian Prodigy of Luminary Architect Cathal

Morality: Humanity

Lineage: The Librarians

Faction: The Average Jo's


SOL wears a grey suit and matching fedora, a khaki raincoat, and a white dress shirt with loosely-worn tie. Overall, his appearance and mannerisms suggest an early-to-mid-20th century air. While he tends toward silent observation, SOL carries himself with confidence and a keen sense of his surroundings. He just always be there. Quick to express courtesy through quiet gesture, he is known to nervously tap his fingers, gnaw on the occasional worn cigar, and lean into a favored corner. SOL speaks with a deep raspy voice and looses the occasional cough, reminiscent of a foul breeze driving wet phlegm across a rusty cheese-grater.


  • 1945 - Embraced in Honolulu, HI
  •  ???? - Founding Member of The Average Jo’s
  • 2010 - Chosen as Nosferatu Primogen
  • 2012 - Leads The Wipe on the West Coast & Hawaii; successfully denies other groups access to SchrekNet equipment & information
  • 2012 - Appointed Keeper of Elysium
  • 2021 - Resigns as Keeper of Elysium and assumes role as Seneschal of Hawaii


SOL is nothing if not Nosferatu. A jack of all trades and master of a few, the Neonate’s skills and talents unsurprisingly slant toward stereotypical Nosferatu strengths. Despite being “only" a Neonate by generation, he has risen to Ancilla by way of Luminay Architect Caderyn Cathal’s mentorship. With a penchant for subtlety, he values Humanity and has a reputation as a uniter. He works across Sect lines, dependably gets things done efficiently and quietly, and calmly holds his own in the most challenging and diverse of situations. Notably, his generally quiet and unassuming demeanor shifts when asked for an opinion or faced with inexcusable dumbassery. Somewhat annoying, though occasionally useful, most have trouble remembering many details about him and records are not-so-coincidentally lost or corrupted. Those paying closer attention know SOL is always watching, and always listening.


  • Library of Alexandria...that's what this man's information network is.


  • "Perhaps..." - SOL
  • "Dick Tracy has nothing on SOL. When you need something done right, you just call SOL, end of story." - Aaren Storm
  • "Truly a representation of if you take all the rumors and beliefs of what a Nosferatu is and give him a Dick Tracy vibe. If you need information, pull, dirt on people, or actions done, this is your Nosferatu. Polite and respectful as well. Truly a Nos's Nos." - Zeke Wylde
  • "One of the best sources you'll ever find. I've never met a truer Kindred." - Ophelia Valentine
  • "THIS one I have to find a way to remember." - Kennedy
  • "How the /--\ does he know that?" - Pallid
  • "In possession of a valuable perspective on a variety of topics. I enjoy each and every conversation we share." - Cyrus

OOC Information

Player: Nate H

Member Number: US2005086180


Domain: Hawaii 5.OH

ST Email: