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So you want to play with fire....

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Orchard Falls and Wine Shop:



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Character Information


Name: Genesis

Clan: Tremere

Faction: House Carna

Neonate Appears 24

Sect Anarch Revisionist Security Operative via Technomancy

Pirate Yes..never playing cards again.

Orientation Bisexual Demiromantic

Personality Do you like to play with fire? He's witty, cunning, playful on one hand, and can flip the switch and be deadly serious when threats arise that need tactical planning and execution done. He's definitely an enabler able to read a room if need be to inspire creativity or spark new debate. Genesis can be incredibly loving and affectionate, but not just anyone will see this side of him. His lovers and people he has accepted as part of his family most often enjoy these moments but they can be rare and fleeting. At best he's the embodiment of Toreador passion for the arts and culture merged with the Sorcery of the Tremere. Prepare to be entertained....

Notable Traits:

  • Bright Red hair and brilliant blue eyes are the most notable features along with a long silver earring in his left ear.
  • Outfits vary from leather pieces with a gem stone wrist bracer, to formal suits pending the occasion as well as mixing up his hair style.



  • Born in 1849 to a wealthy religious family in France who owned enough land to own a vineyard.
  • His education consisted of private tutors of business, religion, and the arts with hopes he would settle into the clergy. Yet all that changed when to boy took to music and science instead.
  • Genesis caught the eye of an Apollo Toreador at a high class event due to his music affinity. He was offered an apprenticeship to study music further as a ghoul.
  • 1873 His life changed at a kindred salon when his Regnant and Sire to be arranged a business deal to transfer his ownership leading to embrace within the Tremere.
  • 1873-1950 found him drifting around the world studying the developing science of chemistry and botany along with furthering his occult studies. He's known to have requested the education of several well known elders. His most treasured being Elder Chava.
  • 1905-1921 He's convinced to join a pirate crew where he begins to assemble his future wealth.
  • 1930 he arrives on Harmony Island setting up a business of an Orchard/Vineyard as a staging ground for other business ventures among various other cities.
  • 1980 Genesis finds himself drawn to the new developing field of information technology of computer programing. He begins studies in the path of Techomancy which turns into a rather lucrative business as a security operative handling Masquerade issues and information extraction across several cities.
  • 1990 Genesis expands on his business learning how to be a mixologist bartender. His knowledge of chemistry/botany along with standard drink recipe experiments opens a new door for information trade and art as his bar style service becomes a welcome addition to any city he visits.
  • Late 2018, After the Fall of Vienna and clan split, Genesis leaves the Camarilla to join the Anarchs viewing the group better suited for his modern skill with technology to deal with the rise of Hunter concerns Nationwide.
  • Present day Genesis occupies his time either handling security issues, bartending, or perhaps seen as musical back up for various performers. One never knows where he may be next.

Business Owned

750px-Orchard falls front sub division sandblasted community sign with gold leaf classic signs nc800x600.jpg
  • Orchard Falls is a local and tourist destination for organic grown fruits, vegetables, jams, herbs, honey, and spices.
  • The area also has a vineyard where Genesis markets his own wine brand.
  • A wine sampling bar is present for those looking for a taste of culture with a nearby stage area for local musicians to meet up and play.

Tradition Of Magical Research

200px-ON-skill-Fire Rune.png 28488 d950.png

  • Alchemy
  • New Age Crystals
  • Roman Goddess Minerva: Goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, strategic warfare, commerce, weaving, and the crafts.

Skills for Hire

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  • Security Operative known to possess Technomancy.
  • Bartending social engagements or performances.
  • Investigation/Troubleshooting
  • Academics: Chemistry and Botany

Rumors, Gossip, Secrets, Oh My!

  • As a Bartender he tends to know a good amount of people so if you need something, he's bound to point you in the right direction.
  • He is apart of the blue-eyed harem.
  • He's an infiltrator sent by the Toreador to find out the secrets of House Carna.
  • He is actually a Member in the Towers Inner Circle.



  • "Busy, busy, busy." - Zoltan Vancura
  • "I'll admit he makes good drinks, still a damned Tremere though." Zeke Wylde
  • "Are you certain that is just grapes in the wine? He WAS in my garden where I grow the nightshade after all..." - Ava_Rothstein
  • "Interesting individual to say the least. He is as good behind the screens as I am behind the wheel." Rabbit
  • "This guy is trying real hard to be a bad influence. He's going to get me into so much trouble..." Ivy Lynne Gatwood
  • "I owe Genesis quite a lot; though, I do wish he'd been kind enough to keep me from that debacle in New Orleans. It was absolutely dreadful." Alice Vermeer
  • "I love Gen! He's my... second favorite Tremere! What? Really? That's a shame... he's my first favorite Tremere!" "El" Bisset-Caesarea
  • "Tremere make me nervous for the most part but Genesis is different. He's really nice and very easy to talk to. I don't feel nervous around him." Khloe Fox
  • "I always find myself saying to him that I can't do my bartender like that." - Hari
  • "He makes fun drinks." - Kenneth Bilge
  • "I haven't yet decided to not remove their head from their shoulders." - Durendal
  • "I do hope we can get along, Genesis." - Banks
  • "His move away from the Tower is regrettable, an outstanding Technomancer and security expert, an asset to any Domain that lets him and his group in." - Miguel Cantone
  • Laughs at Miguel's comment "Yeah he has "LEFT" the "TOWER". Elijah Smith
  • "Genesis is one I know I can trust when the world is missing pieces. He helps me refind my balance." - Syfa McAdams
  • “Genesis-?” There was a subtle pause after the stated name, long fingers outstretched to run a fingertip around the rim of his teacup, the sweet residue soon licked away when said fingertip rose to lips. A smile akin to a simper crosses his expression, white hair tousling into his line of vision; “He is quite the h a n d s o m e chap, do you not think? So very well e d u c a t e d ”- Lover
  • "In the beginning there was a Genesis....sorry I bet he hates that joke. He always knows how to keep a guy's supply of vitae on tap. If Kindred had an app for that I would give him five stars." Meir Cohen
  • "This darling male of interest has particular talents and/or connections for making underground parties of legend happen somehow. I greatly appreciate Genesis for all they do." Revinaka
  • "one of my Favorite Anarchs, he is wasted outside of the tower"James Alexander Fairweather
  • "Genesis is the quintessential busy body, kinda like a shark that can't stop swimming or it'll die. But if he considers you an ally and a friend, you can bet he'll drop everything to help out"Jericho
  • "All the right skills. All the right actions. All the right timing. It is no wonder he holds such power and sway. I feel honored and even privileged to have him by my side." Jahangir Al-Tanin
  • "This dude is the inspiration both for the band of the same name, but also their hit song Invisible Touch. His Em Oh Tee Em reaches in, and slowly tears you apart." - Craig
  • "You know what they say about birds of a feather, it's rare to meet a kindred who thinks on the same wavelength as you. A helluva bartender and a helluva magician, it's a pity he doesn't imbibe responsibly now and again though..." - Luna LaVey
  • "Imagine you were at Kitty Hawk and over the following century you master engineering and piloting. You now have a learjet -- and then everyone in the Tower decides they'd rather travel via galleon. That's what happened to Father." - Z

Elegant Sin

Genesis smelled like expensive cologne and arson; tasted like the sweet wine he created. All-encompassing, nearly overwhelming, completely intoxicating. He was beautiful in the way orchids were, elegant and almost unreal in his perfection — all the more reason I enjoyed watching the redhead come apart beneath me. {Lover}

OOC Information

Player: Mindy Kolp


Member Number: Us2002034157

St email:

Bartender Sorcery:

Witch's Heart

Death's Caress

Fireball Shot



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Baby Yoda





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