Alice Vermeer

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Alice Vermeer
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Pronouns She/Her
Clan Caitiff
Sect Anarch
Social Class Neonate
Morality Humanity

Further Information


• April, 1986: Alice Vermeer is born in the borough of Camden in London, UK.

• November, 2007: Alice is Embraced by her sire and forced into a full blood bond with him. This, coupled by heavy use of Dominate, keeps her under his control as a tool and reliable source of Kindred blood for his "unique" palette.

• January, 2011: Alice escapes her sire with the assistance of Genesis and the Anarch Railroad. They make several stops in Louisiana before eventually reaching Harmony Island, where Alice sets up a new home.

• 2012: Alice joins the local initiative creating the Columbia Development Group as an administrator for the organization, helping with economic data and event management.

• 2013: Alice attends the Finnie Ball with Genesis, and meets a Lasombra named Hari. After some conversation, Hari ends up taking Alice into the Abyss with them, disappearing from the gathering.

• June, 2019: Alice meets Cassandra Apollo during a Camarilla Gathering, and agrees to offer loyalty to House Apollo for two years, starting January 2021.

• October, 2020: Alice helps organize the "Not Palla Grande" event in Detroit alongside local Kindred. During this time she also discovers that her sire lied to her, and that she is actually a caitiff.

• November, 2020: Due to caitiff not being welcome in the Camarilla, Alice moves to join the Anarchs on Harmony Island, purchasing new property in Allentowne.


She was released by Clan Tremere even before she knew of them, because her inner power scares them.

She may be an experiment from Tremere, but she isn't alone. One experiment has taken notice of her and keeps watch.
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  • "An angel, a wonderful editor, and the sweetest kindred I know. Her presence is a blessing and her screams are delicious." - Hari
  • "Awwww, she's an adorable and strong woman who enjoys a good glass of port! Wonderful company I must say." - Luna LaVey
  • "Alice is awesome, really an overall solid kindred. You fuck with her and if Hari doesn't get you I guarantee you I will!." - Zeke Wylde
  • "Alice is a very pleasant person! I see her around all the time. She is good people." - Meir Cohen
  • "Doesn’t matter who hurt you, or broke you down, what matters is who made you smile again.” - Revinaka
  • "She is a pleasant enigma that I am still trying to understand. One thing I do know, do not be fooled by her beauty and innocence. I have seen what lays underneath and learned to respect it." - Jahangir Al-Tanin
  • "I am told this one is a...Cinnamon roll. Not sure why we call her food, but that is what it is." - Durendal

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OOC Information
Player Cora Holiman
Pronouns She/Her
MES # US2019060017
Domain EC-VIR-D
Storyteller Adam Smith