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Region: Northeast Region

Domain: NY-004-D

Venue Storyteller: Errol L.

Discord channel: here


New York City has been central to Kithain history for hundreds of years, home to the site of Goblin Town, a mighty Freehold founded in the 1600’s by commoner colonials and home to the final battles of the Accordance war, the march of the Troll Brigades and the rise of High King David, and the home of the Winter Palace, King David’s winter residence and second capital of the Kingdom of Concordia. It is also the site of crimes committed, beginning with the theft of the land from the native peoples, the death curse of David’s predecessor King Daffyl slain by a cold iron dagger in the back, and the tyranny and madness of Baron Cadmium Red, the former leader of Goblin Town.

The onset of Endless Winter has wrought changes, with David’s death, the fall of both Freeholds and the rise of a new generation of Kithain ready to take up the mantle of the Dreaming’s wardens of the City that Never Sleeps, to become the new Pillars of New York.

VSS Document: The Pillars of New York


County of Manna Hatta: The island of Manhattan, and nearby environs.

Barony of Turtle Bay: Eastern Midtown Manhattan.

The Freehold of Turtle Bay: A members-only private club dedicated to the occult, paraphenomenology, and esoterica, located within a New York City bookstore and old speakeasy. Contains a Balefire.

Barony of Long Island: Based in the Mickey Finn's Roadhouse out in long island, this Freehold has been taken over by exiled Kithain.

Barony of North Brother Island: The site of a long-abandoned quarantine hospital, this area has been taken over by assorted nasties.


Unofficial player-compiled history: CIA Factbook - Freehold of Turtle Bay

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