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Region: Northeast Region

Domain: NY-004-D

Venue Storyteller: Errol L.

Discord channel: here


New York City has been central to Kithain history for hundreds of years, home to the site of Goblin Town, a mighty Freehold founded in the 1600’s by commoner colonials and home to the final battles of the Accordance war, the march of the Troll Brigades and the rise of High King David, and the home of the Winter Palace, King David’s winter residence and second capital of the Kingdom of Concordia. It is also the site of crimes committed, beginning with the theft of the land from the native peoples, the death curse of David’s predecessor King Daffyl slain by a cold iron dagger in the back, and the tyranny and madness of Baron Cadmium Red, the former leader of Goblin Town.

The onset of Endless Winter has wrought changes, with David’s death, the fall of both Freeholds and the rise of a new generation of Kithain ready to take up the mantle of the Dreaming’s wardens of the City that Never Sleeps, to become the new Pillars of New York.

VSS Document: The Pillars of New York


County of Manna Hatta: From the Catskills in the West, to the tip of Long Island in the East.

Barony of Turtle Bay: Manhattan Island.

Barony of Long Island: Based in the Mickey Finn's Roadhouse out in Long Island.

Barony of North Brother Island: The site of a long-abandoned quarantine hospital, this area has been taken over by assorted nasties.

Goblin Town: A vast machine / city / burrow taking up Downtown Manhattan, centered on the Chrysler Building. Presently malfunctioning, presumed uninhabitable, and produces all sorts of fun stuff, like rampaging Chimera, deadly traps, and broken-down Nocker gear. Enter at your own risk.

The Freehold of Turtle Bay

Main page: The Freehold of Turtle Bay

Situated on the site of one of the city’s many “Secret Libraries”; a members only private club dedicated to the occult, paraphenomenology, and esoterica called The Bookstore, the Baronial seat is the center to Kithain social life in the City.

In addition to the aforementioned library, the club has a history of having been a speakeasy during prohibition, and the bar itself, accessible through one of the library’s shelves, still does lively business for Kithain and their human guests.

Location: An old bookstore / speakeasy in Eastern Midtown Manhattan.

Also Known As: The Speakeasy, The Library Speakeasy.

Freehold Type: Balefire Level 3.

Borders: The Barony of Turtle Bay claims the territory of Manhattan Island, and the full extent of Goblin Town. Possession of a part of Goblin Town located on Roosevelt Island is disputed by the Barony of Seadrake Hall.


Balefire Guardians

  • A sewer gator in a pinstripe suit with a Browning Automatic Rifle.
  • A spiderfolk gun moll.
  • Sal E. Mander, a red anthropomorphic lizard wearing chimerical Italian suits and speaking like James Cagney... concussed and on heavy medication. Think Joe Pesci with a slightly more prickly disposition but better fashion sense.


  • 1626 - Peter Minuet "purchases" the island of Manna Hatta from the Lenape, starting the history of its European colonization.
  • 1646 - First European Kithain residents arrive. Captain Hendrick Hudson and a crew of Pooka settle in and take responsibility for the island.
  • 1664 - Doctor Zachary Tapp takes over the island from Captain Hudson, and lays down the foundations of Goblin Town. Hudson and his crew travel inland and disappear.
  • 1970 - Night of the Iron Knives and the start of the Accordance War.
  • Dec. 25, 1973 - Jan. 1, 1974 - The Manhattan Campaign, also known as the Battle of Manhattan. High King Daffyl is assassinated, and High King David ascends the throne.
  • 1973 - High King David holds court in one of his family holdings, now the Winter Palace.
  • 2004? Or 2008? - Coinciding with the coming of Winter and the death of High King David, Goblin Town falls to the suddenly rampaging Chimerae. Whether the attack was due to the coming of Winter, or was the result of deliberate sabotage, still remains to be confirmed. The date is uncertain, due to temporal distortions that followed the breakdown of an immense magical clockwork mechanism.
  • Jan. 1, 2014 - The new Freehold of Turtle Bay is founded, following a quest to retrieve its Balefire from Goblin Town.
  • Dec. 20, 2020 - High Regent Mielge holds court at the Winter Garden, pronouncing the dissolution of Concordia's monarchies and throwing the Kithain nation into chaos.
  • Spring 2021 - Raiding Kithain from Long Island launch first attacks against the Freehold.
  • Jul. 17, 2021 - Battle of Unicorn Grove. Turtle Bay forces lure the Raiders into open confrontation. The Raiders' leader, the Redcap Jenny Redteeth, reveals herself.
  • Sept. - Oct. 2012 - In a massed attack, the Raiders storm Mickey Finn's Roadhouse, capturing several of its members and laying siege to the holdouts. Turtle Bay responds with a protracted campaign of terror and psychological warfare.
  • Oct. 23, 2021 - On Samhain Night, the Wyld Hunt rides. The Kithain of Turtle Bay relieve the besieged Roadhouse and claim the head of Jenny Redteeth. At the same time, a force of Goblins armed with cold iron storm the Freehold under the command of Jenny's presumed benefactors. They almost succeed in reaching the Balefire, but are held back at the cost of several lives. They retreat into Goblin Town in good order, after inflicting devastating damage to the Freehold. The Unseelie leadership of the Freehold swears terrible vengeance; in a grisly nod to All Hallow's Eve, the Freehold is decorated with Thallain heads placed on spikes.

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