Edwin Devonshire

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Edwin Devonshire
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Mortal Name Edward Atwater
Pronouns He/ him
Kith Selkie
Court Shadow Court
Court Faction Purist
Seeming Eidolon
Title Baron
House House Ailil

Further Information

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Devonshire is always stylishly clad. with colors generally favoring the black and silver of his House. He wears a patch over his left eye, lost to cold iron in the Accordance War. In counterpoint to his fashionable dress, a utilitarian rapier with a spiraling copper hilt and a scabbard of battered leather is nearly always at the selkie's side, unless court protocols dictate that he go unarmed. But those who get close enough to either smell the salt breeze that lingers about him, or shiver at the occasional chill that permeates the air may realize that even without steel in hand, the Baron is far from weaponless.
His coat of arms, Azure a ford a tower argent in fess point striking it from chief sinister a lightning bolt or bendwise sinister , tells some of his story, but for those curious, they can always ask the Baron directly.

  • 1958 - Edward Atwater is born in Devon, England a county bounded by the English Channel to the south and the Bristol to the north. His father was Richard Atwater, and his mother was Rush, a selkie whose coat Edward eventually inherited - but before his mother passed.
  • 1959 - The Atwaters move to New England. supposedly for a job opportunity of Richard's.
  • 1961 - Edward goes through Chrysalis.
  • 1964 - Edward goes from Foundling to Errant and begins calling himsel Edwin Devonshire, after his home.
  • 1968 - Edwin is elevated to Squire in recognition of his actions when his group was attacked by a pack of maddened chimera during a hunt. He saved a noblewoman of House Ailil and earned thier attention.
  • 1969- Devonshire matures to the seeming of Wilder, gaining both confidence and responsibility.
  • 1972 - The selkie joins the accordance war, fighting on the side of the commoners - not as much as he believes in their cause as he has little desire to see the Sidhe establish themselves as the de facto rulers of the Fae. But the Night of Knives rankles him, and he knows it a horrible waste. He is knighted this year for valor in battle.
  • 1973 - Devonshire loses his left eye to a cold iron bolt from a Sidhe assassin. He stalks his assailant and kills them with that same bolt. He makes it most of the way back to camp before collapsing. He lives, but the eye is beyond hope.
  • 1975 - Edwin is made a Baron and given a charter to Paumanok Island by a Countess of House Scathach. It is rumored that the Countess perished with so many others in the Deep Dreaming with David Ardry, but who she was and how she had a title to Long Island remains unknown.
  • 1990 - The Baron moves to New York City. By this time both of his parents have passed naturally, and he retains ownership of the home. He eventually makes his way to the Freehold of Turtle Bay, where he currently resides as a guest of Klaus von Teutoberg.
  • 2021 - Devonshire proves mettle in various arenas - first by being victorious in a drinking competition hosted by Klaus von Teutoberg as part of his challenge to retain authority over Turtle bay , and secondly by being the last one standing in the brawl at the Beltane celebration in Minneapolis. This second feat earned him the title of *Champion*, a mantle he will bear until May Day of 2022. In the recent Battle of the Roadhouse, the valiant forces of Turtle Bay and their allies took the field against Jenny Redteeth - a field that they chose through attrition, manipulation, and dedication. Facing off against cold iron sniper fire, the inhuman bladework of the vile Rat Breath, and a pair of titanic ettins, Turtle Bay were the victors. At a critical moment when Jenny sneered that those gathered against her could either apprehend her or save the hostages she held - Princess Alexandra and Baron Tiamat - Devonshire struck. The redcap was quickly ensnared in ice and blinded by a stream of frost.

2022 - Devonshire disappears from public view. His current whereabouts are unknown.

  • The Baron was to take part in a Shadow Court ritual to ignite a Samhain balefire that could have ended in a sacrifice of an American Legend.. a Legend that owns the Baron a favor
  • At the Lughnasadh gala oneyear, Devonshire had the first dance of the evening with then-Queen Kiara Knightly., and since then regular letters were delivered by Devonshire's loyal kinain to the Duchess' compound. One of the more recent missives contained an oath..but which?
  • During the Winter Ball, Devonshire received both an invitation for drinks with the High Regent and a phone number from the Princess of Concordia. Exactly how well connected is this man?
  • A certain group of Seelie frustrated the Baron one night, and now he hunts for more information on them. But who, and exactly what they did, no one is willing to say.
  • There have been several years of tension between Baron Devonshire and the Tyrant of Turtle Bay, Klaus von Teutoburg. Is the selkie looking to usurp the usurper? Are their other, darker factors between them? Does it have to do with the mission below that resulted in the Balefire of the Freehold being kindled? What happened down there, anyway..
  • A group of Goblin Town servitor chimera were torn apart and partially eaten on the Baron's very doorstep. He has taken the event personally.
  • The bastard punched out a unicorn. Can you believe it?
  • A short while ago a number of witnesses saw the baron , in order to dispose of some bloody evidence, cause a gas-filled trailer to be struck with three bolts of lightning. They struck within moments of one another, causing a thunderous explosion to echo for miles. Anything in that trailer, living or dead, was instantly ash and memory. If the Baron had wanted some uncomfortable things - or persons - disposed of, then he did so most effectively.

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(to Duchess Kiara, when asked how he knew of her fondness for Disney animation ) ""It could be I listened, it could be my skill as a soothsayer is better than I realized, or a seagull could have lectured me on this topic three hours past. Who can say?"
(After killing the Sidhe archer that took out his eye with cold iron, by stabbing them with the same quarrel he'd been shot with) "Looks like you've got a bit of Selkie blood in you. Normally, I'd just say it isn't fatal, but in your case..." (to a hapless lackey who nearly pulled a gun on Devonshire during a conversation.) "Before we go forward, know that if you draw that gun, my most immediate concern will be were to send the weregild to recognize your passing.." shortly the Baron rose to leave. "And go find yourself a cup of tea, or something. You are far too tense."

  • "At first, a shadowy, mysterious stranger brought into my field of view during Samhain. And now a good friend, yet still shadowy and mysterious. With Baron Devonshire, you can bet there's always more going on than you can see." - Erzulie Daniels
  • "Baron Devonshire. Your injury is the result of a warcrime, and apologize for every time I made light of it." - Klaus von Teutoburg, shortly before the Battle at the Roadhouse.
  • "Show 'em young un's how it's done!" (Klaus von Teutoburg to Devonshire after his victory at the Beltane drinking competition.)

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OOC Information
CoA devonshire ach.png
Player Robert Ferguson
Pronouns He/Him
MES # US2015030026
Domain MA-003-D
Storyteller Errol Logan

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