Elspeth Blackwood

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Elspeth Blackwood
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Pronouns She/Her
Kith Sluagh
Court Unseelie Court
Seeming Errant
Title Esquire
Freehold The Freehold of Turtle Bay
Position(s) Keeper of the Black Books (Scribe)

Further Information


Elspeth is a tall, pale girl who wears laced black blouses and skirts paired with wide brimmed hats. She is always accompanied by a large centipede named Briar, and carries with her a star-covered notebook and pen set.

  • 1986: Born in NYC. As a child, finds fascination in things others find disturbing, particularly bugs and other creepy-crawlies. Despite the best efforts of her mother to steer her toward more palatable fixations, visits to the school counselor for a disturbing art project are not uncommon.
  • 2003: Elspeth has her chrysalis . Initially joins Seelie court, finding the court's structured nature appealing.
    • Soon after her chrysalis, out-of-touch Sidhe award a squiredom to the Sluagh in a misguided attempt to honor the kith, Sluagh Elders decide the easiest way to get them to go away is to volunteer the new girl for the position, so Elspeth is appointed as squire to Sir Gwyndon.
  • 2004: Observers note that Elspeth is beyond distraught when Baroness Alexandria goes missing after departing in search of the stolen Winter Palace balefire. She begins to drift away from the Seelie court, finding it uncomfortably stifling. Eventually, she becomes one of the last to change courts before the fall of winter.
  • 2006: Attended Titan's crowning as High Oracle of Apples (regional historical game). Titan prophesied that she would do great things and gave her a notebook and pen.
  • 2008: Meets Klaus von Teutoburg after the fall of Goblin Town, and Libitina Breathstiller around the same time. The three form a rather villainous motley.
    • The formation of this motley seems to have somehow been a catalyst for Elspeth switching courts - despite having happened four years later by mortal perceptions of time.
  • 2010: Attended Beltane party (ONE Spring) - participates in founding mission of the "Order of the Book"
    • Elspeth meets Erzulie Daniels when she starts hanging around Klaus. She becomes a frequent attendee at Erzulie's raves, even though it's not actually her kind of the music and she hides in the back corner the entire time.
  • 2014: Participates in the Goblin Town Expedition to claim a balefire spark, advanced to Errant Seeming when swearing an oath on the Unseelie Code to help the Ghastly. Somehow ends up on the newly formed Freehold Council.
  • 2018: Lughnasadh party (ONE summer) - Order of the Book 2.0. Participated in the chase and capture of a murderer, won his severed head. The head became a prop in a *very* loose re-imagining of the incident as an immersive theater experience - a show which caught some attention for Elsepth in certain circles.
  • October 2020: Samhain party (MESCOnline) - Outwitted/impressed/befriended? the Sphynx.
  • December 2020: Brief showing at the Yule ball (national winter event). Already frazzled from arriving late, so upon hearing from Erzulie that Titan (and the other monarchs, but Elspeth has priorities) had been stripped of their Title by Melige, she had a panic attack and slipped away under the cover of Skulduggery.
  • 2021: Adopts another pet, a Chimerical spider by the name of Thorn.

Elspeth is shy and socially awkward even by Sluagh standards, and tends to tug at the brim when uncomfortable as if trying to hide under her hat. Despite this, she has a strong creative streak, putting great efforts into designing immersive theater, haunted houses, escape rooms, and other opportunities to give her more eccentric interests a chance to shine. She's a talented seer, but is primarily known in for her fascination with bugs, and tends to fixate on the number of legs creatures have.

Character Inspirations

  • Wednesday Adams
  • Lydia Deetz
  • Entrapta
  • Due to strange temporal patterns in the local Dreaming, Elspeth appears to have experienced the entire period of 2004-2008 as one long year, with the chronology of events therein rather uncertain.
    • Attempts to measure Elspeth's age consistently indicate that she's 4 years younger than she should be.

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  • "The source of wonder and horror is the same, and the boundary between them thinner than you would think." - Klaus von Teutoburg, Tyrant of Turtle Bay, quoting the Dread Empress Sanguinia I.
  • "I am prouder of her than she knows, even if her path has taken her to a darker place than I would wish. She is strong enough for the journey, and I must simply trust that it is so." - Iris Argiope

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OOC Information
Player Zea Sabrina Mitnik
Pronouns She/Her
MES # US2017110040
Domain NY-004-D
Storyteller Errol Logan