Erzulie Daniels

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Erzulie Daniels
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Fae Name Erzulie
Pronouns She/Her
Kith Eshu
Court Unseelie Court
Seeming Errant
Freehold The Freehold of Turtle Bay
Position(s) The Tyrant's Voice (Bard)

Further Information


A very striking raver - usually dressed in baggy cargo pants, and a tight crop top or ringer t-shirt. She usually has white goggles with pink lenses sitting on her forehead like a hairband. She tends to wear heavy smokey eyeshadow and dark eyeliner. On her wrists and forearms are a ridiculous number of bead bracelets in all sorts of color patterns.
Hair dyed pink and baby blue.
Other techno enthusiasts will recognize her as an internationally known DJ. (Fame 1)
She is extremely friendly and outgoing, very street-smart, but almost recklessly unfiltered in her speech and behavior. She always carries small baubles and candies to give out to people wherever she goes.

  • 1985 - Born
  • 2005 - Leaves home, begins travelling
  • 2008 - Chrysalis
  • 2010 - Moves to NYC. Meets Klaus - Hijinks ensue.
  • 2012 - Crystal Egg Affair. Klaus and Erzulie swipe a minor Treasure from another Freehold, get pursued by a Seelie Sidhe investigator (PC from another domain). Hijinks ensue, again.
  • 2014 - Raid on Goblin Town
  • 2020 - Kingdoms dissolved, SantaCon Rescue Mission.
  • 2021 - Chimera parade battle. Chimera preserve established.
  • 2021 - Road trip with Klaus - She begins to understand the Satyr way on a deeper level. Hijinks go without saying. (See story attachments - Devil In The Shotgun Seat and Two Against Nature)

Born in Tel Aviv to an Arab Father and a Jewish Mother, she left Israel at age 20 and changed her name, as well as other aspects of her identity, then began travelling around the world to various Trance/Rave parties.
Chrysalized at a full moon party in Goa, India, at age 23. She started taking up DJing and became fairly well renowned among the minimal techno and trance scenes, though she's also been known to spin goth, industrial or house if the mood strikes her.
Made NYC her home base at age 25. Aided Baron Klaus in the raid on Goblin Town and the subsequent takeover of the NYC Freehold. She became very close to the Baron and serves as The Tyrant's Voice (Bard) to this day.

Musical and Vibe Reference:
Fernanda Martins - Techno to Hard Techno



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  • "I've visited plenty of places, but Erzulie does way more than just visit. She can feel a place, its beat, and channel it too." - Jesse du Pont
  • "Should Erzulie's first instinct be to think with her head a little bit more, and with her... other valuable assets a little bit less, she would be truly priceless. But, she wouldn't be Erzulie any other way." - Klaus von Teutoburg, Tyrant of Turtle Bay.
  • "I've known Miss Daniels only briefly, but her skills and intelligence were evident in very short order. Saying she'll go far is redundant.. she is an Eshu, after all.. but I put no limits on the heights she could attain." - Edwin Devonshire
  • "Um, well..." *bites lip* "Erzulie is..." *blushes* "...umm. She's a good DJ. Yeah." - Elspeth Blackwood

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OOC Information
Player Anna Morgenstern
Pronouns She/Her
MES # US2020070033
Domain NY-004-D
Storyteller Errol L.