Hector Connelly

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Hector Connelly
Troll.PNGSeelie Court.PNG
Fae Name Uhtric Magni
Pronouns He/him/his
Kith Troll
Court Seelie Court
Seeming Wilder
Freehold The Freehold of Turtle Bay

Further Information


Hector Connelly is, by all appearances, an average looking mortal 33-year old man, who dresses in jeans, tank tops, and unbuttoned collared shirts. However, other kithain can see the blue markings under his eyes, the series of horns on his forehead, and the strength in his arms and shoulders. In his full face main, a long dusty jacket hangs on his shoulders, marking him as a formerly proud and honorable warrior. Soft spoken, and followed by lightning bugs, grief weighs him down.

  • 1958 - Hector Connelly is born in Nebraska as Haley Connelly.
  • 1976 - Hector moves to NYC and begins transition.
  • May 1980 - Hector undergoes Chrysalis, and begins going by Uhtric Magni.
  • June 1980 - Uhtric meets Verrin Gregory, and they quickly become an unbreakable pair.
  • 1991 - Uhtric becomes an Errant.
  • 2000 - Uhtric notices that his aging had stopped.
  • 2004 - Uhtric and Verrin fight, and Verrin disappears during the chaos in Goblin Town. Uhtric falls into a depression, isolates, and refuses Glamour until he loses memory of the Dreaming.
  • 2018 - Another Kithain finds Hector and provides him Glamour. His memories return, he refuses to yet return to Changeling society.
  • September 2021 - After some convincing, Hector visits the Freehold in NYC.

In 1976, Hector Connelly, born Haley, at age 18, left his family’s farm in Nebraska and hitchhiked his way to New York City.

This wasn’t particularly surprising - Hector had always felt like a fish out of water, in his town, in his family, in his own body. And as he had grown older, and the societal push for him to choose a husband and become a good wife was just too stifling. The few movies that his family were able to see and the TV shows shared between classmates in school had made New York seem like where all misfits go, and so Hector had landed there.

For four years, he scrabbled, taking shit jobs in bars and restaurants to make rent. He was lucky enough to fall into a crowd who, like him, had fled rural areas to the lights of the city, to find themselves and live as brightly and wildly as they wanted to. And it was where he first started to learn about people like him, who threw off the gender roles prescribed by doctors and parents and found their own.

But even as he settled in his chosen name, wardrobe, hormones and more, he still felt. Off. Still slight, still shorter than most men. He could never match in the mirror the image of the men he grew up with.

It was in 1980, as Hector was getting beaten up for kissing a man in public, that something snapped. He felt himself grow larger, horns bursting from his forehead, blue swirling patterns appearing on his skin. Memories of previous lives battered his brain, until a final one settled into his mine: he was Uhtric Magni, Troll of the Seelie Court. After throwing off his attackers, Uhtric stumbled through the city, until a kindly kithain brought him to the Seelie Court.

It was at the Seelie Court in New York that Uhtric met a fellow Foundling, a Selkie named Verrin Gregory. The two quickly became inseparable, both young, new, trying to understand the Dreaming, their Kiths, and their places in both worlds. In Uhtric, Verrin found acceptance, encouragement, unending loyalty. In Verrin, Uhtric found something worth fighting for, devoting himself to protecting and supporting his new partner.

They grew together, going from Foundlings to Errants together, though in 2000, as mortal age began to catch up with Verrin, they noticed something. Uhtric had stopped aging. At first, it had seemed that he was just blessed with good genetics, but it was becoming clear that he would have Faerie Eternity, while his lover would not.

This troubled them, causing a rift. Uhtric tried to amend it, but it was hard to pretend that at best, Verrin would die of old age long before Uhtric. And in 2004, after a fight, Verrin walked out into the streets, just as the Chimera of Goblin Town went wild. It is believed he died in the fighting.

Uhtric sank into a deep depression, closing himself off to fae society and seemingly disappearing. The chaos of the period after David’s death helped. He refused to gather Glamour, as if that would help him forget his pain. Slowly, he began to forget himself, the Dreaming. But the pain lingered.

Many years later, frozen in this state, another Changeling found Hector, and infused him again with Glamour. His memories returned, his sight into the Dreaming. But Verrin was still gone. He could not bear to join the court, until this friend, determined, brought him back in the fall of 2021.

OOC Information
Player Adrien Kemper
Pronouns He/him/his
MES # US2017060043
Domain NY-004-D
Storyteller Errol Logan