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Welcome to Turtle Bay. Don't get eaten.

Primary Freehold of The Pillars of New York VSS.

Unofficial, somewhat outdated player-compiled history: CIA Factbook - Freehold of Turtle Bay


Coat of arms and banner of the Barony and Freehold of Turtle Bay, per pale purpure and argent a turtle displayed countercharged.

Situated on the site of one of the city’s many “Secret Libraries”; a members only private club dedicated to the occult, paraphenomenology, and esoterica called The Bookstore, the Baronial seat is the center to Kithain social life in the City.

In addition to the aforementioned library, the club has a history of having been a speakeasy during prohibition, and the bar itself, accessible through one of the library’s shelves, still does lively business for Kithain and their human guests.

Location: An old bookstore / speakeasy in Eastern Midtown Manhattan.

Also Known As: The Speakeasy, The Library Speakeasy.

Freehold Type: Balefire Level 3.



Fealty Chains


  • His Despicable Deviousness the Baron Klaus von Teutoburg und Daireann
  • The Baron Edwin Devonshire ap Ailil of Seadrake Hall
  • Robber-Baron Captain Grania ni Daireann, Master and Commander of the Kelpie, in pretense of North Brother Island
  • Marquis de Abbatoir, in pretense of none.



IC Knowledge

  • What do visitors know about your Freehold?
    Turtle Bay sits on top of a giant, malfunctioning magical clock inhabited by corrupted Chimera. Time occasionally runs in weird ways, and hungry chimerical beasts roam the streets freely.
  • Are there any customs or local laws?
    Until its overthrow, the Unseelie leadership of the Freehold has little in terms of laws, except for several customary celebrations. The new Seelie leadership is yet to establish any new regulations. The Shadow Court is generally held in suspicion, though less so than in the earlier times; Shadow Courtiers openly professing their allegiance should expect to have to prove themselves worthy of trust. Furthermore, as of November 2021, the previous Baron has proclaimed the following:
    • Any Thallain, being inimical to the Freehold and the Dreaming at large, if found within the boundaries of the Barony of Turtle Bay, are to be destroyed on sight.
    • Anyone, Kithain, Kinain, or Mundane, found within the boundaries of the Barony of Turtle Bay carrying Cold Iron without the Baron's knowledge and consent, shall be considered the Enemy of the Freehold and treated accordingly.
    • The Barony shall not prosecute any offenses related to keeping, carrying, or using Cold Iron in self-defense, if such acts are done by the sworn Members of the Freehold or other persons duly authorized by the Baron, within the boundaries of the Barony of Turtle Bay, only if such act is made known to the Baron (pre facto in the first two cases, necessarily post facto in the last case).
  • What is known about the history?
    The death of High King David, the destruction of Goblin Town, and the disappearance of both of the city's Balefires during the Timeless Years saw the majority of the city's Kithain population dead or fleeing. Those remaining were under the tentative leadership of one of High King David's former courtiers. By 2014, the storms of Winter began to take hold in earnest, and New York city was still lacking an active Balefire. Recognizing the need for one, a joint expedition by both Courts was organized, which eventually succeeded in breaching the deepest levels of Goblin Town. On 1 January 2014, a Balefire took root in a building in Manhattan, and the Freehold took up the name Turtle Bay, after the original Lenape name for the area.
  • What has been happening recently?
    The city is consolidating itself, with the potential of expansion further into Goblin Town. It is in a tense stand-off with the local vampires, embroiled in a three-way conflict. Recently, the old Unseelie leader has been overthrown by a Seelie challenger during the yearly Beltaine celebration.
  • Are there any sacred spaces or places of particular import?
    The Winter Palace is the site of High King David Ardry's winter residence, and is customarily held to be exterritorial. It is managed by the Ardry family trust. It's Balefire has been missing since the coming of Winter.
  • Are their neighboring towns, territories, or previous Freeholds, that are claimed by the authority of the Freehold?
    The Barony and Freehold of Turtle Bay claim succession to Goblin Town, and thus claim sovereignty over its full territory in addition to the whole of Manhattan Island. In actuality, their hold over Goblin Town is tentative at best. Furthermore, possession of a part of Goblin Town located on Roosevelt Island is disputed by the Barony of Seadrake Hall.


  • Jan. 1, 2014 - The new Freehold of Turtle Bay is founded, following a quest to retrieve its Balefire from Goblin Town.
  • Dec. 20, 2020 - High Regent Mielge holds court at the Winter Garden, pronouncing the dissolution of Concordia's monarchies and throwing the Kithain nation into chaos.
  • Spring 2021 - Raiding Kithain from Long Island launch first attacks against the Freehold.
  • Jul. 17, 2021 - Battle of Unicorn Grove. Turtle Bay forces lure the Raiders into open confrontation. The Raiders' leader, the Redcap Jenny Redteeth, reveals herself.
  • Sept. - Oct. 2021 - In a massed attack, the Raiders storm Mickey Finn's Roadhouse, capturing several of its members and laying siege to the holdouts. Turtle Bay responds with a protracted campaign of terror and psychological warfare.
  • Oct. 23, 2021 - On Samhain Night, the Wyld Hunt rides. The Kithain of Turtle Bay relieve the besieged Roadhouse and claim the head of Jenny Redteeth. At the same time, a force of Goblins armed with cold iron storm the Freehold under the command of Jenny's presumed benefactors. They almost succeed in reaching the Balefire, but are held back at the cost of several lives. They retreat into Goblin Town in good order, after inflicting devastating damage to the Freehold. The Unseelie leadership of the Freehold swears terrible vengeance; in a grisly nod to All Hallow's Eve, the Freehold is decorated with Thallain heads placed on spikes.

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