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Sluagh.PNGSeelie Court.PNG
Mortal Name Unknown
Pronouns He/him
Kith Sluagh
Court Seelie Court
Seeming Wilder

Further Information


Tall, quiet, and assertive. Those who knew him in the past will be surprised to find him substantially different: full of glamour, optimism, and purpose.


Spent most of the last several decades in the ski resort areas of upstate New York but has recently moved as of two and a half years ago. You may have met a substantially sadder, more Banal Cat in Atlantic City at the Showboat casino.

OOC Information
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Player Chris Frueh
Pronouns He/him
MES # US2021110018
Domain NY-004-D
Storyteller Errol L.

Feel free to contact me for scenes, negotiation, or random bullshit. 🖤