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Time Line: SingleUglyFalcon-small.gif

19-28 CE Pythia at the Oracle of Delphi

64-305 CE Stayed in India

305-618 CE She was unreachable

618-1584 CE She traveled to Egypt

1649-1705 CE She went to study Italy and was disappointed in what had become of the empire.

1705-1849 CE She went to England to enjoy the turmoil

1849-1957 CE She spent the years here in France regaining her humanity.

1957-Present Spends her time in Macon, GA


Character Information

Pythia picture (1).jpg

Name: Pythia


Clan: Malkavian

Social Status Luminary Elder

Sect Camarilla

Domain Macon, Georgia

Society Teloah de Canilu

Notable Traits: Appearance focused, Eerie presence: Gold eyes



Pythia is a beautiful Grecian woman who appears to be 25 years of age. Naturally a blonde, but is most often seen with ebony hair.

-She appreciates beautiful things, and despises the opposite.

-Formerly on path of ecstasy she has regained her humanity.

-Known widely for her vanity.

-She is very mercurial

Known to the Society

Blood and Riches, Interests of a Goddess

Prophesy of Truths or Darkest Lies?


  • "My Goddess on earth." - Genesis
  • "Yes, but have you seen Cassandra?" - Zoltan Vancura
  • "She is my last sister in Malkav. I See her, and I will bring her home." -Bob
  • "That'd be like wearing bacon perfume and trying to hide in a dog park..." Explaining trying to hide from the Elder Malkavian who sees all. Revinaka
  • "Knowing what we admire in Elder Pythia is a wonderful mirror into our deepest, as yet unborn, self." Revinaka
  • "She is intense in a good way. With a name like Pythia....I wonder if she really is from Ancient Greece? If so she's one of the oldest Kindred I've met. This Elder has seen some things. Also, don't speak Latin in front of her. She's not a fan." Meir Cohen
  • "Don't fuck with this Elder, I have heard her speak in Ancient Greek, dialect intact. She's been around long enough to watch the Rise and Fall of Rome. You wanna piss her off? Do so at your own risk. If looks could kill I might be ash........." Zeke Wylde
  • " The Seer speaks and the masses shall hear her words, Declarations from her lips can change wars and alter lives. James Alexander Fairweather
  • " She is a force of goddamn nature. Do not get in her way." Orion
  • " I'm in danger." Orion
  • " If she starts to stare at you, your best option is to "nope" the hell right outta there." Jericho
  • "If you wanted to kill me you could easily do so. Whats the purpose of fearing it?" Dominic Moraturi
  • "Those golden eyes see everything. I asked if she wanted to ask me a question, and I probably would have told her anything -- but she didn't ask. She didn't need to. It was like she knew everything already." - Mace
  • "Her methods come from an era long past where death would follow the breach of Elysium. Why has that era long past?" -Patrick Bale
  • "How does one satisfy a golden goddess? The world may never know." - Euphemenion
  • "A tangled web of entrancing possibilities and overwhelming permutations." - Luken Le Lave Leland Lewin
  • "Pythia is one of my favorite Luminaries. Any day she shows up is 'anything can happen day'. For some reason she and I have always seen each other clearly, no static at all." - Agatha Palmerstone
  • "She makes me feel like a front of a cat...if I do everything right, I'll be ok. But God help me if I screw up." Elizabeth


  • Bob - Peer. Rival? Clan mate.
  • Genesis- A Goddess deserves to be worshipped. Lucky for me this one has graced me with her approval.

OOC Information

Player: Leslie Hartman


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St email: Michael Walton