Silas Blackwell

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Silas Blackwell
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Silas Blackwell.jpg

Pronouns He/Him
Clan Kiasyd
Sect Unaligned
Social Class Ancilla
Morality Humanity

Further Information


He typically appears as a heavy 40ish white man with graying brown hair and a short beard. He is usually dressed in casual clothes like flannels, hoodies and geeky t-shirts. Under this comfortable illusion he is tall and thin, with pale white skin, pointed ears, and jet black eyes.

  • Silas's history is largely unknown, with no known appearances in kindred society prior to 2011.
  • 2011 - Begins visiting Kindred domains throughout the US, seeking visitation rights and asking questions
  • 2013 - Starts being seen frequently with the Ravnos called Daria.

Silas is a nerdy antiquarian, folklorist and student of the occult. He travels around collecting artifacts, oddities and stories from the places he goes and people he meets. He seems particularly interested in Kindred history and society. In addition to his more serious scholarly pursuits, he enjoys a variety of geeky hobbies and fandoms which he engages in with equal enthusiasm.

  • Silas is a recent embrace who's sire disappeared in the Beckoning before teaching him everything...
  • Silas is actually a recently awoken elder, who used TV and the Internet to catch up to modern times...
  • Silas isn't even Kindred, but something weirder pretending to be one...
  • Silas has some way of travelling that gets him around the country or even the world in hours...

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OOC Information
Player Michael Prettiman
MES # US2002022648
Domain PA-020-D
Storyteller Chelly Prettiman