Dr. Almeda Reynaldo

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]Dr. Reynaldo

Name: Dr. Almeda Reynaldo
Clan: Tremere
House: Tremere
Social Standing: Neonate
Sect: Camarilla
Morality: Humanity
Status: Forsaken, Bloodhunted, deceased
Pronouns: Was/Were


Talon, Whip, Keeper of Elysium, Speaker of the Library of the Sixth Worthy


Dr. Reynaldo was a woman who appears to be in her late 20s. She had light olive skin and dark hair with a white streak, which she wore in a bun. She wore glasses, often slightly tinted, and had been known to over-accessorize with celestial themed jewelry. She was polite and soft-spoken.

She was a historian and scholar of religious studies, who specialized in Western European Renaissance Occultism. She had written multiple volumes about authorship and authenticity of various historical grimoires, often analyzing them (and their true authorship) from a feminist perspective. She was eager to please and even more eager to learn, often doing whatever she can to quench her curiosity... as evidenced by her foray into infernalism.


The Moon
The Moon

Born: September 13, 1987, Santiago, Chile
Formed pact with being calling itself Stolas: December 2012
Earned PhD in European History from the University of Hamburg: May 2013
Embrace date: The Winter Solstice of 2015, outside of Munich
Sire: Celia Nichols, antiquarian from London, Ancillae
Released from Accounting: Summer 2018
Moved to NYC: January 2021. Was teaching/studying in Providence, RI for several years prior.
Killed by her lover, Dani Astor, after being found out as an infernalist and declared Bloodhunted: December 17, 2022

Almeda was born in Santiago Chile to a family of investment bankers. Her childhood was generally mundane, but she grew enamored with the local brujeria, and started to study the history of her local folk magic. When she went to college at the University of Santiago, she started to study Medieval and Renaissance history, and decided that for graduate school, she would merge her two main academic interests. She earned a PhD in History in 2013 from the University of Hamburg, with a controversial publication asserting that some grimoires attributed to Johannes Faust were secretly authored by women. Frustrated with her lack of funding, lack of progress, and people not taking her seriously in her field, she decided to risk summoning a being known as Stolas and see if she could negotiate some sort of funding scheme with him. In December of 2012, they reached an agreement, and funding from mysterious foundations began to pour in as she agreed to anonymously/pseudonymously publish articles full of deadly misinformation. While also keeping up this nefarious "freelance writing" gig, she spent several years hopping from university to university, due to the rigorous fieldwork of her degrees and postdocroral research, and while investigating the authorship of some notable astrological treatises, she was noticed and marked as a potential recruit for the Tremere, who recently faced the collapse of The Pyramid. Eager to Embrace new recruits and rebuild their numbers, Almeda was Embraced in a group ritual Embrace during the 2015 winter solstice.

She spent several years apprenticing under her sire, Celia Nichols, an Ancillae kindred antiquarian who she had been in correspondence with previously during her course of studies. Ms. Nichols helped deploy Dr. Reynaldo to her previous position at Brown University, and helped oversee her amicable transfer to the New York City Chantry.

On Saturday, December 17, Jonathan Kesef uncovered that she was secretly helping "Ralph," a demon who had been ordering ritual killings throughout New York City. Immediately prior to hosting her first Elysium in her own museum, Kesef held an impromptu set of meetings with various leaders right outside the building to share this news. The Elysium itself went well, but Dr. Reynaldo was lured into a trap set by Nissim Melamed, away from this desecrated-sacred ground, and was ambushed by many members of the Camarilla, before being killed by Dani Astor.

She had three havens- one that serves as a new Elysium in the form of the Museum of the Bronx in the old Kingsbridge Armory, which has several sub-basements full of traps stolen from the Library of the Sixth Worthy, one Brownstone slightly deeper into The Bronx, near Little Italy, and one in a random hotel in Rochester.


  • Dr. Reynaldo has the largest collection of tailcoats in the Bronx.
  • Dr. Reynaldo has multiple books written in blood and bound in human flesh.
  • She has a tattoo of the sheet music from Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights in an artistically accurate location.
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  • Dr. Reynaldo's Vitae Infusions are disguised as spare ink cartridges.
  • She is a Virgo with a Gemini moon.
  • She is a skilled astrologer and oracle.
  • Dr. Reynaldo owns a sizeable collection of cursed objects.
  • She has a tattoo of a funky cat churning butter from a 12th century German manuscript on her ankle.


  • "This ring has the power to turn anyone into a Toreador for a minute."-her on one of her Imbued Offerings
  • "When I remind myself what it is I am fighting for when I go into battle against the horrors of the abyss, or murderous demons, or cannibalistic spirits of corruption, or whatever fresh hell and looming apocalypse it is we are facing this time, it is always to protect a world where a visionary like Dr. Reynaldo can continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and possibility, and where those who are worthy can learn from her example." - Dani Astor, November 2022
  • "The necklace she gave me on what would prove to be our last night together read 'A pawn no more.' As brief as our time together was, she knew me better than any other being ever has, and was the first person to ever love me as an equal. And yet despite her powerful intelligence, curiosity, and heart, she could not understand just how seriously I took those words. I refuse to be a pawn, even to her, and certainly not to the Infernal. And I intend to wear her gift as a reminder to never falter while I take my solemn revenge and do my sworn duty in battle against the hellish forces who would exploit such a visionary's quest for knowledge in their quest to doom our world. I will not falter again, and I will never forget her." - Dani Astor, January 2022
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Player Pronouns: She/They
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